Nelson Moss
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Nelson Moss (Character)
from Sweet November (2001)

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Sweet November (2001)
Nelson Moss: [throws his cell phone in a sink full of water] Marry me!
[throws his watch]
Nelson Moss: Marry me! Sarah.

Sara: What are you doing?
Nelson Moss: Buying redemption.
Sara: Redemption's not for sale today.

Nelson Moss: What are you doing?
Sara: Taking your shirt off.
Nelson Moss: Why?
Sara: Because you smell like puppy pee.

Nelson Moss: Why a month?
Sara: Because it's long enough to be meaningful, but short enough to stay out of trouble.

Sara: Nelson do you want to be my November.
Nelson: Yes.

Nelson: Wow. Wow. Very, uh, Pink Flamingos.
Chaz: Oh my god. Sweetheart! He says I look like Divine!
[Brandon comes in with a tray wearing a dress]
Brandon: Ugh! That's awful. Although you could lose a few pounds.
Chaz: Stop it.
Brandon: You stop it.
Chaz: Bitch.

Nelson: November is all I know, and all I ever wanna know.

Nelson: You defy every law of nature I've ever known.

Nelson: This is it, life will never be better, or sweeter than this.

Chaz: I do believe that is my favourite sweatshirt I see.
Sara: Uh huh.
Chaz: You must be November.
Nelson Moss: I must be November?
Sara: That's Nelson.
Chaz: Hey Nelson, how are you? I'm Chaz.
Nelson Moss: Hey.
Chaz: You know what? Keep the sweatshirt. It looks better on you.
Nelson Moss: Is this some kind of uh, communal, culty, squeaky charlie type a deal?

Nelson Moss: Oh my god, you're Chaz Watley.
Brandon: Oh look, baby's famous.
Chaz: Don't even go there.

[Waitress spills ice all over the table]
Waitress: Oh, my, I'm so sorry. Excuse me. Thanks, that's okay.
Edgar Price: Stop it. You know sweetie, we are what we do in this world, and you're a waitress. All that requires is that you bring the food to and from the table without making a mess. That's it. So when you screw up somthing as incredibly simple as that, doesn't say a whole hell of a lot about you does it.
Waitress: I'm sor... I'm sorry.
Vince Holland: If you gave her a penny for her thoughts, you'd get change.
Edgar Price: They ought to fire her. I always say a bad hire strengthens the competition's hand. A good general feeds off his enemy.
Nelson Moss: Actually, Sun Tsu said that last line. In The Art of War.

Nelson Moss: Have you ever heard of Phalaenopsis Sunderiana? It reminded me of you.
Sara: You got the job, didn't you?
Nelson Moss: Best offer anyone ever made me.
Sara: So when do you start?
Nelson Moss: We had a little problem agreeing on that. He suggested immediately, I suggested... never.
Sara: Never?
Nelson Moss: Never.

Nelson Moss: Try to be wrong once in a while. I'd do my ego good.

Nelson Moss: [Talking to himself about his advertising campaign] Number one dog, dog at the top.
Angelica: Slow down, Fido. We need to talk.