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Claire Bennet (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Seventeen 'Company Man' (#1.17)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: Shoot me! I can't die!

Claire Bennet: [to her Dad, as Matt reads her mind] This is your fault.
Matt Parkman: [after listening to Claire's thoughts] She knows it's his fault. He's got them all fooled, except for her.
Ted Sprague: [to Mr. Bennet] Just when you thought plausible deniability was gonna save your ass.

Claire Bennet: [to Matt] He isn't a paper salesman.
Ted Sprague: Guess she isn't Daddy's little girl anymore.

Claire Bennet: [thinking] I can run. Get some help. They can't hurt me.
Matt Parkman: I know you're thinking about being a hero. Don't. Don't! This guy is serious and he is really and he's really dangerous and I need your help to make sure that nobody gets hurt.
Claire Bennet: You can read my mind.
Matt Parkman: Yeah. Yeah, that's something your dad did to me.
Claire Bennet: It didn't just happen?
Matt Parkman: I wouldn't be here right now if it just happened.
Claire Bennet: Has my dad done this to other people?
Matt Parkman: Yeah, as far as I can tell. It's different with everyone. I've seen some weird things. I'm sure you have, too. Like that stuff at your school.
Claire Bennet: [thinking] Peter Petrelli.
Matt Parkman: Peter Petrelli? He can do what I can do. What do you know about him?
Claire Bennet: [thinking] He can do what I can do.
Claire Bennet: He's different... like you.
Matt Parkman: Save the cheerleader. I read his mind, he read mine. He told me to protect you... from someone who was killing people like me. Are you different, Claire? Your blood was all over that crime scene. And you didn't have a scratch on you. Why didn't you have a scratch on you?
Claire Bennet: [thinking] I can heal.
Claire Bennet: Did my dad make me this way?

Noah Bennet: You can hate me all you want but right now this has to be contained, which means you have to stay put!
Claire Bennet: What, you want me to play dead? I'm sorry, I'm not Mr. Muggles!

Sandra Bennet: [to Claire] I always thought you were a miracle. I didn't know how much of one till now.
Claire Bennet: I'm not a miracle, Mom.
Sandra Bennet: You were dead. Anytime someone rises from the dead...
[short pause]
Sandra Bennet: I'd say that's a miracle.
Claire Bennet: I don't know what I am. I don't know if God made me this way or someone else.
Ted Sprague: God didn't make us this way.
Sandra Bennet: [to Ted] God makes us all the way we are.
[sighs; to Claire]
Sandra Bennet: "I walked through fire and didn't get burned." You were trying to tell me.
Claire Bennet: I was... trying not to tell you.

Ted Sprague: [to Claire] I'm curious about something. Did Parkman know when he shot you that you wouldn't die? Did your dad tell him that?
Claire Bennet: I don't know.
Ted Sprague: [about Matt and HRG] That explains why they were so chummy when they came down the stairs. What do you suppose they're up to?

Noah Bennet: I wanted to protect you.
Claire Bennet: You did, Dad.
Noah Bennet: I tried to be the best Dad. I couldn't.

[deleted scene]
Matt Parkman: You ever see that old Twilight Zone episode where the guy flipped a coin and suddenly he could here thoughts?
Claire Bennet: What's The Twilight Zone?
Matt Parkman: Anyway, the guy's hearing thoughts and it drives him nuts, so he makes it stop, and what sucks for... What sucks for me is that I can't make it stop. And it gives me headaches, bad ones, and I'm popping pain pills like Flintstone chewable. There still are Flintstone chewables, right?
Claire Bennet: Yes.

Noah Bennet: Lyle, help your Mother. Claire, talk to me.
Claire Bennet: What's the point? Am I even going to remember this conversation?
Noah Bennet: [seeing Ted] Keep your voice down.
[to Lyle]
Noah Bennet: Lyle, take your Mother. Get out of the house, right now.
Matt Parkman: I'm sure you have a lot of questions. We all do.
Sandra Bennet: Honey, what's happening?
Claire Bennet: Yeah, Dad. What's happening?

Claire Bennet: [flashback to 3 years ago, when Claire is helping Mr. Bennet pick his first pair of glasses] Let's see.
[Mr. Bennet tries on a pair of glasses]
Claire Bennet: Those are grandpa glasses.
Noah Bennet: Ouch... Ouch.
[takes them off and picks up another pair]
Noah Bennet: You know I am the same age my Father was when he needed glasses. Alright, how about these? Huh?
[he puts them on; Claire laughs]
Noah Bennet: What?
Claire Bennet: [laughing] Grandma glasses.

[last lines]
Noah Bennet: This is goodbye.
Claire Bennet: You don't have to do this. There's got to be another way.
The Haitian: This is the best way. There can't be any doubt cast in your Father.
Noah Bennet: Right here. Two inches higher and I'm dead. Claire, turn around. Cover your ears.
[the Hatian shoots Mr. Bennet]
Claire Bennet: Dad. I love you, Dad!
Noah Bennet: Go deep. Destroy anything that would lead them to her!
Claire Bennet: [crying] Dad?
Noah Bennet: I love you, Claire Bear.

Claire Bennet: [3 years ago] Try these on.
[Pushes horned-rimmed glasses toward him]
Noah Bennet: [tries them on] How do I look?
Claire Bennet: Like my Dad.

"Heroes: Chapter Nine 'Homecoming' (#1.9)" (2006/II)
Claire Bennet: You are being completely unreasonable! Do you have any idea what it means for me to miss this game?
Mr. Bennet: You'll survive.
Claire Bennet: But dad - !
Mr. Bennet: No! Listen and you listen good! As long as you live under my roof you will do as I say. You may not agree, but don't think for a moment that that matters. You are not leaving this house tonight. Is that clear?
Claire Bennet: Crystal.
Sandra Bennet: She is gonna hate you for a long time on this one.
Mr. Bennet: [sighs] Let's hope so.

Claire Bennet: You're being so nice, I've never been this nice to you, I mean I've been nice but I could be nicer
Zach: Then why don't you?

Claire Bennet: You... How did you...
Peter Petrelli: Where is he?
Claire Bennet: I don't know. He ran away before I got here.
Peter Petrelli: Police. Go get some help, okay?
Claire Bennet: Okay. I'll be back... Hey. What's your name?
Peter Petrelli: Peter.
Claire Bennet: I'm Claire.
Peter Petrelli: Are you the one? By saving you, did I save the world?
Claire Bennet: I don't know. I'm just a cheerleader.

Mr. Bennet: Claire!
Claire Bennet: Dad. Dad.
Mr. Bennet: It's okay. You're okay.
Claire Bennet: Dad, it was terrible, Jackie, she...
Mr. Bennet: I know, I know.
Claire Bennet: We have to go back. We... we have to go back, Peter...
Mr. Bennet: No, no, no.
Claire Bennet: He saved my life!
Mr. Bennet: No, no, no, he'll be fine.
Claire Bennet: But we can't leave him. We can't leave him. He almost died, but then he... He... We have to go back! We have to go back!
Mr. Bennet: The police'll take care of everything.

Claire Bennet: Ooh, sorry!
Peter Petrelli: Sorry.
Claire Bennet: That was my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going.
Peter Petrelli: Hey, do you... do you know this girl, Jackie Wilcox?
Claire Bennet: Uh, yeah, half-time show starts in about five minutes. She'll be out on the field. She's a cheerleader. Are you a reporter or something?
Peter Petrelli: Alumni. I'm just curious.
Claire Bennet: [pause] You know, between you and me, she's not that special. Just your average teenage girl.
Peter Petrelli: She rushed into a fire and saved a man's life, sounds kinda special to me.
Claire Bennet: Yeah, you're right. I'm jealous. She's our town hero. Me? I don't win too many popularity contests.
Peter Petrelli: Hey, it gets better!
Claire Bennet: What?
Peter Petrelli: Life after high school. It gets a lot better.

Zach: I know who I am. I like who I am. I like who you are. I just, I just wish that you liked who you are.
Claire Bennet: I'm finally realizing who my friends really are. That maybe being different isn't the end of the world. It's just who I am.
Zach: Exactly. You've gotta embrace your inner freak. Because the only thing you'll regret is denying who you really are.

Mr. Bennet: You're lucky you're alive.
Claire Bennet: It's not luck, dad.
Claire Bennet: I have something I have to tell you.

Claire Bennet: Everybody who wasn't my friend is now my friend, and everybody who was my friend, isn't.
Zach: Well, it's not a popularity contest. It's an unpopularity contest 'cause you rocked the freak vote.
Claire Bennet: I what?
Zach: Look, everybody who's like Jackie voted for Jackie; and everybody who isn't voted for you. And in this school, the unpopular vastly outnumber the popular.

Jackie Wilcox: I thought you were grounded.
Claire Bennet: It didn't take.

Zach: What? What's with you?
Claire Bennet: You're being so nice, I've never been this nice to you, I mean... I've been nice but I could be nicer.
Zach: Then why don't you?

Zach: She can call me whatever she wants. I'm not gonna be embarassed by it. I know who I am. I like who I am. I like who you are. I just... I just wish that you liked who you are.
Claire Bennet: I'm finally realizing who my friends really are. And maybe being different isn't the end of the world. That's just who I am.
Zach: Exaclty. You've got to embrace your inner freak. Because the only thing that you'll regret is denying who you really are.

