Daniel Linderman
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Daniel Linderman (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Nineteen '.07%' (#1.19)" (2007/II)
Mr. Linderman: [to Nathan] There's six and a half billion people on this planet. That's less than point zero per cent. Come on, that's an acceptable loss by anyone's account.

Mr. Linderman: Look, I said people needed hope, but they trust fear.
Nathan Petrelli: This is crazy.
Mr. Linderman: This tragedy will be a catalyst for good, for change. Out of the ashes humanity will find a common goal, a united sense of hope - couched in a united sense of fear.

Nathan Petrelli: [Nathan sees Hiro in one of Isaac's paintings] I know this man.
Mr. Linderman: Oh, great. If you see him again tell him I want my sword back.
Nathan Petrelli: He said he needed it to save the world. A lot of people seem to be saying that these days.

Mr. Linderman: I need to borrow your Micah... Briefly.
Jessica Sanders: Borrow?
Mr. Linderman: Yeah... That is... His talent. I want to help Micah acheive something monumental in his life. I had a plan in place that until recently began to unravel. I need your son to help me repair it.
Jessica Sanders: Micah wasn't part of our deal. I don't want him involved in all this.
Mr. Linderman: Understand... Micah is involved at the mere fact of his birth. Now I've been, I think, more than fair to you. I mean, I helped you out of a tough spot. Spared you that long walk to the gas chamber even. So... A chocolate milk, all the cookies he can eat, and I'll tell you what, I'll even make him a fresh sandwich myself.
Jessica Sanders: You need something from me, point and I'll shoot. Micah's off limits.

Mr. Linderman: [to Nathan] And it is your destiny Nathan to be the leader who uses this event to rally a city, a nation, a world. If you look deep into your heart, you know I'm right.

[first lines]
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] People think I collect art. What I really collect are lives fixed in paint. A perfect moment capturing an entire existence, made immortal.
Mohinder Suresh: What you've done isn't evolution, it's murder. What I am doing - is revenge.
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] A monster's fight to survive... and live to kill again. A mother willing to fracture her own soul to protect her child.
D.L. Hawkins: Don't lie to me anymore. You told me she was gone now. Which one of you is in control. Niki? Jessica?
Niki Sanders: I'm not so sure.
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] Youth's struggle for innocence, despite life's cruelty.
Claire Bennet: Who are you?
Angela Petrelli: I'm your grandmother.

Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] The double-edged lies needed to sustain a double-edged life.
Sandra Bennet: He is going to be a problem. Why don't we do it right now?
[turning into Candice]
Candice Wilmer: Sorry.
Thompson: What do you think?
Matt Parkman: He's telling the truth. He doesn't know where Claire is.
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] A wandering hero's pure joy at success.
Hiro Nakamura: Yatta!
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] And his darkest hour, when all the world seems lost. All perfect moments frozen in time. Alone, each tells a single story. Together, they can tell the future

Nathan Petrelli: What could you possibly know about healing?
Mr. Linderman: [touches dying plant, then waves hand in front of it slowly as the plant heals] A few things.

Mr. Linderman: [to Nathan] We all have our roles to play in the events to come.

Mr. Linderman: This isn't just a collection of art. This is a road map. These artists envisioned a brighter future: peace, prosperity...
Nathan Petrelli: That's your idea of a brighter future?
[points at painting of nuclear explosion]
Mr. Linderman: What if I was to tell you that it was?
Nathan Petrelli: I'd say you were a lousy humanitarian.

Mr. Linderman: The request was a courtesy, dear.
Jessica Sanders: Send anyone you want. You're not touching my son.

Mr. Linderman: [Mr. Linderman and Micah meet for the first time] That's alright, gentlemen. I want to greet this young man, myself. It's a great pleasure to meet you, Micah.
[he shakes Micah's hand]
Micah Sanders: Thank you.
Mr. Linderman: How would you like to save the world today?
[Micah looks at "Jessica," who smiles at him]

Nathan Petrelli: [Nathan sees Hiro in one of Isaac's paintings] I have seen him before.
Daniel Linderman: If you see him again tell him I want my sword back.

