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Quotes for
Marty (Character)
from Beautiful Girls (1996)

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Beautiful Girls (1996)
Marty: I might just grow to be five-ten. I'll be hot.

Marty: What we've been doing lately is smoking massive amounts of drugs, binging on Entemmann's and listening to old Pink Floyd CD's.

Marty: I like to mash snow. It gives me a tremendous feeling of self satisfaction.

Marty: If I'm not mistaken, you've come back here to the house of loneliness and tears, to Daddy Downer and Brother Bummer, to come to some sort of decision about life, a life decision if you will.

Willie Conway: How old are you?
Marty: Thirteen. But I have an old soul.

Marty: It's a tragedy of Elizabethan proportions.

Marty: Alas, poor Romeo, we can't do diddly.

Paul: So you're the little neighborhood Lolita.
Marty: So you're the alcoholic high school buddy shit for brains.

Willie Conway: [from a window] Hey.
Marty: Romeo and Juliet, the dyslexic version.

Willie Conway: Are you a cop?
Marty: No.

Marty: Two words not in her vocabulary: lunch money.

Willie Conway: What are you doing?
Marty: Another exciting Saturday night.
Willie Conway: You got many exciting Saturday nights in your future.
Marty: Yeah, yeah. So your lady's here, huh?
Willie Conway: Yeah, yeah.
Marty: I saw her. She- she's really pretty.
Willie Conway: She's OK. She's not as pretty as you, though.
Marty: Kinda got that boob-thing going for her .

Willie Conway: Bye Marty.
Marty: Later Pooh.