Claire Bennet: A good friend of mine once said it's more important to be honest with yourself and happy than popular. I think he got it right.

"Heroes: Chapter Fourteen 'Distractions' (#1.14)" (2007/II)
[about meeting her biological mom]
Claire Bennet: Well, what am I suppose to say? "Hi I'm your daughter and I can re-grow my kidney"?

Meredith Gordon: I bet you're all kinds of popular.
Claire Bennet: I was homecoming queen.
[looks away]
Claire Bennet: Kinda.

Sandra Bennet: You're asking my permission to skip school?
Claire Bennet: No, if I wanted to skip school I'd check into homeroom and sneak out Miss Robert's window. But you always trust honesty, so I'm being honest.

Claire Bennet: [to Zach] No-one can know we're going to see my real Mom. We have to be perfect.

Claire Bennet: [about Meredith] I always imagined my biological mom living in some... penthouse in New York City... not some trailer park in Kermit.
Zach: So she lives in a trailer. Maybe she likes the open road.
Claire Bennet: That's not what I imagined.
Zach: [to Claire] Stop imagining. She's right there.
[indicates the trailer in front of them]

Claire Bennet: [about her biological mother] I mean, what if she's got burns and scars from the fire. She's supposed to be dead, right?
Zach: So were you, remember? You have that much in common.
[he heads for the car]
Claire Bennet: [turns around] Where are you going?
Zach: [holds up his car keys] I'm getting rid of your exit strategy. You'll be fine. I'll be back in time for fajitas.

Meredith Gordon: [Claire hangs up from a phone call from her adoptive mother Sandra. About Sandra] She doesn't know you're here.
Claire Bennet: She doesn't really understand what's going on with me right now. Neither of my parents do.
Meredith Gordon: Well, I'll pretend I know why you're sneaking around. All girls deserve their secrets, right?
Claire Bennet: Seems like I have a lot of them these days.
[awkward pause]
Claire Bennet: I have to show you something. You may understand, or you may not, but... I think you should see.
Meredith Gordon: See what?
Claire Bennet: I think I know how I survived that fire.
[grabs a nearby kitchen knife and puts the blade to her arm]
Meredith Gordon: [in a panic] Claire, don't...!
Claire Bennet: [calmly] It's okay.
[she slowly slices her arm open in front of a surprised Meredith; within seconds, the wound heals quickly]
Claire Bennet: Please say something.
[after an awkward pause, Meredith smiles]
Meredith Gordon: Some family.
[Meredith holds up her own arm and opens her fist; a small flame ignites on her palm as a shocked Claire looks on]

Claire Bennet: I was hoping you could tell me about my father.
Meredith Gordon: Well that's complicated. He's kind of a big shot. Why don't you let me work on that for next time.
Claire Bennet: Some family.

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'One Giant Leap' (#1.3)" (2006/II)
Zach: So that's it? You're-you're just gonna go just pump your pom-poms and pretend you're no different than any other girl on the squad?
Claire Bennet: Yes, actually.
Zach: But you are, Claire! You are different. Don't you see that? Don't you see that none of this matters? School spirit doesn't matter. Being-being a-a pretty blonde cheerleader doesn't matter. It's not who you are anymore.
Claire Bennet: Who am I? So what, I can crawl through a woodchipper and live to tell about it. That narrows my choices in life to freak or guinea pig, in most cases both. What's wrong with wanting to be normal? You should try it.

Jackie Wilcox: I love your glasses, Mr. Bennet!
Mr. Bennet: Well thank you, Jackie. Rumor has it you're a local hero. Pulled a man out of a burning train car.
Jackie Wilcox: You heard about that? O.M.G., does everybody know?
Claire Bennet: It was on the news. You told half the school to set their Tivo's.
Jackie Wilcox: It's gonna be the cornerstone of my campaign for class president. I'm running on a platform of moral, mental, and social advancement through good deeds. What do you think?
[walks away]
Claire Bennet: I think I need to get something out of my locker.

Zach: Claire. What are you doing running off to an away game? That tape with all your attempts at bodily harm is still missing.
Claire Bennet: Yeah, well, if someone finds it, we'll just tell 'em you're some visual effects geek who did it with his computer. Now, can I get back to my life, please?

Brody Mitchum: Jackie told me you wanna meet your real mom and dad.
Claire Bennet: I told Jackie that in confidence.
Brody Mitchum: You do realize you were talking to Jackie, right? Is that why you're bummed? The whole adoption thing? I mean, you didn't like just find out, did you?
Claire Bennet: Oh, no. No, no, no. They told me when I was really little. Why would you think I'm bummed?
Brody Mitchum: You don't seem like yourself. Thought maybe something was wrong.
Claire Bennet: You don't know me well enough to know when I'm not being myself.
Brody Mitchum: You never drink plain milk. It's always chocolate. You draw mermaids in the margins of your notebook, you put crackers in your sandwiches to make them crunch, and you're usually the first person to laugh at a joke. But I haven't heard you laugh in a while. Lately you seem sort of sad.
Claire Bennet: Have you been spying on me?
Brody Mitchum: Claire, my goal tonight is to hear you laugh.
[Claire's dummy explodes]
Claire Bennet: Did you put firecrackers in his head just for me?

[last lines]
Mohinder Suresh: [voiceover] This force, evolution, is not sentimental. Like the earth itself, it knows only the hard facts of life's struggle with death. All you can do is hope and trust that when you have served its needs faithfully, there may still remain some glimmer of the life you once knew.
Claire Bennet: Holy sh...

Brody Mitchum: You're gonna hurt yourself.
Claire Bennet: No! No, stop it! What are you doing? No!
Brody Mitchum: This is gonna happen.
Claire Bennet: Get off of me!
Brody Mitchum: Don't be a bitch! Let it happen.
Claire Bennet: No, please!
[he pushes her and her head gets stabbed by a branch]
Brody Mitchum: Claire! Claire!

Mr. Bennett: So is that the quarterback?
Claire Bennet: Who?
Mr. Bennett: The boy that you like right over there.
Claire Bennet: I don't "like" him. I mean he's a very nice boy, but... Yes, he's the quarterback.
Mr. Bennett: You really wanted to make me happy, you'd only date nerds. Well it worked out very well for your mother.

"Heroes: Chapter Twenty-One 'The Hard Part' (#1.21)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: You're scared.
Peter Petrelli: Yeah, I am. I'm terrified. I have to find a nuclear man and I don't know if I can contain all that power.
Claire Bennet: Then run the other way.
Peter Petrelli: I can't.
Claire Bennet: Why not?
Peter Petrelli: Because if we save ourselves, who's going to save everyone else?

Claire Bennet: [to Peter] My destiny is not to shoot you, Peter. The universe cannot be that lame.

Peter Petrelli: You can't leave.
Claire Bennet: I have to. It's until the election's over.
Peter Petrelli: Look, I found you in Odessa, we saved each other, you end up being my niece. This isn't just random, okay? This is destiny.
Claire Bennet: My father sacrificed himself so I could have a life, not a destiny. You can't save me, Peter, not this time.
Peter Petrelli: And Nathan can?
Claire Bennet: Nathan can keep me safe.
Peter Petrelli: Safe? You can't get hurt! You're here to save the world.
Claire Bennet: How? I'm sorry. I can't go around chasing some fantasy.

Nathan Petrelli: So you're telling me this Ted Sprague guy blew up your house?
[Claire looks at Peter behind Nathan, who nods]
Claire Bennet: Yeah. Pretty much.
Peter Petrelli: Don't you see this, Nathan? Maybe I'm not the bomb. Maybe this guy Ted Sprague is. Maybe we can stop him?
Nathan Petrelli: You said you had a dream that you blew up New York City.
Peter Petrelli: Yeah, I also dreamed I could fly. We know how that turned out for you.
Claire Bennet: You can fly?
Claire Bennet: That's cool.

Peter Petrelli: This bomb is happening.
Claire Bennet: How can you be so sure?
Peter Petrelli: 'Cause I can draw the future.

Peter Petrelli: There's no sign of him. What's wrong?
Claire Bennet: I'm not normal. I tried to pretend that I was and I just hurt everyone; my Mom, my Dad. I ruined everything because of what I am. I hated it. But you... - When I met you I finally felt like I was part of something.
Peter Petrelli: It's funny. I felt the same thing when I met you.
Claire Bennet: [seeing Noah] Dad! Dad!
Noah Bennet: Claire.
Claire Bennet: Dad.
Noah Bennet: I love you, Claire Bear.

Peter Petrelli: It's not some fantasy. I explode. I see it. I wipe out this whole city. You, Nathan, everyone.
Claire Bennet: You explode?
Peter Petrelli: Yeah. Like a nuclear bomb.
Claire Bennet: Nuclear? Like Ted.
Peter Petrelli: Ted? Who the Hell is Ted?

"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'Godsend' (#1.12)" (2007/II)
The Haitian: You are not alone, Claire, and I cannot give your friend back his memories. It's not how my gift works.
Claire Bennet: Your gift? Is that what you call it?
The Haitian: What do you call it?
Claire Bennet: My own private freakshow.
The Haitian: What you can do, what I can do, that is God. Respect it accordingly.

Claire Bennet: I can't do this by myself. And I know you can keep a secret, you did. You did until you forgot what it was.

