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Quotes for
Trusty (Character)
from Lady and the Tramp (1955)

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Lady and the Tramp (1955)
Lady: What's a... baby?
Jock: Well, they... they resemble humans.
Trusty: But I'd say a mite smaller.
Jock: Aye, and they walk on all fours.
Trusty: And if I remember correctly... they beller a lot.
Jock: Aye, and they're very expensive. You'll no be permitted to play wi' it.
Trusty: But they're mighty sweet.
Jock: And very very soft.
Tramp: Just a cute little bundle... of trouble!

Jock: Dinnae listen, lassie. No human is that cruel!
Trusty: Of course not, Miss Lady. Why, everybody knows a dog's best friend is his human.
Tramp: [laughing] Oh, come on now, fellas! You haven't fallen for that old line now, have you?
Jock: Aye, and we've no need for mongr-r-rels and their r-r-radical ideas. Off with ya now! Off with ya! Off with ya!
Tramp: Okay, Sandy.
Jock: The name's Jock!
Tramp: Okay, Jock.
Jock: Heather Lad of Glencairn, to you!
Tramp: Okay, okay, okay! But remember this, Pigeon, a human heart has only so much room for love and affection. When a baby moves in, the dog moves out.

[last lines]
Trusty: As my grandpappy, Ol' Reliable, used to say... I don't recollect if I've ever mentioned Ol' Reliable before?
Puppies: No you haven't, Uncle Trusty.
Trusty: Huh? I haven't? Well, as Ol' Reliable used to say... he'd say, uh... He'd say, uh... er... Doggone. You know, I clean forgot what it was he used to say!

[Trying to explain to Lady that Darling is going to have a baby]
Trusty: You see, miss Lady, there comes a time in the life of all humans when uh... well as they put it... uh, the birds and the bees?
[Lady looks bewildered]
Trusty: Or well... uh... the stork? You know? Uh, no...? Well uh...
Jock: What he's tryin' to say, Lassie, is, Darling is expecting a wee bairn!
Lady: Bairn?
Trusty: He means a baby, miss Lady.

Trusty: That's right, Miss Lady; as my grandpappy, Ol' Reliable used to say... I don't recollect that I've ever mentioned Ol' Reliable before?
Jock: Aye, ye have, laddie. Frequently.
Trusty: Oh, yeah.

Jock: Lassie? Lassie?
Trusty: [very loudly] OHHHHHH, MISS LADY, MAM? MISS LAAAADY.

Jim Dear: [Following Lady up the stairs] What is it, old girl? What are you trying...
[finds the dead rat]
Jim Dear: Darling, Aunt Sarah, come here!
Darling: What is it Jim?
Aunt Sarah: [screams] Aah! A rat!
Trusty: A rat! We should've known.
Jock: [regretfully] I misjudged him. Badly.
Trusty: [running towards the gate] Come on! We got to stop that wagon!
Jock: [hurrying after him] But man, we dinnae know which way they've gone!
Trusty: We'll track 'em down!
Jock: [struggling to keep up] A-a-and then?
Trusty: We'll hold 'em! Hold 'em at bay!

[repeated line]
Trusty: As my grandpappy, Ol' Reliable, used to say... I don't recollect if I ever mentioned Ol' Reliable before?