Richard Vickers
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Richard Vickers (Character)
from Creepshow (1982)

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Creepshow (1982)
[after Harry buries him in sand]
Richard Vickers: Oh I can hold my breath for a long, long time!

Richard Vickers: Come on Harry, the maiden fair waits for her knight in shining corduroy.

Richard Vickers: I'll shoot you dead!
Harry: You can't shoot us dead, Richard...
Becky: ...because we're already dead!
Harry: We want to see you, Richard. We dug a hole for you, Richard...
Becky: ...on the beach!

Richard Vickers: [after swatting away a crab near Harry's head] Found a friend, Harry? I'm just wild about Harry, and Harry's wild about me!

Harry: Richard! I'm gonna get you! You hear me, Richard? YOU HEAR ME, RICHARD? I'm going to get you f...
[a wave washes over his head, cutting him off abruptly]
Richard Vickers: You've gotta hold your breath there, Harry. You've gotta hold your breath!

Richard Vickers: Wentworth! I suggest you get out of here! May I remind you, dear boy, I have the gun!

Richard Vickers: It's Showtime!

Harry: [Richard has jammed his foot in the doorway] That may work on TV, mister, but I can bench-press three hundred pounds. You better get your foot out of the way, or you're gonna lose half of it!
Richard Vickers: Don't call me "mister". You know damn well who I am.