Claire Bennet: [to the camera, after jumping off an oil tower and getting up unharmed] This is Claire Bennet and, as far as you know, that was attempt number one.

Claire Bennet: "Save the cheerleader, save the world...". What does that even mean? Have I been saved, or do I still need saving?
The Haitian: You are saved for the time being.

Claire Bennet: Zach.
Zach: Hey, this is a public place. Are you sure you can be seen here with me?
Claire Bennet: Why not?
Zach: Right, I forgot. You've been body-snatched.
Claire Bennet: Look, I just want to talk.
Zach: Hey, I'm sorry about Jackie. I know she was your best friend and all.
Claire Bennet: No, I actually discovered that someone else was my best friend. But I lost him too.
Zach: What happened to you at homecoming?
Claire Bennet: I can't remember. Can't remember a lot of things lately.
Zach: Yeah, it's uh... That's funny, 'cause lately I can't remember... Must be something in the water, right?
Claire Bennet: Zach, look at me. Do you feel like we could be friends?
Zach: Us? No. We wouldn't play well together.

Claire Bennet: We've been here before. You, me, the video camera. Is it at all familiar?
Zach: What are you doing, auditioning for "America's Next Top Model"?
Claire Bennet: You made that joke the first time. Look, just keep the camera on me, okay?
Zach: Why don't you just use a tripod.

Zach: Hold on a second. I'm sure you told me this before, but, um, why are we videotaping this, whatever this is?
Claire Bennet: Actually, I didn't tell you that before. The first time I did this I did it to show my parents, my real parents. I wanted them to see what I was. I thought they could help me understand. But I don't think I'm ever gonna meet them. They may not even be alive any more.
Zach: So why do you wanna tape it now?
Claire Bennet: For me. So I never forget what I am, no matter what happens to me. Just don't freak out, okay?
Zach: I won't.
Claire Bennet: You said that last time.
Zach: The cameras ready for whatever.
Claire Bennet: Okay, ready. Keep the camera on me.
Zach: What are you doing? Oh my God! Claire!

"Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'Fallout' (#1.11)" (2006/II)
Claire Bennet: What do I have to do with the world?
Peter Petrelli: I don't know... Yet. But I do know that I don't think I would be here if it wasn't for you... I think I died.
Claire Bennet: I've died before. It's no big deal.
Peter Petrelli: I'm not like you, Claire. I...
[Mr. Bennet knocks on the glass. Claire holds up her forefinger. Mr. Bennet turns away]
Peter Petrelli: This uh... This healing thing is kind of new for me.

Claire Bennet: [to Peter in his jail cell] Wait, you didn't know that you were going to heal when you dove off the building?
Peter Petrelli: No.
[chuckles, laughs and then coughs]
Peter Petrelli: That's kind of stupid, huh?
[Mr. Bennet knocks again, Claire nods at him and walks to the cell door]
Claire Bennet: No, it's not. You're totally my hero.

[first lines]
Claire Bennet: Are you mad at me? You haven't said anything since I got in the car. Since I told you.
Mr. Bennet: No, no. I just... I've just been thinking. I have something I need to tell you, it's unfair to keep it from you any longer. What you can do... I've known about you, Claire. I knew before you knew, before you made those tapes with Zach.
Claire Bennet: You saw the tape? Why didn't you say anything?
Mr. Bennet: There are a lot of reasons but mostly I just wanted to protect you.
Claire Bennet: Protect me? All this time I've... felt so alone and like I'm some sort of freak and you knew?
Mr. Bennet: I've worked very hard, I've done some things that I am not proud of to keep you safe.
Claire Bennet: What kinds of things?
Mr. Bennet: I just wanted you to have a normal life.
Claire Bennet: Did Jackie die because of me? He thought she was me, didn't he?
Mr. Bennet: That man is taken care of. I promise you.
Claire Bennet: You and Mom knew all this time?
Mr. Bennet: Your mother doesn't know, neither does your brother.
Claire Bennet: Actually Lyle kind of found out.
Mr. Bennet: Really? Did anybody else?
Claire Bennet: Just Zach.
Mr. Bennet: Nobody else can know. It's the only way to keep you safe. That man who tried to kill you, there are others out there like him, who want what you have and will hurt you to get it. That's why we can't tell your mother, we can't tell anybody. Do you understand?
Claire Bennet: Yeah.
Mr. Bennet: I'm gonna pick Lyle up from practice. And I'll talk to him, you talk to Zach. And any other tapes you've made, I need you to destroy them.

Peter Petrelli: You're okay.
Claire Bennet: Thanks to you.
Mr. Bennet: Mr. Petrelli, I'm Claire's father.
Peter Petrelli: Hi.
Mr. Bennet: You saved my little girl. I owe you my life.
Peter Petrelli: I was just in the right place.
Mr. Bennet: Maybe one day I'll be in the right place and can return the favor.
[Peter coughs]
Mr. Bennet: Are you feeling all right?
Peter Petrelli: Yeah. Fine.
Claire Bennet: Hey, Dad, can you wait outside?
Mr. Bennet: Of course.
[Mr. Bennet leaves the cell]
Claire Bennet: How long have you known?
Peter Petrelli: Known what?
Claire Bennet: That you're like me. You would have died if you couldn't...
Peter Petrelli: Wait, do you... Do you heal? Is that it?
[Claire nods]
Claire Bennet: All this time, I thought it was just me. Now there's you. Is that why you came for me? Is that why you... asked me if I was the one?
Peter Petrelli: No, I just... - I-I knew I had to save you.
Claire Bennet: Why?
Peter Petrelli: To save the world.

Claire Bennet: You shouldn't feel bad. You did it because you're my friend. Probably the best friend I've ever had.
Zach: You know, I've been your friend for two weeks.
Claire Bennet: I didn't say it wasn't pathetic!

Claire Bennet: You said that there were people that wanted to hurt me. I think they got to Zach and Lyle. They don't remember anything. It's like it never happened. I don't know what to do!
Mr. Bennet: Where are you?
Claire Bennet: I'm at home. Where's Mom? Where's Lyle?
Mr. Bennet: Just stay where you are. I'll be right there. I love you Claire. You're going to be okay.

Claire Bennet: It's like "The Stepford Body Snatchers", or something!

"Heroes: Chapter Nineteen '.07%' (#1.19)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: I've died before. It's no big deal.

Angela Petrelli: I regret a lot of the choices I've made in my life. You're getting the benefit of my experience.
Claire Bennet: [snappily] Whether I want it or not.
Angela Petrelli: [Angela smirks]
[to Claire]
Angela Petrelli: You get that mouth from me.

Peter Petrelli: You saved my life.
Claire Bennet: Guess we're even now.

[Nathan is uncovering a painting of him, Claire knocks on door]
Claire Bennet: Your mom said you wanted to talk to me?
Nathan Petrelli: I did, I do. Come in. Please. This should've happened a long time ago, under better circumstances. It shouldn't take someone nearly dying for the two of us to finally meet.
Claire Bennet: You know, you don't have to this. Pretend to be nice to me.
Nathan Petrelli: I'm not pretending. Claire, most people think the worst of me and I've probably given them a good reason to, but I want to do better. I want to be there for you.
Nathan Petrelli: But I can't. Not now.
Claire Bennet: Of course.
Nathan Petrelli: I'm sorry, but there are things happening right now that I don't expect you to understand. I barely understand them myself. I went into politics for the chance to do something good, to have a chance to help. To be a part of something big. And in order to do that, I have to...
Claire Bennet: The election. Can't have some illegitimate daughter popping up right in front of the cameras.
Nathan Petrelli: I need to win.
Claire Bennet: You need me to leave. Paris with my grandmother.
Nathan Petrelli: She warms up. Sort of. It's just one week.
Claire Bennet: And then what?
Nathan Petrelli: And then you come home to your family. Okay?
[Claire and Nathan hug]

[first lines]
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] People think I collect art. What I really collect are lives fixed in paint. A perfect moment capturing an entire existence, made immortal.
Mohinder Suresh: What you've done isn't evolution, it's murder. What I am doing - is revenge.
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] A monster's fight to survive... and live to kill again. A mother willing to fracture her own soul to protect her child.
D.L. Hawkins: Don't lie to me anymore. You told me she was gone now. Which one of you is in control. Niki? Jessica?
Niki Sanders: I'm not so sure.
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] Youth's struggle for innocence, despite life's cruelty.
Claire Bennet: Who are you?
Angela Petrelli: I'm your grandmother.

