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Beatrice Stanhope (Character)
from George of the Jungle (1997)

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George of the Jungle 2 (2003) (V)
Ursula: Good morning, mother. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't play with George's mind.
Beatrice: Well, there isn't really much to play with, but all right.

Beatrice: You remember my son-in-law, George.
Lyle: I do. George, clearly the best man won, but no hard feelings. Shake?
[George shakes whole body]
Ursula: What are you doing here? I mean, last time we saw you, you tried to have George killed, Ape captured, and dragged me off to marry you.
Lyle: That actually wasn't me, kitten. That was the altitude sickness.

[Beatrice's phone rings]
Beatrice: Hello? Hello?
George: [holding phone wrong way] Hello?
Beatrice: Turn the phone around, you idiot.

Beatrice: We're dead meat.
Lyle: I thought I was making progress.
Beatrice: That ape has a better chance of running off with her than you do.
Lyle: He does? Where have you heard?

Betsy: [to Ursula] You belong back here. Soon your whole identity is going to get swallowed up by George and the Ursula we know and love is gonna disappear.
Beatrice: And you deserve a husband who'd rather spend time with you than a gorilla.

[Ursula sees muted picture of Ape on TV]
Ursula: There's something about that ape that feels really familiar.
Beatrice: It's King Kong.
Ursula: I thought King Kong was in black and white.
Beatrice: Would you believe Hollywood? They colorized it.
Ursula: Oh.

Lyle: [over phone to Beatrice, about deed] Turns out your idiot son-in-law has it. But where does he keep it.
Beatrice: I'll ask him.
[to George]
Beatrice: George?
George: Hmm?
Beatrice: Where do you keep the deed to Ape Mountain?
George: George hide in buttflap.
[walks into vine and trips]
Beatrice: Enchanting.
[to Lyle]
Beatrice: He keeps it in his underwear.
Lyle: Now, the only question is how do we get him and his underwear back here, so I can take it?