Midge Pinciotti
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Midge Pinciotti (Character)
from "That '70s Show" (1998)

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"That '70s Show: The Velvet Rope (#2.3)" (1999)
Midge Pinciotti: Donna, your negativity is bruising our auras. Please leave.
Donna Pinciotti: Gladly.
Bob Pinciotti: Oh, and honey, we're also exploring tantric sex. So if you here any strange noises coming from Mommy and Daddy's bedroom...
Donna Pinciotti: Ew! Why must you guys freak me out on a daily basis?

"That '70s Show: Garage Sale (#2.1)" (1999)
[Red, Bob, Kitty and Midge got high by accident]
Kitty Forman: You know what I love? Fruit cake. All those fruit just stuffed into one cake...
Midge Pinciotti: I jumped out of a cake once.

"That '70s Show: Stolen Car (#1.14)" (1999)
Midge Pinciotti: So do you wanna come to my course?
Kitty Forman: I can't say I'm not tempted... Yes I can, I'm not tempted.

"That '70s Show: Battle of the Sexists (#1.4)" (1998)
Midge Pinciotti: I think your annoying friend is right
Donna Pinciotti: What?
Midge Pinciotti: Certain things change
Donna Pinciotti: Eric and I have been playing games our whole lives, sometimes he wins and sometimes I win
Midge Pinciotti: No, I mean the rules change. Women have to pretend to be weak and fragile so that men can feel superior
Donna Pinciotti: That's insane! If women don't learn to stand up for themselves then men will always control the World!
Midge Pinciotti: Oh Honey, Men don't control the world

"That '70s Show: Red's Birthday (#2.10)" (1999)
[to Bob and Midge]
Reginald "Red" Forman: So, you two are going to save your marriage by dating strangers. Great.
Midge Pinciotti: When you say it like that, Red, it sounds stupid.
Reginald "Red" Forman: Okay, Midge, say it so it doesn't sound stupid.

"That '70s Show: Eric's Panties (#3.6)" (2000)
[Donna confronts Eric with the panties she found in his car]
Eric Forman: Donna, look, you have to believe me, I have no idea whose panties those are!
[Midge rushes in, snatching the panties from Donna]
Midge Pinciotti: Donna! Those panties are mine.
[hearing that, Kelso and Fez get excited, thinking incorrectly that Eric had sex with Midge]
Michael Kelso: Eric! OOOH! OOOH!
[Kelso and Fez bow down]
Michael Kelso: You are a god! A god I say!
[Donna pulls her mother to the side]
Donna Pinciotti: Um, Mom, why were your panties in the Vista Cruiser?
Fez: And please as specific.
Midge Pinciotti: Donna, when you've been together as long as your father and I have, you need to do creative things... in creative places.
Michael Kelso, Fez: [disgusted] UGH!

"That '70s Show: That Wrestling Show (#1.15)" (1999)
Midge Pinciotti: And I think everyone has room to grow. But Bob is perfectly satisfied and says just being his wife should make me happy.
Therapist: Midge, let me stop you right there. I know we've had only one session, but from what I'm hearing, everything you say is completely right and everything that Bob says is completely wrong.
Midge Pinciotti: I think I'm gonna like therapy!
Therapist: I think therapy's gonna like you!

"That '70s Show: Romantic Weekend (#3.16)" (2001)
[Bob and Midge stormed in the hotel room where they thought Donna and Eric would be but where Kitty and Red are]
Midge Pinciotti: Oh, Kitty. What a pretty nightgown.
Kitty Forman: Thank you Midge.
Kitty Forman: Could you hand it to me, please?

"That '70s Show: The Keg (#1.6)" (1998)
Kitty Forman: Now who would like a drink?
Bob Pinciotti: Oooh, let's do daiquiris, huh?
Kitty Forman: Oooh, I don't know if we have enough ice. Eric took a whole tubful.
Reginald "Red" Forman: He took a tub of ice?
Kitty Forman: Oh, the kids are making a volcano.
Midge Pinciotti: Right, that's why Donna left with all the plastic cups.
Reginald "Red" Forman: Plastic cups?
Midge Pinciotti: Sure, plastic volcano cups!

"That '70s Show: Streaking (#1.3)" (1998)
Donna Pinciotti: Mom, why are you doing this?
Midge Pinciotti: Honey, there are lots of things I do to make your father happy that I don't really like.