Angela Petrelli: I cared about you a great deal. Perhaps not in the traditional sense, oatmeal cookies and school plays, but I did what I could. My husband and I made arrangements for you.
Claire Bennet: Arrangements?
Angela Petrelli: Then that fire happened and Nathan just assumed you were gone, so...
Claire Bennet: So you let him.
Angela Petrelli: It was the right thing to do. You needed to be protected.
Claire Bennet: Trust me, I don't need protecting.
Angela Petrelli: Because you can grow back your bones and spit out bullets? You have no idea, Claire. The life your abilities would bring you? You deserve better. And that's why you have to go and get you away like we planned.
[Claire is losing her patience with Angela Petrelli]
Claire Bennet: [to Angela] I haven't seen Peter or met my father yet.
Angela Petrelli: Neither of them is in a position to be anything to you right now. Be sensible.
Claire Bennet: By shipping me off to Paris?
Angela Petrelli: For now, yes. I'll be taking you there myself. You'll have a chance to grow up and develop into someone who can make her own choices, and then if you choose to come back and join this madness like I once did... at least I will have given you the option...
Claire Bennet: So you're like me?
[awkward pause]

[Claire walks into the room while Nathan and Angela mourn Peter]
Nathan Petrelli: [voice breaking] Claire?
Claire Bennet: I know you don't want me here. I just want to see him. I came all this way.
[short pause]
Angela Petrelli: Let the girl have her moment.
[Nathan and Angela leave the room]
Claire Bennet: [to Peter's seemingly lifeless body] I didn't even get to know you... You're the only one who ever made me feel safe. I thought you were like me.
[Claire strokes Peter's head, eventually pulling the glass shard out of the back of his head; Peter coughs loudly]
Angela Petrelli: Peter?

"Heroes: Chapter Sixteen 'Unexpected' (#1.16)" (2007/II)
Sandra Bennet: I don't know any Mr. Muggles and I don't know you.
Claire Bennet: Dad? Dad? Dad?
[to Lyle]
Claire Bennet: Where's Dad?
Lyle Bennet: On one of his stupid business trips.
Claire Bennet: There's something wrong with Mom.
Lyle Bennet: There's something wrong with you!
Claire Bennet: Mom, do you know who this is?
[pointing towards Lyle]
Sandra Bennet: Claire, leave your brother alone.
Claire Bennet: You recognize us?
Sandra Bennet: Yes, you are the daughter who is supposed to be setting the dinner table.
Claire Bennet: I was standing over there just a minute ago and you had no idea who I was.
Sandra Bennet: Lyle, help your sister with the table. Honestly, Claire.
Lyle Bennet: [to Claire] Good thing Dad's not home, because he would so drug test you.

Sandra Bennet: Claire, do we need to talk?
Claire Bennet: No... Yes.

Dr. Lindale: Your mother has a subdural haemorrhage.
Claire Bennet: I got a C minus in biology.
Dr. Lindale: It's like a bruise on her brain. Specifically, in the area that controls memory.

Noah Bennet: [about Sandra] She'll be okay.
Claire Bennet: No thanks to you.
Lyle Bennet: Shut up, Claire.

Noah Bennet: [to Claire about Sandra] The doctor told me you had an interesting theory about your Mother's condition.
Claire Bennet: [fuming] It's not a theory. You did this to her.
[wheels around]
Claire Bennet: You erased her mind.
Noah Bennet: Claire, that's ridiculous.
Claire Bennet: You tried to erase mine!
Noah Bennet: I don't know where you're getting these ideas.
Claire Bennet: [at this point, Claire has lost it] Stop! Stop it! Stop lying! After what you did to Mom, isn't that enough?
[several doctors turn to stare; Bennet holds Claire against a wall]
Noah Bennet: What you know is dangerous. If the wrong people find out about what you can do...
Claire Bennet: [about Sylar] Like the man who killed Jackie?
Noah Bennet: Exactly.
Claire Bennet: [crying] Why? Why did you do this to Mom?
Noah Bennet: [about Sylar] A few days ago, that man broke into our house, looking for you. He found your mother instead, so I made her forget.
[Claire, sobbing, glowers at Bennet]
Noah Bennet: Your mother is a gentle soul, and people like her shouldn't have to know about people like him.
Claire Bennet: And maybe people like you!
Noah Bennet: I never meant for her to get sick. I only wanted to protect my family. Claire-Bear, I promise... I promise this will never happen again.
[Bennet tries to calm Claire down, but with a shout of "ENOUGH!" she pushes him away]
Claire Bennet: [pushing Mr. Bennet away sobbing uncontrollably] No! You don't just get to say you're "sorry" and make everything go away!

Noah Bennet: Claire. We'll get through this. Your Mom needs us. Lyle too.
Claire Bennet: I don't even know if I'll remember any of this tomorrow.
[seething with anger]
Claire Bennet: All I want to do is run away, but I can't. Somebody's has to protect this family from you.

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'Acceptance' (#4.4)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: Life changes. We all change. Sometimes you have to remember who you were to figure out who you want to be.

Noah Bennet: I'm fine.
Claire Bennet: That 'fine' sounds very unconvincing to me. You're not fine, you're living off of cereal and Japanese take-out.
Noah Bennet: Well, that is a good point; tonight I order Italian.

[Claire tries to talk her father into applying for a sales job]
Claire Bennet: Okay, say you're at the interview. And I'm the interviewer and you're the interviewee.
Noah Bennet: Oh, are we really...?
Claire Bennet: [clears her throat] Tell me, Mr. Bennet, what do you think your greatest strength as a salesman is?
Noah Bennet: Well - if they won't buy from me, I can always just shoot them.

Noah Bennet: Why do I suddenly feel like you're the parent and I'm the kid?
Claire Bennet: We'll take turns.

Peter Petrelli: I gotta go. I, er... I gotta be at work in ten minutes.
Claire Bennet: Ten minutes? You live in New York City... New power?
Peter Petrelli: Ask your father about it.
[he speeds off]

"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'An Invisible Thread' (#3.25)" (2009/II)
Sylar: You'll get bored, after like a hundred years of trying to off me, watching all your loved ones drop like flies. You may eventually come to forgive me. Maybe you'll even love me.
Claire Bennet: I'll keep trying to kill you - for the rest of my life.
Sylar: Well, everybody needs a hobby.

[Bennet calls Claire]
Claire Bennet: Hello?
Noah Bennet: Thank God! Where are you?
Claire Bennet: I'm with Nathan.
Noah Bennet: Are you sure it's him?
Claire Bennet: [holding a finger to her lips] Ssshhh... Oh, it's him. Don't worry.
Noah Bennet: How do you know?
[she turns into... ]
Sylar: Because it's me.

[Sylar, impersonating Nathan Petrelli, and Claire arrive at the Stanton Hotel]
Liam Samuels: Nathan! It's good to see you, man.
Sylar: This is my daughter Claire. Claire, this is...
[he shakes hands with Samuels]
Sylar: ...Liam.
Claire Bennet: Samuels. President's chief of staff.
["Nathan" looks at her, stunned]
Claire Bennet: I live in America.

[Angela awakes, startled]
Claire Bennet: You okay? D'you've a dream?
Angela Petrelli: It's Nathan.
Claire Bennet: What about him?
Angela Petrelli: He's...
Claire Bennet: He's what?
Angela Petrelli: In trouble.
Noah Bennet: He's not the only one.

Claire Bennet: [of Sylar] I can't believe he's really dead.
Noah Bennet: He's really dead Claire. He really is...

"Heroes: Chapter Fifteen 'Pass/Fail' (#4.16)" (2010/II)
Claire Bennet: You're gonna slice my head open again?
Sylar: I've evolved way beyond that. My friend Lydia gave me a much more precise instrument. She could read someone, just by touching them - see into the very depths of their soul. Of course, her methods were a little hyper-erotic but... Oh, what the hell. It is college, isn't it?

Sylar: I don't wanna be alone. And somehow, you're supposed to help me.
Claire Bennet: I wouldn't help you if my life depended on it.
Sylar: It's not your life you should be concerned about.

[Sylar is listing several commonalities between himself and Claire]
Claire Bennet: I get it. Okay, we have a few arbitrary things in common. What is your point?
Sylar: My point is, they're not arbitrary. They're formative. The basic building blocks of our lives; and we have the same blocks. Yet here we are - content college co-ed... and me. How did we end up so different?
Claire Bennet: You want to know what the difference is? You're a psychopath! Mystery solved.

Gretchen Berg: So, Sylar, huh? *The* Sylar?
Claire Bennet: Yes. Well, no. Kind of the EMO-apologist version. He's had me trying to figure out what his issues are.
Gretchen Berg: Seriously? How'd that go?
Claire Bennet: Pencil in the eye.

Claire Bennet: I wanna hold your hand.
[she clasps her hand with Gretchen's]
Gretchen Berg: People are gonna start to talk.
Claire Bennet: Let 'em talk. Talking's good. In fact, I could use some talking if you still have a sympathetic ear.
Gretchen Berg: I, in fact, have two ears.

"Heroes: Chapter Thirteen 'The Fix' (#1.13)" (2007/II)
Zach: There was a fire in an apartment house fourteen years ago in Kermit, Texas. Kermit - why does that sound so familiar?
Claire Bennet: 'Cause of the frog?

Zach: You may still have a real family out there. Maybe you've got an aunt or a rich, eccentric uncle.
Claire Bennet: Great, an *uncle*.

Claire Bennet: My dad lied to me about my entire life; my biological parents, my ability, you can't just hide things like that! There's got to be something on there.
Zach: If your dad's the guy you're describing I don't think he's gonna keep his secrets on the family computer.

The Haitian: Is your father becoming suspicious?
Claire Bennet: No. And it's kind of a problem. Every word out of my mouth is a lie. I have to laugh and smile and look him in the eye - my own father. It's breaking my heart.
The Haitian: Would you prefer I took your memory?
Claire Bennet: I need to know that one thing in my life is real. Do you know who my real parents are?
The Haitian: Of your father, I know nothing.
Claire Bennet: And my mother?
The Haitian: Only that she died in an explosion, here in Texas, fourteen years ago.
Claire Bennet: My mother died? Are you sure?
The Haitian: Your father told me many years ago. He had no reason to lie. This is the last conversation we have about this. And now, you need to go back home and forget about your real parents.

