Nicole Horner
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Nicole Horner (Character)
from Diabolique (1955)

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Diabolique (1996)
Nicole: Still, if it's all the same to you, I'd rather not hang over fried chicken.

Nicole: [It's a quiet night and Nicole, drinking something in a cup, is looking Mia lighting candles in an open-air altar of the school] What do your saints say?
Mia: I'm brooding. I'm not praying.
Nicole: Lost your faith, ah? I've never really had any to begin with, I guess. Never believed in any of it. God, the Virgin Mary, that life begins at 40... and the people are all just basically good inside.
Mia: Pretty soon we'll be the same person.
Nicole: See how nice things turned out?
[She stops talking and seems to meditate briefly about something important]
Nicole: I'm going inside.
[about Mia's changing the terrible diet his husband used to martyrize the whole school before he was killing by Nicole and her]
Nicole: You know? It wasn't too smart changing the food like that, he never would've done that if he was alive.
Mia: What is the point in killing him then? I like making it better for the boys.
Nicole: [She starts to leave the place] Still, if it's all the same with you I'd rather not hang for fried chicken.
Mia: Nicole, why did you kill him?
[Nicole stops, with her back to Mia and staring at her above her shoulder]
Mia: You could've left him. You could've left here.
Nicole: I was understimated.

Nicole: Killing him is a good thing. Like planting a tree.
Mia: Maybe there is a God.
Nicole: What are you talking about?
Mia: I haven't believed fot so long... So when the pool was empty I thought: maybe there is a God. And He knows what we did. And He's coming for us.
Nicole: It's not God, Honey. That's a lady detective with one breast.
Mia: You're always laughing at me. So was Guy. He must be laughing now.
Nicole: I'm not laughing at you, Mia.
Mia: You are. A little. Inside. It's lonely without God, isn't it?
Nicole: It's just lonely... Period.

Mia: I'm not gonna be able to do this.
Nicole: Well, I suggest you try. It isn't like you burnt the toast, Mia. You killed your husband. It's all off the chart demerit-wise. Understand?
Mia: You are so calm. Look at you. Your hair is done. You've got makeup on.
Nicole: This is a day like any other day. We did what we have to do and it's done. Ok? It was self-defense. You've been taking it fot too long and you finally said fuck off. Good for you. Fuck him. Fuck them.
Mia: Everything but fuck you.
Nicole: Roughly. Now, come on!
[clapping her hands like a teacher to a pupil]
Nicole: Places!

Voguel: My idea of the Heaven is a place where they screw you barefoot!
Nicole: [Laughing] You make me wanna pass a hat for it.
Voguel: [Smiling] Don't feel sorry for me!
[about his ex]
Voguel: I got him be left
[Pointing her removed breast]
Voguel: Every cloud has a silver lining, and he was too dull to kill
[She stops to smile. About Mia]
Voguel: What about her? Did she want to kill her husband?
Nicole: Why would she want do that?
Voguel: Maybe she found out you were sleeping with him
[She walks to her car to leave]
Nicole: [Ironic] Oh, that's so clever! Who did you ask, one of the faculty or any of the students? Oh, I know! You read it in the brochure, all right?
Voguel: So she knew?
Nicole: Of course she knew! Ask her! Come on, she's not a murderer. She's an ex-nun, for Christ sake.
Voguel: [Laughing again] I remember them! They disappeared overnight, like dial phones.
[Serious again]
Voguel: Whay about you? What if he wouldn't leave her?
Nicole: Honey, if I couldn't get a man to leave her I wouldn't kill him, I'd kill myself.
Voguel: [Going into her car] Well, he has lef her. Apparently. One way or another. Well...
[about to start the car]
Voguel: Unless there's anything else...
Nicole: Yeah, there is, one more thing!
[She goes to Voguel's car window in a satisfied, accomplice and smiling mood]
Nicole: Guy did it barefoot!
Voguel: [She put a gum in her mouth pulling a face of sarcastic wisdom. Before starting the car and leaving the place] "Did", Miss Horner? Don't you mean "DOES"?

Mia: [the ex-nun defies] I can go to the police. I can tell them what we did.
Nicole: What YOU did.
Mia: We both did it.
Nicole: Yeah, well. I don't think they'll see that as beneficial to me. They'll say the wife gets the school, the money, his investment, her freedom... And what did the other woman get?
[Significative silence]
Nicole: Nothing. That's how they'll look at it.
Mia: [Coming very close to Nicole, with complicity] I'll say we were lovers.
Nicole: Well. You can take the girl out of the convent.
Mia: I thought we had the same reason.
Nicole: We did have the same reason
[as for the money Mia has just found out that Guy cheated Nicole]
Nicole: I just had an extra one
[Caressing Mia with cherish]
Nicole: I'm sorry I lied to you. I couldn't do it now.
Mia: If you hadn't found this... you'd killed the one person who could have told you where it was.
Nicole: He said we were partners. And then he acted alone
[She kisses softly Mia on her neck]

Mia: Am I alive?
Nicole: No, you are dead, this is Heaven and I am Virgin Mary.

Nicole: Why don't you take him off speed dial?

Nicole: If you give him the school, he'll just sell it, and then where would all the future Lee Harvey Oswalds come from?

Nicole: You knew about her?
Mia: Yeah , from last fall , right after you came!
Nicole: And why didn't you tell me about her?
Mia: Why should I make hurt like I was?

[Nicole lights her cigarette]
Leo: Second-hand smoke kills, you know.
Nicole: [blowing smoke in Leo's face] Not reliably.

Nicole: One good drink oughta do it!

Nicole: [to Mia referring to Edie] That woman has enough drugs over there to relax China.

Nicole: Come on, she's not a murderer. She's an ex-nun, for Christ's sake!
Voguel: I remember them. They disappeared overnight like dial phones.

Nicole: [to Mia with sarcasm] Let me tell you one thing from one saint to another: You should keep right on praying. Wear your knees out that way for a change!

Nicole: It isn't like you burnt the toast, Mia. You murdered your husband! It's off the chart demeritwise.

Diabolique (1955)
Christina Delassalle: Don't you believe in Hell?
Nicole Horner: Not since I was seven.
Christina Delassalle: I do.

Michel Delassalle: [embarrassing Christina in the dining room while she is trying to eat some distasteful fish] Everyone is looking at you. Swallow.
Nicole Horner: It's disgusting!
Michel Delassalle: Sorry?
Nicole Horner: [angrily] Some things are hard to swallow, and I'm not talking about the fish.

Nicole Horner: [to Christina] I won't have any regrets.

Christina Delassalle: So it's a coincidence?
Nicole Horner: A coincidence, yes.
Christina Delassalle: And Fichet. Was his being at the morgue a coincidence? And the suit. And the hotel. And now the children! Is it a coincidence that it's getting closer and closer?

Nicole Horner: [handing Christina the phone] Here, take it. It doesn't bite. It doesn't slap, either.