Aaron Hallam
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Aaron Hallam (Character)
from The Hunted (2003)

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The Hunted (2003)
Aaron Hallam: If you cross this line, you better be ready to kill me.

Aaron Hallam: What if there was a species above us in the food chain? How do you think you'd feel if that species lost total respect for us... and started slaughtering us wholesale?

Aaron Hallam: When you kill with your own hands there is a reverence. There's no reverence in what you do.

Hewitt: Your actions resulted in the injuries and death of unarmed civilians.
Aaron Hallam: They had weapons.
Hewitt: Well, that's the problem, you can't tell the sharks from the guppies any more.

L.T.: They're coming for you.
Aaron Hallam: They've been coming for me for a long time, L.T.