Claire Bennet: When I'm sixty-four...
Noah Bennet: I will be there for you, always.

"Heroes: Chapter Two 'Lizards' (#2.2)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: [looking at a picture of lizards in her textbook] Guess it's just you and me.

West Rosen: So lizards, huh?
Claire Bennet: Tell me you didn't just time that so I'd walk right past you.
West Rosen: I figured you'd be more into whales or something - unicorns.
Claire Bennet: You know, you make a lot of assumptions. Is my hair really that blonde?

Claire Bennet: Where's my car?

Claire Bennet: What's a stolen car when you're running for your life?

[last lines]
Claire Bennet: [after cutting off and regrowing her toe] No way!

"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'Truth & Consequences' (#2.10)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: I've fallen twenty storeys...been stabbed in the head, crashed a car at 70 miles an hour... I've even been on fire... *This* hurts! More than any of that.

Bob Bishop: In the wake of this tragedy, I feel it's only fair to honor Noah's wishes. You will be left alone to lead a normal life.
Claire Bennet: My father is dead. There is no normal.

Claire Bennet: This isn't fair!
Elle Bishop: [laughs sarcastically] Welcome to life!

Claire Bennet: I'll show everybody exactly what I can do. Once the secret's out, you won't be able to touch me or my family. *You* will be the ones running!

"Heroes: Chapter One 'Genesis' (#1.1)" (2006/II)
Sandra Bennet: So, what about you, Claire? Do anything special today?
Claire Bennet: I walked through fire and I didn't get burned.

Sandra Bennet: You should know who you are, and know that it's enough. Because who you are is special.
Claire Bennet: About that... There's something I need to say. Something I never talked about because I thought it would upset you and Dad.
Sandra Bennet: Sweetheart, you can say anything to us. You know that.
Claire Bennet: I think I'm old enough for you to tell me who my real parents are.

Claire Bennet: I'm so depressed.
Zach: What? What are you talking about? Why? I mean - I mean, besides the fact that it was so gross that I almost fudged myself, this is the single coolest thing to happen to this town, in like, a hundred years!
Claire Bennet: Not if nobody finds out, it's not.
Zach: Why'd you want me to tape it?
Claire Bennet: I have my reasons.
Zach: It's not like you're not going to be popular anymore!
Claire Bennet: Popular? Who said anything about being popular? My life as I know it is over, okay? I've got the Bishop game next week, SATs in October, Homecoming's in three weeks from today, and I'm a freak show!
Zach: You're being a little dramatic, don't you think?
Claire Bennet: No! I don't think! I have busted, like, every bone in my body, stabbed myself in the chest, I've shoved a two foot steel rod through my neck, and I don't have a scratch on me!

[after jumping off an oil tower and getting up unharmed]
Claire Bennet: This is Claire Bennet. And that was attempt number six.

"Heroes: Chapter Four 'Collision' (#1.4)" (2006/II)
Mr. Bennet: [Claire's dad sees her muddy feet] Were you out all night?
Claire Bennet: No.
Mr. Bennet: Were you with the quarterback?
Claire Bennet: Yeah. Yeah, it was just a bunch of us. It was stupid, I'm sorry.
Sandra Bennet: Honey, you're gonna miss your plane!
Mr. Bennet: Be there in a second.
[to Claire]
Mr. Bennet: I'm very disappointed in you.
Claire Bennet: Nothing happened. We played poker. I'm sorry.
Mr. Bennet: I love you, Claire. I just want you to be honest with me. You can tell me anything. You know that.
Claire Bennet: I know. I love you too.
Mr. Bennet: Don't think you're getting away with this staying-out-all-night thing. There's gonna be a throw down when I get home.

Claire Bennet: Look, you can't say anything. I'm fine. He was drunk and it was an accident.
Zach: Which part was an accident? The rape or the murder?
Claire Bennet: It didn't happen.
Zach: Yeah, because he killed you before he had the chance.
Claire Bennet: I'm alive!
Zach: Yeah, now. But you weren't on the autopsy table.
Claire Bennet: Shhh!
Zach: Look, you said you had a hole in your head. Okay, maybe... maybe when they pulled whatever was in there, it's when you like, rebooted or whatever.
Claire Bennet: I'm not a hard drive.
Zach: No, you're little Miss Miracle Grow.
Claire Bennet: Don't ever call me that again.

Claire Bennet: [closes her locker door and finds Lori Trammel leaning on a nearby locker] Oh, hey, Lori.
Lori Trammel: Hey. I saw you go off with Brody Mitchum last night at the bonfire.
Claire Bennet: So?
Lori Trammel: So what happened?
Claire Bennet: Nothing. Nothing happened.
Lori Trammel: I went off with Brody Mitchum once. "Nothing" happened to me too.
[Claire follows Lori's gaze and sees Brody trying to push up on another girl]

Claire Bennet: [driving Brody's car at an increasing speed; to Brody] Don't you think it's a little weird that neither one of us remember what happened the night of the bonfire?
Brody Mitchum: Must've been some night.
Claire Bennet: Yeah, must have.
[accelerates the car to sixty miles an hour and runs a light when it turns red]
Brody Mitchum: Slow down. That was a red light.
Claire Bennet: [indifferently] Whoops.
[Claire shifts the stick up and accelerates the car further]
Brody Mitchum: You know how to drive a stick-shift, don't you?
Claire Bennet: There's a lot of things that I know. Like what you did to me.
Brody Mitchum: What'd I do to you? I knew it. I knew this would happen. You get drunk, you come on to me, and it's my fault?
Claire Bennet: [with increasing rage] You're a liar!
Brody Mitchum: You can't rape the willing, Claire. You wanted it as bad as I did. Now stop the car.
Claire Bennet: Did I want it as bad as Lori Trammel?
Brody Mitchum: Lori Trammel is a slut!
Claire Bennet: Is that what you're gonna say about me?
Brody Mitchum: I already do.
Claire Bennet: You're just gonna keep at it, aren't you?
Brody Mitchum: [wryly] You should let it go, Claire. There's nothing you can do about it.
Claire Bennet: I can do this.
[Claire accelerates the car even further; the car hits a bump and bounces as Brody screams; a split second later, they crash into the wall of a building]

"Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'The Fifth Stage' (#4.12)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: [when arriving at the carnival] I always said I belonged in a freak show. I just never took it so literally.

[in Lydia's parlor]
Claire Bennet: [takes Lydia's hand] Am I supposed to be here?
[on Lydia's back appears Claire's image with the caption "Indestructible Girl"]
Claire Bennet: [... ]
Claire Bennet: What, am I... am I gonna have a circus act?
Lydia: [chuckles] This isn't the future, Claire. This is your desire.

Claire Bennet: Maybe I can be the girl who gets sawed in half every night.
Gretchen Berg: Now, that's something to aspire to.

[after Claire had a friendly encounter with Doyle]
Gretchen Berg: Explain to me how you're BFFs with a carny?
Claire Bennet: He kidnapped me once. Tried to get my mom to shoot me, but... I got over it.
Gretchen Berg: Excuse me?

"Heroes: Chapter Four 'I Am Become Death' (#3.4)" (2008/II)
Daphne Millbrook: [to Knox] I'm not afraid of you.
Claire Bennet: No, but you are afraid of Peter. And you know he won't stop, not ever - until we find him... and we kill him.

Benjamin 'Knox' Washington: So, Claire Bennet isn't afraid of anything?
Claire Bennet: I just killed my uncle - and I have to do it again. Give me a second to be a human being!

Claire Bennet: [to Peter] You don't want anyone to get hurt, do you?

Claire Bennet: You're not gonna kill me.
Peter Petrelli: Yes, I am.

"Heroes: Chapter Twenty 'Five Years Gone' (#1.20)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: [whispers] Sylar...
["Nathan", using Candice's power, reveals his true form]
Sylar: I've waited a long time for this.

Andy: You know Sandra, for a girl who's supposed to hate the president you sure do perk up whenever he's on. A guy could get jealous.
Claire Bennet: [as Sandra] He's old enough to be my father.

Nathan Petrelli: [Sylar posing as Nathan] I thought you were dead. You have no idea how important you are for me Claire.
Claire Bennet: I am not important. I am just a waitress.
Nathan Petrelli: [Sylar posing as Nathan] We both know that is not true.
Claire Bennet: You made everyone afraid of us.
Nathan Petrelli: [Sylar posing as Nathan] I made everyone aware of us. Fear is just a natural response. We can't blame them really. We are more powerful than they are; more important, we are special.
Claire Bennet: Who are you to decide who is special and who is not?

Narrator: [opening voice over narration] Ordinary people across the globe discovered extraordinary abilities. They had one mission.
Future Hiro Nakamura: [to Peter] You have to save her. "Save the cheerleader, save the world".
Narrator: [voice over] And Peter fulfilled his destiny.
Claire Bennet: [to Peter] You're totally my hero.
Narrator: [voice over] But what if they can't stop the bomb? What if New York is destroyed? What if they can't save the world? Tonight Hiro will journey five years into the future, to a world they hope they never see.

