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Quotes for
Walter (Character)
from Secondhand Lions (2003)

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Secondhand Lions (2003)
Walter: Is it okay if I go inside and watch television?
Garth: Ain't got one.
Walter: No television?

Walter: You bought a used lion?

Stan: It's up to you, kid. We can be friends, or we can be enemies. What's it gonna be?
Walter: [looks down, thinking, then looks up] Defend yourself!
Stan: What?

Walter: What's wrong with him?
Garth: Well, a man's body may grow old, but inside his spirit can still be as young and as restless as ever.
Garth: And him - in his day, he had more spirit than twenty men.

[Hub and Garth are getting ready to shoot at a traveling salesman]
Walter: Why not see what he's sellin'?
Hub: What the hell for?
Walter: Well what's the good of having all that money if you're never gonna spend it?
Garth: Could be the kid has a point.
Hub: Well. We'll see what the man's sellin'. THEN we'll shoot him.
Garth: Good plan.

Walter: Those stories about Africa... They're true aren't they?

Walter: I've been to the orphan home before. I don't wanna go back.

Walter: If I'm gonna live here, there's gonna be some conditions
Hub: conditions?
Walter: No more dangerous stuff. No more fighting teenagers. No airplanes. More vegetables, less meat

Walter: Has he hit YOU yet?

Walter: So, you two were away for 40 years... Where'd you go?

Walter: What happened to her?
Garth: Looks like her heart gave out in all the excitement. She was plenty old, you know.
Walter: Look, I think she's smiling.
Garth: I guess she died happy.
Hub: She died with her boots on, that's the main thing.
Garth: Protecting her cub.
Walter: She was a real lion, wasn't she, there at the end? A real jungle lion. A real Africa lion.

Adult Walter: [reading his uncles' will] The kid gets it all. Just plant us in the damn garden, next to the stupid lion.

Sheik's Grandson: [looking at a large yacht in a small pond] I see they spent my grandfather's gold well.
Adult Walter: [laughing] Well, there was this one travelling salesman...

[last lines]
Sheik's Great Grandson: So, these two men from your grandfather's stories, they really lived?
Adult Walter: [wistfully] Yeah, they really lived...

[first lines]
Adult Walter: [answering the phone] Hello?
Sheriff: Walter?
Adult Walter: Yes.
Sheriff: This is Sheriff Brady. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. It's about your uncles.