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Charles (Character)
from Castle in the Sky (1986)

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Castle in the Sky (1986)
Charles: Sheeta, can you make pudding? I *love* pudding!
Louis: I get to lick the spatula!
Henri: And I like chocolate cake with that... Oh, what's that frosting? It's kinda pink and swirly with...
Dola: Will you shut up?
[to Pazu and Sheeta]
Dola: Ah, what can I tell ya? They just really like dessert.

Sheeta: [hugging her] Dola!
Dola: Thank goodness you're alive!
Pazu: So are you. This is great!
Papa: No it's not! My poor little ship is gone forever! Boo hoo hoo hoo!
Dola: Stop with the cryin', ya big baby! I'll get you another ship!
Papa: [stops crying] Okay.
Dola: [to Sheeta, softhearted] Oh, poor little thing. There's nothin' worse than having your pigtails shot off!
Sheeta: [reacting to a sharp object beneath Dola's blouse] Or having your eye poked out. What have you got under there?
Dola: Oh, my fault!
[takes out shining gem]
Dola: You must've hurt yourself on these! Now, how'd they get inside my blouse?
Charles: [as pirates take out their hidden jewels] *All* good pirates listen to their Mom!
Louis: That is so true, huh?

[after Dola decides to let Pazu and Sheeta become pirates]
Louis: [overjoyed] YES! No more swabbin' the decks! Hooray!
Henri: I won't have to wash the dishes!
Charles: I've peeled my last potato! YEE-HAW!
Henri: WHEE!
[they all fly around and start celebrating]

[in the galley; Sheeta is cooking when Louis happens by, standing idly around her]
Louis: Ahem.
Sheeta: Uh, yes? What is it?
Louis: [speechless] Uhm...
Sheeta: Yes?
Louis: [blurts out] I-I-I finished my work for the moment, and I've come to offer you my help.
Sheeta: Well, that's kind of you. Will you hand me those plates over there?
Louis: With pleasure, my little ang...
[scowls when he notices one of his brothers peeling a potato]
Louis: What are YOU doing here?
Pirate: Helping.
Louis: I thought you said you had a stomachache!
Charles: [throwing open the door with a rose in hand] I'm in love with you!
Louis: YOU?
Charles: [sheepishly] Hello.
[later, when all the pirates are helping Sheeta in the galley]
Henri: [entering the room casually] Hi, is there anything I can do?

[Dola comes thundering into Pazu's town on her automobile where her boys are brawling with the citizens]
Dola: Full speed ahead!
[to Louis and Henri in the distance]
Dola: Hey, boys!
Louis: Wha - ? Hey, it's Mom!
Louis, Henri: [Dola drives up to Louis and Henri] Hi, Mom!
Dola: [incensed] You chowderheads! Get your brother and hop on!
Louis: [dumbfounded] Huh? But Sheeta's hiding inside that house!
Dola: Lamebrain! They made an escape! Now step on it!
Louis: [jumping onto Dola's car] They ESCAPED?
Henri: [jumps on after Louis] Hey, I wanna come!
Charles: [grabbing onto the back of Dola's car] Mommy!

[after saving Sheeta from the robot, the Dola Gang are flying off. Sheeta is crying against Pazu's shoulder]
Louis: Sheeta, you okay?
Charles: If I did something wrong, I'd really like to apologize for it, Sheeta.
Dola: We *all* did something wrong, wasting our time on these two kids!

Sheeta: [Hitting both Charles and Louis in the head with a coal shovel on the train chase] Take that!
Charles: [dazed] That's a strong little girl!
Louis: [groaning] Uh-huh...

Henri: [Pazu has just returned home; he is about to open the door when suddenly hands reach out to grab him] Well! Ahoy there, matey!
Pazu: Ahh! What's going on?
[he is thrown into his house; cut to Pazu struggling as Henri ties him up]
Henri: Stop wriggling, ya little worm!
Dola: [seated at the dinner table, noisily munching on a steak] Welcome home, sonny!
Pazu: [as Henri pulls a bound Pazu to the wall] Get out! Get out, or I'll throw you out! This is MY house!
Dola: [disdainfully] Oh, ya can't scare me! You can't even protect one small girl!
Pazu: Whaddaya mean?
Henri: [taking out the gold coins Muska gave Pazu] Hey, Mom! Can I keep this money?
Dola: Up and sold a little girl, did ya? I know your type!
Pazu: [protesting] You don't know what you're talking about!
Dola: They offered ya money, and ya took it, didn't you?
Pazu: I only left because Sheeta told me to!
Pazu: That's why.
Dola: [spits in disgust] So ya believed her and ya came back here, right? You're just a SCARED LITTLE BOY WHO RUNS AWAY!
[slams her fist on the table]
Pazu: Says you! You don't even have the guts to stand up to Muska and the army!
Dola: He who turns and runs away can steal the treasure ANOTHER DAY!
Charles: [underneath Dola's line] Mm-hm.
Louis: [dryly] That's so true.
Dola: Don't ya think it's kinda strange that the army has gotten into the kidnapping business?
[takes another big bite on her steak]
Dola: You really think they'll keep her alive? Don't ya see that they forced her to make a deal?
Pazu: [surprised] Huh?
Dola: [downs the rest of her steak] She *saved your life*! Get it?
Louis: [as Pazu hangs his head] Mommy, you amaze me. How do ya know these things?
Dola: Oh, well, ya can't be a sensitive woman like me without learnin' a few things. Sheeta and I are exactly alike: all warm and mushy and sensitive!
Dola: Now, so when you boys get married, you go find a gal like her!
Louis: [dumbfounded] Huh? She's gonna end up... like Mama?
Charles: Good question.