"Heroes: Chapter Seven 'Eris Quod Sum' (#3.7)" (2008/II)
Claire Bennet: What if there's something wrong with all of us and they can fix it?
Elle Bishop: You're fine. You're perfect.
Claire Bennet: No, I'm not. Whatever's happening to you, it's happening to me, too.
Elle Bishop: You're still healing, aren't you?
Claire Bennet: Yeah. But I can't feel pain. And I think it's only a matter of time before I can't feel anything at all.
Elle Bishop: You can't feel pain. I wish I had your problems, cheerleader. My body is screaming. I'm in agony.
Claire Bennet: Go with me. If there's a chance that these people at Pinehearst can help us, we'll go together.
Elle Bishop: All right, Dorothy. Then we're off to see the Wizard.

[when Elle sparkles and buzzes involuntarily, visibly causing her pain]
Claire Bennet: Is... there something wrong with you?

[Peter tells Nathan that their father is still alive]
Nathan Petrelli: It's impossible, Pete. Dad died over a year ago.
Peter Petrelli: He's the one who put mom in that coma.
Nathan Petrelli: Pete, this is our dad we're talking about here.
Claire Bennet: [ironic] Believe me, dads aren't always what they seem.

Peter Petrelli: I keep thinking about that fall - how I didn't hit as hard as I should've. What if Sylar didn't want me to die, what if... he wanted to get me out of there alive?
Claire Bennet: By throwing you out of the window?

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Shadowboxing' (#4.9)" (2009/II)
Samuel Sullivan: It's a slanted perspective to see the extraordinary through ordinary eyes. Fear is easier than understanding.
Claire Bennet: So how do you deal with it?
Samuel Sullivan: By not having to deal with it.

Claire Bennet: That was fast.
Noah Bennet: My daughter calls, I drop everything.

Samuel Sullivan: You were stalling. You kept me talking.
Claire Bennet: You seem to like to talk.

Noah Bennet: I'm sorry I pushed you.
Claire Bennet: It's OK, I don't bruise easy.

"Heroes: Chapter Four 'The Kindness of Strangers' (#2.4)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: I want to trust you.
West: Then jump.
Claire Bennet: What?
West: Trust begins with a leap.

[Claire takes a leap, but before she hits the bottom, West catches her in mid-air]
Claire Bennet: You caught me.
West: Of course I did.
Claire Bennet: But I would have been fine.
West: I know you can heal, Claire. But I never wanna see you hurt.

[Claire and West are sitting on the Hollywood Sign looking over LA]
West: I offer to take you anywhere, and this is all you can come up with?
Claire Bennet: What can I say, I'm a cheap date.

[in order to excuse for coming home late, Claire has invented a story about attending cheerleader try-outs]
Noah Bennet: I had no idea that cheerleading meant so much to you.
Claire Bennet: It took me by surprise too.

"Heroes: Chapter Nine 'It's Coming' (#3.9)" (2008/II)
Claire Bennet: Don't you know? I'm the defensive player of the year.

Peter Petrelli: This isn't your fight. I need you to stay...
Claire Bennet: Stay what?
Peter Petrelli: Innocent.

[Peter tries to prevent Claire from fighting the villains]
Peter Petrelli: Claire, just... go home! Please.
Claire Bennet: No. That's not gonna happen. And it's all your fault. You should've never come to Odessa to save me; you should've never become my friend or my hero. And now I can't leave you because *I* have a favor to return.

Claire Bennet: When Sylar attacked me, he saw something. He took off the top of my head... He said I was different from everyone else - special. I didn't understand what that meant until today... I think I'm the catalyst.

"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'Upon This Rock' (#4.13)" (2010/II)
Claire Bennet: I was just wondering if you... knew why Samuel wanted me here.
Lydia: Well, lately he's wanted a lot of people here. Half of them want to date my daughter.

Claire Bennet: Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you.
Samuel Sullivan: Sounds deep.
Claire Bennet: Sartre. College.
Samuel Sullivan: [chuckles] I always thought freedom was just another word for 'nothing left to lose'.
Claire Bennet: That too.

Claire Bennet: [to Eli] Now you know what it feels like.
[when hiding in the hall of mirrors and thus multiplying her own image]

[Ian has turned the desert valley into a green meadow]
Samuel Sullivan: This is why I need a bigger family. To build the future. This could be your home too, Claire.
Claire Bennet: I have a home. And I'd like to go back to it.
Samuel Sullivan: Of course. But just remember: you're free, Claire. Whatever happens in your world back home, you can always come back to this one. Whenever you want.

"Heroes: Chapter Ten '1961' (#3.23)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: Okay, please, someone say something.
Angela Petrelli: How are the fries?

Angela Petrelli: I never wanted you to know what I suffered, I tried to forget. We made everyone forget.
Claire Bennet: Who's "we"?
Angela Petrelli: How do you think the Company was formed? It started here, with a vow to never let this happen again. We destroyed files, erased memories, we blackmailed, we killed, anything to keep our existence secret; and it worked - for fifty years.

Angela Petrelli: It's time to go back to the old methods.
Claire Bennet: You mean erasing people's memories and killing?
Angela Petrelli: It's a necessary evil.

"Heroes: Chapter One 'Orientation' (#4.1)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: I changed my name for a while.
Gretchen Berg: Oh. Why'd you change it back?
Claire Bennet: Cause I wanted to be Claire Bennet again; I thought people might forget.
Gretchen Berg: No, girl. Google's your enemy.

Noah Bennet: You know, maybe changing your name back to Bennet wasn't such a great idea after all; but they say college is for reinventing yourself.
Claire Bennet: I don't want to pretend to be anyone but me. I just want to be Claire Bennet, daughter of Noah Bennet.

Claire Bennet: What if... my way of reinventing myself is by telling the truth?
Noah Bennet: ...ish.
Claire Bennet: ...ish.

"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'Thanksgiving' (#4.11)" (2009/II)
Lauren Gilmore: So, Sandra, how did you and Doug meet?
Sandra Bennet: Mm, well...
Doug Douglas: May I?
Sandra Bennet: Please.
Doug Douglas: It was love at first sight. For Mr. Muggles and Ms. Lovegood, that is. We met at the groomer. My little angel wouldn't stop barking until they put her cage right next to his, am I right, Sandy?
Sandra Bennet: It's true.
Claire Bennet: [silently] Nasty.

Claire Bennet: How's your new roommate?
Gretchen Berg: Fine. Dull. Actually, it's awful; no one's tried to kill me for days now.

[Claire takes out a compass]
Claire Bennet: I want to find out where this leads.
Gretchen Berg: Where'd you get that?
Claire Bennet: I stole it from my dad. He said I had choices. And I want to know what they are.

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Into Asylum' (#3.21)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: You know what? Over the years, I couldn't help but... think about my real dad. Who you were, what you looked like, your job. And then I met you; and you were more amazing than anything I could have ever imagined.
Nathan Petrelli: I mean, it's just a fantasy.
Claire Bennet: No. No, it doesn't have to be! You could do anything you want - you could fly!
Nathan Petrelli: Claire...
Claire Bennet: You're supposed to be Superman.

[Claire puts a batch of banknotes on the table]
Claire Bennet: Voilà!
Nathan Petrelli: Where'd you get that?
Claire Bennet: I sold my kidney. Actually, both of them - twice!

Claire Bennet: [to Nathan, who is heavily drunk] You should - never - ever - fly - in that condition!

"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'Our Father' (#3.12)" (2008/II)
Claire Bennet: Should I stay with me or should I go with you?

Sandra Bennet 1992: Oh, it's so strange; I've known Claire a few hours and I'm so in love with her.
Claire Bennet: I think she knows that... Don't let her out of your sight, okay?
Sandra Bennet 1992: What do you mean?
Claire Bennet: Oh, I just mean that... she's gonna grow up really fast.

Claire Bennet: I know you're scared. You're a Company man, and this little baby is your assignment. You're thinking, how could she possibly be your daughter, when they could take her away from you at any moment? You're trying so hard, but you can't let yourself love her.
Noah Bennet 1992: What is this? You're one of them? You're a mind-reader?
Claire Bennet: Something like that. Believe me, this little baby will be in your life for at least sixteen more years, and many more hopefully after that. She's gonna need you, to protect her from so many things - terrible things. But you're gonna love each other so much.
Noah Bennet 1992: How do you know all this?
[the phone rings, and Bennet goes to pick it up]
Claire Bennet: No, don't answer that!
Noah Bennet 1992: Why not?
Claire Bennet: It's the Company, okay? They want to take her back, just for a minute. But they're going to do something to her; and it's gonna change everything. This little baby, your Claire-Bear - she's fine, just the way she is. Trust me!
[stares at her, then puts the phone down again]
Noah Bennet 1992: Claire-Bear, huh?

"Heroes: Chapter Six 'Better Halves' (#1.6)" (2006/II)
Claire Bennet: [about birth parents] How am I supposed to ask someone if they're a freak when they're probably just gonna lie about it like I do?
Zach: Why don't you just ask them what happens when they cut themselves? Or you could just cut them and find out.
Claire Bennet: Uh-huh. Probably just think I was all bitter because they gave me away.

