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Quotes for
Ned Trent (Character)
from The Specialist (1994)

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The Specialist (1994)
Ned: Good, nice sense of irony, blowing up the bomb unit. Ned, you may ask yourself, why is it my turn to die. Ask God. he kills all the time. Why shouldn't I?

Ned: [to Parking Attendant, Jon Curry] Who gave you permission to smile? Shut up!

Ned: [to old couple trying to get on elevator; old man wearing a colorful shirt] Where are you going? Hey, use the stairs, this one's full. Get outta here! Get a new shirt.

Ned: [Walks into the church as a priest and a few others are walking out with the casket that allegedly carries May]
[to the priest, calmly]
Ned: Open the casket.
Priest: Who are you?
Ned: [Pulls his gun on them and yells] I said open the fucking casket!
[They do, he looks, then walks away in disgust]
Ned: Bitch.