Fran Moore
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Fran Moore (Character)
from Heist (2001)

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Heist (2001)
Joe Moore: Why doesn't he shoot me?
Fran Moore: That's the deal.
Joe Moore: He ain't gonna shoot me?
Fran Moore: No.
Joe Moore: Then he hadn't ought to point a gun at me. It's insincere.

Jimmy: What do you say we stop for a drink?
Fran Moore: It's a long road. Let's get to the meet.
Jimmy: Yeah, that's difficult. You want me to tell you why? There is no meet.
Fran Moore: Joe wouldn't like that.
Jimmy: We left Joe at the airport. There is no meet, you know that. Your guy went out, got his picture on a postage stamp. He got old. Let's cut the shucking and the jiving. What kind of man sends you to me, sends his wife to me? To distract me? Oh, surprise, I was all taken in. How about that? What a fool I am. Would I do that to you? Would I do that to you? And p.s., who liked it? For old time's sake, why don't we cut the nonsense and say what it is.
Fran Moore: I need a drink.
Jimmy: What the hell, did he think he was gonna go home with the gold? In what fairy tale? Only one didn't know that was him. That old man needed someone to sit down, draw it for him on a napkin.

Fran Moore: Cute plan, though.
Joe Moore: Cute as a Chinese baby.

Joe Moore: Nobody lives forever.
Fran Moore: Frank Sinatra gave it a shot.

[In a bar]
Betty Croft: Take it easy, baby, that stuff'll rot your stomach lining.
Fran Moore: Yeah, but I get to drink it first.

Bergman: Ain't you a piece of work?
Fran Moore: Yeah. I came all the way from China in a matchbox.

Fran Moore: Stay in the shadows.
Joe Moore: Hey, everybody's gonna be looking in the shadows.
Fran Moore: So where's the place to be?
Joe Moore: The place to be is in the sun.

Fran Moore: Don't smoke a cigarette.
Jimmy: Makes me look calm.
Fran Moore: What kind of person tries to look calm?