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Nick Cassidy (Character)
from Reindeer Games (2000)

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Reindeer Games (2000)
Rudy Duncan: Sounds pretty mature for twenty-five.
Nick Cassidy: Grow up in Detroit, you mature real quickly.
Rudy Duncan: Yeah. Either that or those pictures are ten years old.

[Rudy Duncan and Nick Cassidy in the prisoner cafeteria line receiving green jello]
Nick Cassidy: What's this?
Prisoner: Holiday jello.
Nick Cassidy: What's this shit in it?
Prisoner: Swallow it and you'll see.
[gives a smirk]
Nick Cassidy: Just so you know, this man and I are outta here in two days. So when we're inhaling London broil and lobster bisque, you'll still be standing hear smelling up the mystery cream fuck. Who's in prison now?

[the inmate Zook spits out a mouthful of jello at the prison cafeteria table across from Rudy and Nick]
Zook: Come on man, what's wrong with you?
Zook: Monsters... in the gelatin.
Nick Cassidy: It's just a roach Zook.
Rudy Duncan: Yeah eat it, it's protein.
Zook: Monsters, in the gelatin!
[the rest of the inmates begin to find roaches in their green jello]
Zook: [screams] There are monsters, in the gelatin!