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Quotes for
Bobby 'Bob' Blane (Character)
from Heist (2001)

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Heist (2001)
Bobby Blane: You know why the chicken crossed the road? Because the road crossed the chicken.

Coffee Cart Man: Hey buddy. You forgot your change.
Joe Moore: [Takes the change] Makes the world go round.
Bobby Blane: What's that?
Joe Moore: Gold.
Bobby Blane: Some people say love.
Joe Moore: Well, they're right, too. It is love. Love of gold.

Bergman: This other thing, the Swiss thing, if I was a publisher I'd publish the plans.
Bobby Blane: Why don't you publish the plans?
Bergman: Yeah, no, I said that's what I would do if I was a publisher. Unfortunately, I'm a thief so I have to do that thing.

Bobby Blane: Sometimes adrenaline gives people the shakes, some might think it's cowardice, so maybe you'd want to pray about it.
Jimmy: I'm not a religious man.
Bobby Blane: There's nothing wrong with prayer. We knew this firefighter, this trooper, who always caried a bible next to his heart. We used to mock him, but that bible stopped a bullet.
Jimmy: No shit.
Bobby Blane: Hand of God, that bible stopped a bullet, would of ruined that fucker's heart. And had he had another bible in front of his face, that man would be alive today.

Bobby Blane: Your weight and your fate, right here. Your weight and your fate.

Jimmy: Excuse me. Excuse me, Mr. Bergman asked you a question.
Bobby Blane: Uh-huh.
Jimmy: Excuse me. Excuse me, my, my uncle asked you a question.
Bobby Blane: Hey, fuck your uncle.
Jimmy: Fuck my uncle? You're the help.
[Blane punches Jimmy in the stomach]
Bobby Blane: I'm the help? Yeah, I'm the help, motherfucker.

Bobby Blane: Hey, you go to that plastic surgeon, don't you let him put you all the way under. I knew a cat in Stateville one time; went to get his face fixed. Woke up and the sucker had given him a pair of tits.
Joe Moore: [laughs] That's a bad beat, no question.
Bobby Blane: Oh, and he landed back inside and never had to want for cigarettes.

Bobby Blane: When that cop comes to...
Joe Moore: That's gonna be what it's gonna be.