Sara Deever
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Sara Deever (Character)
from Sweet November (2001)

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Sweet November (2001)
Sara: What are you doing?
Nelson Moss: Buying redemption.
Sara: Redemption's not for sale today.

Nelson Moss: What are you doing?
Sara: Taking your shirt off.
Nelson Moss: Why?
Sara: Because you smell like puppy pee.

Sara: You know, he asked me to marry him.
Chaz: He's not the first...
Sara: No, but it was the first time I wanted to say "Yes".

Nelson Moss: Why a month?
Sara: Because it's long enough to be meaningful, but short enough to stay out of trouble.

Sara: You're my immortality Nelson.

Sara: Nelson do you want to be my November.
Nelson: Yes.

Sara: What are you more afraid of: spending more than two consecutive nights with the same woman, or finding out this thing might not be as crazy as it seems?

Chaz: Did you change the beans or something?
Sara: Yep, it's hazelnut. You don't like it?
Chaz: Honestly, it tastes like camel piss. Lets stick to the classics in future.

Chaz: Three hours sleep last night. Took Valerian root, melatonin, the Shoping Channel. You know what did the trick in the end?
Sara: What?
Chaz: Jimmy Cagney. Public Enemy. Violence is a tranquiliser. How twisted is that.

Chaz: I do believe that is my favourite sweatshirt I see.
Sara: Uh huh.
Chaz: You must be November.
Nelson Moss: I must be November?
Sara: That's Nelson.
Chaz: Hey Nelson, how are you? I'm Chaz.
Nelson Moss: Hey.
Chaz: You know what? Keep the sweatshirt. It looks better on you.
Nelson Moss: Is this some kind of uh, communal, culty, squeaky charlie type a deal?

Chaz: Now, don't forget, dinner is at eight. It's dressy because we are going to eat and we are going dancing.
Sara: Wooh.
Chaz: We're gonna see if Last of the Mohicans here's got rhythm.

Brandon: A little lovin' from the oven. Cous cous for everyone.
Sara: Wow. Did you make that?
Brandon: Uh huh.
Chaz: Excuse me. What did you just say?
Brandon: Well making, buying, it's all a very thin line.

Nelson Moss: Have you ever heard of Phalaenopsis Sunderiana? It reminded me of you.
Sara: You got the job, didn't you?
Nelson Moss: Best offer anyone ever made me.
Sara: So when do you start?
Nelson Moss: We had a little problem agreeing on that. He suggested immediately, I suggested... never.
Sara: Never?
Nelson Moss: Never.

[last lines]
Sara: Remember me.

Sweet November (1968)
Sara Deever: Aren't you impressed by bicycle tape?

Charlie Blake: I love you Sara.
Sara Deever: Oh Charlie, you said it. First time, world premier.
Charlie Blake: You know I love you.
Sara Deever: Yes but you never said it before.
Charlie Blake: In my letters I wrote it.
Sara Deever: You never, never not even once.
Charlie Blake: But it was implied in everything I do.
Sara Deever: Is it the first time that you ever said it?
Charlie Blake: Hmm?
Sara Deever: Do you know what I think Charlie? I think you really mean it.

Charlie Blake: Oh cut it out Sara, I love you. That means past November, past winter, past all the dumb years ahead. OK?
Sara Deever: We made an agreement, you and I, we shook hands.
Charlie Blake: Sara, kids do that.
Sara Deever: A bargain is a bargain. A sacred vow and an oath. Whoever breaks that oath must give up all memories of the other. Do you want to give up your memories of me?
Charlie Blake: No, of course I don't, and I don't have to.
Sara Deever: No, no, I know, I know you don't have to, but supposing that you did.
Charlie Blake: Sara, that's silly, I'd have no control over it. I can't just blot everything out simply because I agreed to.
Sara Deever: People must be remembered Charlie, otherwise it's as if they were never here at all. All we are are the people who remember us. If we go away, and everybody forgets we were ever here, its as if we never were.

Sara Deever: You did it again, you know, you did it again.
Charlie Blake: I did what?
Sara Deever: A few minutes ago.
Charlie Blake: What, Sara, what?
Sara Deever: I had a dream, and you were in it, and then you misbehaved.
Charlie Blake: Sara, I can't be held responsible for the way I behave in your dreams.
Sara Deever: Yes you can. A dream is simply a truth that never happened. Just because it never happened doesn't mean's untrue.