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Don 'Pinky' Pincus (Character)
from Heist (2001)

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Heist (2001)
Jimmy: So, is he going to be cool?
Pinky: My motherfucker is so cool, when he goes to bed, sheep count him.

Bergman: Where's the gold?
Pinky: You know, I'm reluctant to tell you.
Bergman: When we put it to you, you know when we put it to you, you're gonna be telling us the gross national product of Bolivia.
Pinky: Hey...
Bergman: You're gonna be telling us the area codes of Belgium and Luxembourg.

Bergman: How do you pick up your share? Where's the gold? Where's the meet?
Pinky: What're you gonna do, hurt me?
Bergman: Well, no, actually, no. I'm not gonna hurt you. But tell a guy, I'm full of admiration. What was the deal? What was the deal?
Pinky: The way you're looking at the deal, the deal was we get away with the gold. Cute, huh?
Bergman: No, that's charming. And then what?
Pinky: We slip away.
Bergman: You slip away? And me and my guys, we go to the meet and we find a truck full of pig iron. Is that the thing?
Pinky: Well, Joe figured you weren't ever going to the meet.
Bergman: He did? You know, your guy doesn't get it in his head to fly off on a variation, we're all out on the patio right now, we're all having a margarita! Where's the gold?
Pinky: You understand my reluctance to tell you.

Pinky: It's a shame you know what, we didn't actually get to do the thing, the swiss job. It's a beautiful plan.
Joe Moore: Cute, huh?
Pinky: Cute as a pail full of kittens.

Pinky: Oh my, oh my. Go sell chocolates you Heidi-motherfuckers, go sell cukoo clocks, we got your gold!

Pinky: Nice day for the race.
Thug: What race is that?
Pinky: The human race. Kids growing up, so on. Hope for the future.
Thug: Get in the fucking car!

Pinky: Never liked the Swiss, they make them little clocks, these two cocksuckers come out of 'em with these little hammers, hit each other on the head. What kind of sick mentality is that?

Jimmy: How long has he been with that girl?
Pinky: What girl is that?
Jimmy: His wife.
Pinky: How long is a Chinaman's name?