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George Jr (Character)
from George of the Jungle 2 (2003) (V)

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George of the Jungle 2 (2003) (V)
Narrator: Huh? Wait a minute! Who the heck are you?
George: Me new George. Studio too cheap to pay Brendan Fraser.
George Jr: Ha ha ha. Let's go, dad!
[runs off]
Narrator: How did you get the part?
George: New George just lucky, I guess.

George: Can George give Junior vine swinging lesson before we eat?
George Jr: Vine swinging's a little dangerous
George: [looks at Ursula] Must be from your side of family
George Jr: Vine surfing is much cooler.
George: What dangerous about swinging? Swinging fun. George show you.
Ursula: Honey, maybe that's not such a good idea.
George: Why? It easy.

George: George so sorry George late. But zug zug treaty broke down and George had to step in.
[sniffs and wipes poop off foot]
George Jr: P.U.

George: George also make present.
George Jr: Cool. Thanks, dad.
George Jr: Woah, cool! A spear!

Narrator: So, with his devoted son and dormant wife, George headed back to his homeland. After getting a tip from Brendan Fraser, who was cramped during the first picture, this time he made sure to get a bigger crate.
George Jr: Dad? I'm afraid. What're we gonna do about mom?
George: [sighs] George not know. But Ursula not recognize George even before George level her. What Ape think?
Ape: Either we should check the crate for pods, or she's in some sort of hypnotic trance. She doesn't know who you are.

Narrator: Unaware of the threat both home and abroad, George and his extended jungle family took off on their first trip.
George Jr: Look, look!
George: Ooh. Las Vegas.

Narrator: And they would've had their big, bonecrushing fight for the kingdom, had it not been for the secret trick Ape taught him when they were kids.
George Jr: The ear, George!
[George pulls lion's ear and lion falls]
George Jr: Woah, cool.
Ape: There, see?
George: [sighs] George wish life always this easy.