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Quotes for
Wesley Birdsong (Character)
from Lone Star (1996)

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Lone Star (1996)
[In the middle of nowhere]
Sheriff Sam Deeds: Great place for a business.
Wesley Birdsong: Do you see much competiton around?

Wesley Birdsong: This stretch of road runs between nowhere and not much else.

Wesley Birdsong: Hell, at my age, you learn a new name you gotta forget an old one.

[Birdsong pulls out a huge rattlesnake skin]
Wesley Birdsong: Here... This big fella was sleeping in a crate at Cisco's junkyard. Right when I was gonna open to see what was in her. Jumped right at my face. Scared me so bad I had to kill him without thinking. Gotta be careful where you go pokin'. Who knows what you'll find.