Zach: What if your biological parents raised you, though? It'd be an entirely different scenario.
Claire Bennet: What if they can do what I can do? What if they're like me?
Zach: Well, I hope they're not. No offense, but I like - I like that you're the freak. It makes you more... special or whatever.
Claire Bennet: Are you flirting with me?
Zach: No. Believe me, no. Um, look, do you plan on coming out to your parents? I mean the ones who raised you?
Claire Bennet: No. My dad would unspool. He's a really simple guy. He'd never be able to wrap his mind around something like that. It would break him.
Zach: [sing-song voice] He's gonna find out.

Zach: [when Claire's birth parents arrive] You sure you don't want me to shove 'em into something on the way out?
Claire Bennet: Ha-ha.

"Heroes: Chapter Thirteen 'Let It Bleed' (#4.14)" (2010/II)
Claire Bennet: [on Nathan] I can't believe he's gone. Well, I hope he could find heaven, because he was a terrible navigator. I mean, for a guy who could fly.

Claire Bennet: It's nice to feel pain - feel normal.

Angela Petrelli: I tried to find a photo of you, but...
Claire Bennet: There are none. Not of the illegitimate daughter.

"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Exposed' (#3.18)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: I cannot believe you know how to make a fake ID. Where did you learn that? Dad?
Sandra Bennet: No. Claire, believe it or not, I was a teenager once, an enterprising one, not unlike you, young lady. Oh, there was this band once I just had to see - Def Leppard... Oh my God, Rick Savage... bass player... so cute. Oh, what I would have given to...
Claire Bennet: Mom!
Sandra Bennet: Sorry.

Claire Bennet: I have a plan. I just haven't thought of it yet.

Claire Bennet: Just another day in the Bennet house.

"Heroes: Chapter Four 'Hysterical Blindness' (#4.5)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: This. This is cool.
Gretchen Berg: Drinking chocolate milk?
Claire Bennet: No, me. In college, in a dining hall with my new college roommate; no snipers shooting at me, no serial killers hunting me - it's a refreshing change of pace.
Gretchen Berg: Yeah, tedium can be such a thrill!
Claire Bennet: I have been chasing normal life forever, and I've finally caught it! I mean, don't get me wrong, the chocolate milk *is* awesome. But right here, right now is full of possibilities. I can be anyone.
Rebecca Taylor: [from behind] Claire Bennet, you can't escape your destiny!

Rebecca Taylor: Hey, I'm so glad you came back. I, I was worried you'd get cold feet.
Claire Bennet: No, my feet are actually very toasty in here.

[Claire learns that Kara is, like herself, an ex-cheerleader]
Claire Bennet: What made you quit?
Kara Hayback: Sounds stupid, but I kinda hated the cheerleading part of cheerleading.

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'Kindred' (#2.3)" (2007/II)
West Rosen: You can skydive without a parachute!
Claire Bennet: You can skydive without a plane.

Claire Bennet: It was a pedicure!
West Rosen: I'm sorry?
Claire Bennet: The other night, that's what I was doing; I was giving myself a pedicure.
West Rosen: You're not very good at it.

Claire Bennet: Why are you such a smartass?
West Rosen: Why are you so bad at lying?
Claire Bennet: I'm not lying.
West Rosen: Fine then. You gave yourself a pedicure, and your toe came off and then came back on. Works for me.
Claire Bennet: [fed up] I'm going to class.
West Rosen: Don't do your nails on the way.

"Heroes: Chapter Two 'The Butterfly Effect' (#3.2)" (2008/II)
Claire Bennet: That pain... I'm always so grateful for. This is the only time... I know I'm still human.

Claire Bennet: It seemed to help last time I made a tape. But this time it's different. Because I'm starting to wonder if I'm even human anymore. Because if you can't feel anything - do you still have a soul? Will I live forever? All of these questions, I just... I need to prove that I'm still alive.

Peter Petrelli: What were you doing?
Claire Bennet: What does it look like? Trying to get hit by a train!

"Heroes: Chapter Eighteen 'Brave New World' (#4.19)" (2010/II)
[last lines]
Claire Bennet: My name is Claire Bennet, and this is attempt number... I guess I've kind of lost count.

Noah Bennet: It doesn't matter what I believe anymore. Because the whole world is about to find out about you. We can thank Samuel for that.
Claire Bennet: Maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe the world is more ready than you think it is. Things change.
Noah Bennet: Sure. There might be curiosity for a while, but all it takes is one Sylar, and then the pitchforks come out and all hell breaks loose. I've seen it. They will turn on you, Claire. It's human nature. You're right. Things change. But people don't.

Claire Bennet: [to Noah] You're right. People don't change.

"Heroes: Chapter Two 'Don't Look Back' (#1.2)" (2006/II)
Mr. Bennet: Here's my advice, if you'll indulge me: just keep things light and fun as long as you can, like cheerleading.
Claire Bennet: Being a cheerleader is hard work - hard, treacherous work.

Mr. Bennet: Clairebear!
Claire Bennet: Hi, Dad.
Mr. Bennet: Hey. How was school?
Claire Bennet: Very school-like. How was work?
Mr. Bennet: Very work-like.

Mr. Bennet: I'm not done protecting you from the world.
Claire Bennet: You're my dad. You'll never not be my dad. I promise I'll be your little girl for as long as I can. But you can't protect me forever.
Mr. Bennet: I know and it breaks my heart.
Claire Bennet: I love you dad.
Mr. Bennet: I love you too sweetheart. Go get ready for dinner.
[Claire leaves. Mr. Bennet switches on the video recording]
Claire Bennet: [on video recording] This is Claire Bennet. And that was attempt number six.
Mr. Bennet: It really does break my heart.

"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'The Eclipse Part 1' (#3.10)" (2008/II)
[Claire has been shot]
Claire Bennet: It hurts. I never thought I'd be able to hurt again. It sucks, but it's wonderful.

[Claire tries to attack Noah with a wooden board, which he parries easily]
Noah Bennet: The good news is, you certainly got the strength. The bad news is, you're clumsy, slow and obvious.
Claire Bennet: Thanks.
Noah Bennet: This time, get your body weight into it. That way, all the power will be on the other end of the board. Okay, let's go again.
Claire Bennet: What is this, Taekwondo?
Noah Bennet: No. It's baseball.

Noah Bennet: Tell me what you're thinking.
Claire Bennet: Every time you would come home from a trip, I'd always hug you as hard as I could. 'cause I thought if I held you tight enough you wouldn't leave me.
Claire Bennet: [hitting at Noah with the board and screaming] Why did you always leave?

"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'Six Months Ago' (#1.10)" (2006/II)
Jackie Wilcox: Major developments. Laurie Trammel skanked her way through the entire football team.
Claire Bennet: Who told you that?
Jackie Wilcox: The entire football team.

Mohinder Suresh: [narrating voiceover] This list. You found them. These people, their future is written on their D.N.A. Just as the past, it seems, is written in stone.
Claire Bennet: [to Mr. Bennett] I have something I have to tell you.
Mohinder Suresh: [narrating voiceover] Was the die cast from the very beginning? Or is it in our own hands to alter the course of destiny? Of all our abilities, this free will that truly makes us unique. With it, we have a tiny, but potent, chance to deny fate. And only with it can we find our way back to being human.

"Heroes: Chapter One 'Jump, Push, Fall' (#4.2)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: Even an overachiever can't write a suicide note after she's dead.

Claire Bennet: Jump, push, fall.
[she falls]

"Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'The Eclipse - Part 2' (#3.11)" (2008/II)
[last lines]
Claire Bennet: Holy sh...!

Claire Bennet: I needed you. And you weren't there again.
Noah Bennet: I'm sorry. There was something I had to do.
Claire Bennet: There is always "something you have to do". Work's just more important.

"Heroes: Chapter Seventeen 'The Wall' (#4.18)" (2010/II)
Claire Bennet: Your first wife was murdered by a special?
Noah Bennet: Yeah. That was a long time ago. And the person I was then died that night with Kate.

Samuel Sullivan: Claire, you will inherit this new world; it's your legacy. And you will remind them what I've done long after I've gone. That's why it's so important for you to be a part of our family.
Claire Bennet: You are desperate. And you're small. I will never be a part of your family.

"Heroes: Chapter Fifteen 'Run!' (#1.15)" (2007/II)
Noah Bennet: [about Sandra Bennet] She had an appointment with a neurologist, who ran some tests.
Claire Bennet: What kind of tests?
Noah Bennet: Your mother's been having some headaches.
Claire Bennet: Yeah, she's also been having some memory losses. You tell them that?
Noah Bennet: Of course, Claire. I'm handling it.
Sandra Bennet: Don't worry about it, honey. I'll be fine. Mr. Muggles isn't worried, is he? No, he's not.

Noah Bennet: But this behavior, it's unacceptable. You're grounded young lady. You're to be home everyday at five o' clock sharp until further notice.
Claire Bennet: What? You can't do that! You have no right!
Noah Bennet: I'm your father!
Claire Bennet: Not my real father.
Noah Bennet: Well, I'm not. But I'm as close as you got. So you'll stay home at night, until you earn our trust back.

"Heroes: Chapter Six 'The Line' (#2.6)" (2007/II)
Noah Bennet: Take the car. But do one thing for me.
Claire Bennet: Sure.
Noah Bennet: Lock the doors this time!

Claire Bennet: My dad's really overprotective about the whole dating thing; he told me I couldn't date until I was twenty-one.
West Rosen: So?
Claire Bennet: So I have to listen to my parents. Don't you?
West Rosen: Claire, I can fly. That makes the whole parental guidance thing a non-issue.

