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Quotes for
Darren (Character)
from Saving Silverman (2001)

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Saving Silverman (2001)
Darren: I love you too, Judith.
Sandy: Judith?

Darren: I don't think I'm gonna be real comfortable with these things on my nipples.
Wayne: I can put 'em on your balls.
Darren: The nipples are fine. Nipples work.

J.D.: Maybe she's a herm.
Darren: A what?
J.D.: Ya know, a herm. A little puss, little dick.

Darren: I don't have much time, guys. I have to go home and wax Judith's legs.

Wayne: [when Darren is mourning] You promised Sandy you'd be there. You gave her your word.
Darren: I didn't even talk to her.
Wayne: O.K. I gave her your word.
Darren: Come on Wayne. When are you gonna forget about the idea that i'll go out with Sandy?
Wayne: When you go out with Sandy.

Darren: You're a lot stronger then you were in high school.
Sandy: Yeah, well, the convent's got a great gym.

Darren: Hi, I'm Darren.
[Judith looks confused and unimpressed]
Darren: Darren. My friend said you wanted to meet me.
Judith: He lied.
Darren: Haha, that's a good one.
Judith: No, seriously. I don't want to meet you.