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Quotes for
Abner (Character)
from Ernest Rides Again (1993)

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Ernest Rides Again (1993)
Ernest: Boy this is great! This is just like that John Wayne movie when he and Sundance were in Bulgaria.
Abner: Bolivia. They were in Bolivia. Wait a minute, they were killed in Bolivia.
Ernest: Well maybe they should've stayed in Bulgaria.

Abner: Look, consider the ramifications!
Ernest: We don't have any ramifications, all we've got is this cannon!

Abner: I'm a professor with two Ph.D.'s, so why is it I'm running around with a refugee from Sesame Street?

Abner: I left my detector!
Ernest: So did I!
Abner: But it was a Ten Co.
Ernest: Mine was an Eleven-Co.

Abner: Ernest, are you dead?
Ernest: I guess I would be if I weren't just *that* close to being an actual cartoon.

Abner: You need a CAT scan, Ernest!