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Quotes for
Scott (Character)
from Spartan (2004)

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Spartan (2004)
[first lines]
Scott: You had your whole life to prepare for this moment. Why aren't you ready?

Scott: How you fake the DNA?
Donny: You don't fake the DNA. You issue a press release.

Scott: In the city always a refelection, in the woods always a sound.
Curtis: What about the desert?
Scott: You don't wanna go in the desert.

Scott: You need to set your motherfucker to "receive".

Curtis: I fucked up. I tried to help.
Scott: That's usually when people fuck up.

Curtis: I saw the sign.
Scott: Then you are truly blessed.

Scott: What they gotcha teachin' here, young sergeant?
Jackie Black: Edged weapons, sir. Knife fighting.
Scott: Don't you teach 'em knife fighting. Teach 'em to kill. That way, they meet some sonofabitch who studied knife fighting, they send his soul to hell.

Grace: Yeah, I always knew you Marines were a weepy buncha motherfuckers.
Scott: I got something in my eye.

Grace: Nice knife.
Scott: Yeah. Got it off an East German fella.
Grace: He give it to ya for a gift?
Scott: No. As I recall, he was... rather reluctant to part with it.

Scott: You wanted to go through the looking glass. How was it? Was it more fun than miniature golf?

Curtis: I saw the sign.
[draws the Picasso symbol on the hood of a car]
Curtis: Sir.
Scott: You saw the sign? You were up for a week. You coulda seen Jack Ruby. You don't know what you saw your first time out.
Curtis: Sir, I know what I saw.
Scott: You didn't see no sign baby, 'cause she wasn't there. The hardest thing, y'know what it is? It isn't going in the door, it's coming out. You ever come down offa drugs? The most powerful drug in the world is adrenaline. I told you everything I know. Stand down.

Zimmer: I think you broke my arm.
Scott: [slams his arm against the side of a dumpster] Now it's broken.

Scott: You're gonna leave your life or you're gonna leave the information in this room.

Laura Newton: Did my father send you?
Scott: That's right.
Laura Newton: Why? Why? He wants me dead.
Scott: He sent me.
Laura Newton: One man.
Scott: "One riot, one Ranger." You ever heard that?
Laura Newton: Leonidas, King of Sparta... when a neighboring state would plead for military aid, would send one man.
Scott: Well, there you go.
Laura Newton: You ever hear that?
Scott: No. I think we went to different schools.

Scott: Honey, you got all the slack in the world until I leave this room. Then I'm gonna zero you out.

Curtis: My name's Curtis.
Scott: Do I need to know that? If I want camaraderie, I'll join the Masons.

Burch: She dyed her hair. They see that red hair, what do they do, her hair grows out, when they see that red hair? Somebody recognizes her? What do they do when they realize who they took?
Scott: They kill her.
Burch: You're fuckin'-A right, they kill her.

Burch: What about if we had to go off the meter? I need a man, a man who can unquestioningly follow orders.
Scott: The door is closed sir.
Burch: I need to ask you to do something.
Scott: I am here to get the girl back, sir. And there is nothing I will not do to get the girl back.

Avi: There are some people in this house...
Scott: Avi...
Avi: That if you were go, while you were there, if you said hello to them for me, it would cut your price.
Scott: Avi, what do you think I am?
Avi: I don't know what you are. You ain't a planner. You're a shooter. I don't know what you're doing here, and I think you've gone off the reservation.

Laura Newton: Fuck it. I don't want to go home. Nobody there cares about me. I'm just a whore. I'm just a little whore.
Scott: Yeah, how'd you get like that?
Laura Newton: I was raised by wolves.

Jackie Black: Ain't nobody here but two people in green.
Scott: It goes beyond that.
Jackie Black: Nothing goes beyond that.

Scott: Want some more dope? Want a Dr. Pepper?

Laura Newton: Thank you.
Scott: For what?
Laura Newton: For coming for me.
Scott: Ah, what the hell.

Laura Newton: I could make you give me the cigarette.
Laura Newton: [takes her top off]
Scott: Keep it together. Keep your voice down.

Jackie Black: We got the girl back.
Scott: Yeah. She just took the long way home.

Scott: There was a king, and he had a daughter, and she was abducted. The king, he swore to protect her, but while he was indulging himself shamefully, she was abducted. Now, the king's advisors, they knew that if she came home, she would reveal the king's shame to the country. So they told the king that she was dead.

Scott: This is wrong. This is north. The map is flipped.
Jones: How do you know it's north?
Scott: See that? That's Cassiopeia. That's my girlfriend.

[last lines]
Business Man: Time to go home.
Scott: Lucky man.

Scott: Did you burn me?
Jones: Can't say that I did.
Scott: Wanna prove it?
Jones: The Lord hates a coward.
Scott: We're taking her now.

Scott: It's all in the mind, sergeant. That's where the battle's won.

Avi: You heard of the private sector? That's where you found me.
Scott: Well, then sell me something.

Curtis: They sending you in?
Scott: We'll leave that to our betters.
Curtis: Why don't you ask them?
Scott: Why would I want to know? I ain't a planner, I ain't a thinker. I never wanted to be. You got to set your motherfucker to receive. Listen to me. They don't go through the door, we don't ask why. That's not a cost, it's benefit. Because we get to travel light. They tell me where to go. Tell me what to do when I get there.

Laura Newton: I don't wanna go home.
Scott: Look, you go home some wave their hats, some turn their backs. It's all the same. None of them know where you've been.

Scott: It's okay, I'm with Secret Service.
Donny: Guess again. I'm Secret Service. And you'll follow my directions, or I'll shoot you dead.
Scott: Yes.
Donny: Step away from the door.
Scott: Yes. I have a message for her. I have something to tell her.
Donny: Take two steps to your left.
Scott: Yes. I have a message for Mrs. Newton.
Donny: I'm sure you do. Spread your arms, please, out to the sides. Open your hands.
Donny: Open the box.
Donny: I'm minutes from the bomb squad. If it's 'Happy Birthday,' let's do it now.

Scott: I'm looking for my niece...
Bartender: Oh yeah? 'Cause a lot of guys come in here looking for someone else's niece...