"Heroes: Chapter Eighteen 'Parasite' (#1.18)" (2007/II)
Mr. Linderman: [seeing Nathan pull a gun on him] Now you can't have any of my pot pie.

Mr. Linderman: You see, I think there comes a time when a man has to ask himself whether he wants a life of happiness or a life of meaning.
Nathan Petrelli: I'd like to think I have both.
Mr. Linderman: Can't be done. Two very different paths. I mean, to be truly happy, a man must live absolutely in the present. And with no thought of what's gone before, and no thought of what lies ahead. But, a life of meaning... A man is condemned to wallow in the past and obsess about the future. And my guess is that you've done quite a bit of obsessing about yours these last few days.

Mr. Linderman: Voilà! A pot pie. Wholesome, warm, healthy. That's, of course if you can live without the cream sauce. Personally, I can't. I mean, what's the point? You know, people can sleep, or they can gamble. Or they can even make love when they're miserable. But I think that most people eat when they're happy. I like to see people happy. Are you happy, Nathan?

Mr. Linderman: Do you like vegetables, Nathan?
Nathan Petrelli: I've been known to eat zucchini when the mood strikes, but not as a rule.

Mr. Linderman: [about Nathan holding a gun on him] I won't hold it against you. Lots of men have tried to kill me.
Nathan Petrelli: Then I'll be the last.

Mr. Linderman: [to Nathan] I can offer you more than just information, Nathan. You're gonna win your election. I'll see to that. And two years from now, though a series of fluke circumstances, you will find yourself in the white house. A heartbeat away from the presidency. A life of meaning, Nathan. Think about it. The choice is yours.

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Villains' (#3.8)" (2008/II)
Daniel Linderman: I heard your office is launching a full-scale investigation in all things Linderman. Care to comment?
Nathan Petrelli: I'd shave my wrists - handcuffs chafe.

Arthur Petrelli: Read your Shakespeare. When the son challenges the father, only one is left standing. I should have one last talk with him, I owe him that.
Daniel Linderman: What happens if that doesn't take?
Arthur Petrelli: Well, I'll... kill him.

Angela Petrelli: What's on your mind?
Daniel Linderman: The question is, Angela, what isn't on yours?

Daniel Linderman: I can't push a thought into your head, Angela, but - I can heal the scars.

"Heroes: Chapter Four 'I Am Become Death' (#3.4)" (2008/II)
Daniel Linderman: The greater the fall, the grander the ascension.

Nathan Petrelli: What exactly do you want from me?
Daniel Linderman: I want to help you. First, a senator. Then president.
Nathan Petrelli: [scoffs] President.
Daniel Linderman: The greater the fall, the grander the ascension. Isn't that what you've always wanted? Trust me; this is the path to salvation.
Nathan Petrelli: It's not my path - not if you're leading the way.

Daniel Linderman: You know - I thought you'd be enjoying this. You're a senator, back in the seat of power, where you belong - able to do God's work here on Earth.
Nathan Petrelli: God's work? I'm picking out desks.

"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Angels and Monsters' (#3.5)" (2008/II)
Nathan Petrelli: You're not a messenger from God.
Daniel Linderman: Moses saw a burning bush; Mary heard the angels. God came to Samuel in his dreams.
Nathan Petrelli: And I've got a dead mobster telling me he's the voice of God.

Daniel Linderman: No pain, no gain.

"Heroes: Chapter Two 'The Butterfly Effect' (#3.2)" (2008/II)
Daniel Linderman: Perhaps there's a reason for that - someone so familiar looking, offering you the chance of a lifetime. You should think about that, Nathan. This is God's plan.
Nathan Petrelli: You don't know the first thing about God's plan.

"Heroes: Chapter Six 'Dying of the Light' (#3.6)" (2008/II)
Daniel Linderman: You've done so much for us. We've done so much for you - so much that we couldn't do for you any more *if* you were to leave...