Kitty Forman
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Biography for
Kitty Forman (Character)
from "That '70s Show" (1998)

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Katherine Anne "Kitty" Forman is a fictional character on "That 70's Show." She is portrayed by Debra Jo Rupp and remains in the show throughout its duration. Kitty is the wife of Reginald "Red" Forman, as well as the mother of Laurie Forman and of main character Eric Forman. Out of her children Kitty favors Eric, whilst Red favors Laurie. She is often considered to be a surrogate mother to members of the circle of friends due to her caring and overprotective nature. Unlike her husband, Kitty enjoys having her son's friends in the house, and even eventually adopts Stephen Hyde when his own mother abandons him.

Kitty first met Red while he was still active in the service, but there was conflict over the specifics on how they had found each other. Later on it is revealed that Kitty, "bumped in to his [Red's] butt," while intoxicated at a service dance, and to her embarrassment that was the way they had their first meeting. The two decided not to tell people the actual way they had met each other, and to instead paint a rosier picture. Kitty works on and off as a nurse, and ironically is an alcoholic. Her alcoholism is a recurring storyline theme.

Kitty has a somewhat tumultuous relationship with her daughter Laurie. She has been quoted as saying she loves Laurie, "because I [Kitty] have to." In addition to this when explaining Laurie's tendency to scream and her use of manipulator tactics, she compares her daughter to her own mother and states that (in reference to Laurie), "evil skips a generation."

While Kitty may not like her daughter, her son Eric is her baby. She often plays the role of mediator between Eric and his father Red, and spends much of her time defending Eric's actions to his father. She was considerably upset when Eric lost his virginity to his girlfriend Donna Pinciotti, and even went so far to suggest Donna had seduced her son and tricked him into having sex with her, even though in all reality Eric was the one to first initiate sex with Donna. Despite her many flaws and quirks, Kitty is a deeply compassionate and caring person. Even though they may have their ups and downs she truly does love her family, as well as the circle of friends. And she shows this love through her meddling and her unwarranted attempts to solve everyone's problems.

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