Grandma Lilly
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Grandma Lilly (Character)
from Grandma's Boy (2006)

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Grandma's Boy (2006)
Grandma Lilly: I hate violence, but drugs ARE bad.

Alex: Wow. That Grace sure makes me feel warm and welcome.
Grandma Lilly: Well, you'd be bitter too if you had four husbands die on you.
Alex: Probably suicides.
[Bea looks horrified]
Alex: It was a joke.

Grandma Lilly: [after drinking pot tea] I can hear my... hair growing. You want some soup?

Grandma Lilly: Oh listen, your father tells me that you need a place to stay.
Alex: Yeah...
Grandma Lilly: Just so you know, Sophie left us two weeks ago, so her room is available if you need it.
Alex: Oh? Where'd Sophie move to?
Grandma Lilly: Heaven.

Grandma Lilly: Grace you remember my grandson Alex - our new "roommate."
Alex: [waves]
Grace: How long you stayin'?
Alex: Um, just until I find a new apartment.
Grace: Have a girlfriend?
Alex: No.
Grace: How old are you now?
Alex: I'll be 36 in October.
Grace: My grandson's gay, too. I'll give you his number.
Alex: I'm not gay, but, thank you?
Grace: Denial.

Grandma Lilly: Take that, you dirty dopers.

Jeff: You're the reason Alex has been tired all week?
Grace: Well, we have been sort of rough on him. But, he is kind of soft if you know what I mean.
Grandma Lilly: We're not used to having a man in the house, so I guess we ride him pretty hard.
Barry: Ohh, that is so gnarly.

[Alex sees that his bong has become a flower vase]
Alex: Where did you get this vase?
Grandma Lilly: Oh, I found it in your laundry when I was cleaning up. It smelled awful, so I cleaned it. Doesn't it look nice?

Grandma Lilly: Once you got to high school, you just seemed to lose focus. It was probably just puberty.
Alex: [making joint smoking gesture behind her] Yeah, I'm sure it was puberty.

Alex: Hey, uh, Sophie didn't die on the bed, did she?
Grandma Lilly: No.
Alex: Good, good, good.
Grandma Lilly: She fell out of bed and died right here.
Alex: Eww!

Grandma Lilly: [ghostly voice] Ohhh... I died on the floor... and *nobody* helped me!
Alex: You have got to be fucking shitting me.
Grandma Lilly: Ohh it's so cold... when you're dead...
Alex: I swear to God, I would've helped you, Sophie. Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me. I would've helped you. I just wasn't here...
Grandma Lilly: [jumps up] Gotcha!
Alex: Ahh! Oh my God!
Grandma Lilly: You scaredy cat!
Alex: What the hell are you doing, Grandma?
Grandma Lilly: I told you we were going to have fun!