"Heroes: Chapter Thirteen 'Dual' (#3.13)" (2008/II)
Angela Petrelli: [of Sylar] You're only giving him what he wants - a child starved for attention throws a temper tantrum.
Claire Bennet: Well, I'd like to give him a good spanking.

Claire Bennet: I swear, I'll hunt you down and kill you.
Sylar: From cheerleader to stone-cold killer? Who's the monster now?
Claire Bennet: You are.

"Heroes: Chapter Nine: Cautionary Tales (#2.9)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: [ruefully] The last thing I really said to my Dad... was 'I hate you'.

Claire Bennet: I'm just a cheerleader.

"Heroes: Chapter Eighteen 'Parasite' (#1.18)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: Vivian Lewis? My name is Vivian, and I'm from Canada? Are you kidding me?
The Haitian: I do not need you happy. Only safe.
Claire Bennet: There's nothing left of me. Everything I am is gonna disappear the second I get on that plane. My friends, my family, me.

Claire Bennet: [Claire knocks on an apartment door; someone answers it] I'm sorry, I hope I have the right address. I'm looking for, uh... Peter Petrelli.
[cut to Peter's mother Angela standing at the door]
Angela Petrelli: [cut to Peter's mother Angela standing at the door] You picked a terrible time to do that. Peter's not here just now. You may as well come inside Claire.
[in French]
Angela Petrelli: Au moins maintenant elle sera en sécurité... et pas grâce à vous!
[translation: At least, now she will be safe... and no thanks to you!]
The Haitian: Ecoutez j'ai fait tout ce que j'ai pu... elle aurait bien fini par trouver sa propre voie...
[translation: Listen, I did all that I could. She would have ended up well finding her own way]
Claire Bennet: Who are you?
Angela Petrelli: I'm your grandmother. And I've been trying to protect you, but you haven't been that very easy. Quite stubborn aren't you? Just like your Father.

"Heroes: Chapter One 'Four Months Later...' (#2.1)" (2007/II)
West Rosen: You got a death wish?
Claire Bennet: [points at flame on Bunsen burner] Uh, you talking about that? I was just seeing how hot it was.
West Rosen: Pretty sure it's hot. It's called a "flame."
Claire Bennet: Yeah. I was just kidding around.
West Rosen: Like you were this morning when you stepped in front of my car? That's okay. Made my morning interesting.

West Rosen: So what are you?
Claire Bennet: Meaning what, exactly?
West Rosen: Meaning, are you one of them or one of the others?
Claire Bennet: I'm not sure what you're getting at.
West Rosen: Well, l let me break it down for you. Are you a robot or an alien? 'Cause everyone one in the world is one or the other. Robots do what they're told. Stick with the herd. Aliens, on the other hand, do their own thing.
Claire Bennet: Well, uh, I don't know. Do I have to choose?
West Rosen: Most people do.
Claire Bennet: So what are you?

"Heroes: Chapter One 'A Clear and Present Danger' (#3.14)" (2009/II)
Angela Petrelli: Claire, you have got to believe me, it's over. All of it. Primatech, the Company, Pinehearst - all of it. And we all have to accept that.
Claire Bennet: No. You're just trying to put me on the bench. He's out there, and if I'm the only one who sees that, then fine. I'll go find him myself.

Claire Bennet: I hate you.
Nathan Petrelli: I know.

"Heroes: Chapter Two 'Ink' (#4.3)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: Dad! What're you doing here?
Noah Bennet: "Hey, Dad. Nice to see you. Thanks for bringing the housewarming presents."
Claire Bennet: Hey, Dad. Nice to see you. Thanks for bringing the housewarming presents.

Claire Bennet: I'm fine.
Noah Bennet: I know that 'fine', it's, er... it's not very convincing. You want to try again?

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'Building 26' (#3.16)" (2009/II)
Noah Bennet: I know you're lying.
Claire Bennet: Well - I did learn from the master.

Noah Bennet: You think you're invincible, but you're not. Just because you can't be injured doesn't mean you can't be caught. Do you have any idea what happens if they think I can't control you anymore?
Claire Bennet: That's the thing, dad - you can't.

"Heroes: Chapter Six 'Dying of the Light' (#3.6)" (2008/II)
Meredith Gordon: Claire, you were amazing.
Claire Bennet: No, I wasn't. I got us caught.
Meredith Gordon: No. You saved us. You may have got your genes from me, but... you got your heart from your mom.

Claire Bennet: Show is over!

"Heroes: Chapter Two 'Trust and Blood' (#3.15)" (2009/II)
Nathan Petrelli: Young lady, you're headed back to Costa Verde.
Claire Bennet: So, that's it - I just dance away to college, pretend everything is all hunky-dory?
Nathan Petrelli: Something like that, yeah.
Claire Bennet: [sarcastic] So I get a pass. And everyone I know just... disappears - except for Senator Sky-Boy of course, because he's got everything under control.

"Heroes: Chapter One 'The Second Coming' (#3.1)" (2008/II)
Claire Bennet: Are you gonna eat it?
Sylar: Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting.

"Heroes: Chapter Nine 'Brother's Keeper' (#4.10)" (2009/II)
Noah Bennet: How was your day?
Claire Bennet: Oh, you know. Same old same old.
[after Noah notices Claire's old broken foot]

"Heroes: Chapter Twenty-Three 'How to Stop an Exploding Man' (#1.23)" (2007/II)
Peter Petrelli: [as he's starting to lose control of the radiation, and sees Claire approaching with a gun] . Do it! Do it! You're the only one, Claire!
Claire Bennet: [sobbing] Tell me there's another way! Please!
Peter Petrelli: Shoot me! There is no other way!
Nathan Petrelli: [swoops down from the sky and lands between Claire and Peter] Yes there is, Claire. The future isn't written in stone.
[gently lowers the gun Claire is holding]
Peter Petrelli: I took his power, Nathan. I can't control it! I can't do anything!
Nathan Petrelli: [walks calmly towards Peter] I'm not leaving you Peter. There's another way to end this, and you know it.
Peter Petrelli: [guessing Nathan's plan] I can't let you die.
Nathan Petrelli: And *I* can't let everyone else.
[quickly glances back at Claire]
Nathan Petrelli: *You* saved the cheerleader, so *we* could save the world.
Peter Petrelli: I love you, Nathan.
Nathan Petrelli: I love you, too.
[looks up at the sky]
Nathan Petrelli: You ready?
[Peter nods yes. Nathan grabs him and flys him up into the stratosphere]

"Heroes: Chapter Fourteen 'Close to You' (#4.15)" (2010/II)
Noah Bennet: I'm thinking about bridges.
Claire Bennet: Bridges?
Noah Bennet: Bridges that connect us to the people and things that we... love and need in our lives. They're built on trust, and I've... I've torched most of them. And... I'm just hoping that the... that the one that connects me to you... can still be repaired.

"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Tabula Rasa' (#4.6)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: Peter? How'd you get in the bathroom?
Peter Petrelli: It's been a long time since I've... teleported.

"Heroes: Chapter Six 'Shades of Gray' (#3.19)" (2009/II)
Comic book store Employer: Flight or invisibility?
Claire Bennet: I'm sorry, what?
Comic book store Employer: Do you throw caution to the wind and fly off to save the day, or d'you take the more calculated approach and learn the whole picture before you act?
Claire Bennet: [tentatively] What's the answer?
Comic book store Employer: There isn't one. That's why it's *the* question. Put simply: what type of hero are you?

"Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'Powerless' (#2.11)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: [in a brainstorm] You won't leave me, will you, Mr. Muggles?

"Heroes: Chapter Seven 'Nothing to Hide' (#1.7)" (2006/II)
Claire Bennet: Just give me the damn tape!
Lyle Bennet: I'm gonna put this thing on YouTube - make like a million bucks!
Zach: YouTube's free, you idiot!
Claire Bennet: You're *not* helping. Lyle, *no one* can see what's on that tape.
Lyle Bennet: Are you an alien or something? Is he an alien, too?
Zach: Yeah, yeah. We're gonna - we're gonna anal probe you.

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Seven Minutes to Midnight' (#1.8)" (2006/II)
Claire Bennet: [visits her father at work] Dad!
Noah Bennet: Claire? Honey, is everything alright?
Claire Bennet: Yeah, everything's fine. Can't a girl just visit her dad at work?
Noah Bennet: You never visit me at work.
Claire Bennet: Okay, I'm busted. I have an emergency. A paper emergency...
Noah Bennet: A paper emergency!
Claire Bennet: A paper emergency! Miss Robert says we need a banner over the trophy case and Jackie was all, "We don't have paper that big. They don't make paper that big." So I thought I stop by and try to be a hero.
Noah Bennet: [exhaled loudly]
Claire Bennet: [exhaled loudly as well]
Noah Bennet: [hesitate for a moment] Well, if it'll make you a hero and maybe knock Jackie down, if it not, we might just find something that'll work.
Claire Bennet: Best dad ever!

"Heroes: Chapter Twenty-Two 'Landslide' (#1.22)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: You know I've been thinking, after we save the world, I may go on patrol. You know, jumping in front of bullets, dragging people out of burning buildings...
Peter Petrelli: You're not going to catch me wearing a cape - zipping around with my underwear outside my pants.