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Scamp (Character)
from Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (2001) (V)

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Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (2001) (V)
Angel: [Scamp has come out of the lake where he and Angel fell] Scamp? You're alright. I was so worried.
Scamp: So... worried?
Angel: [Scoffs] Yeah right. Get over yourself, housepet.

Scamp: Don't you understand? Just one more test and I'll finally be a Junkyard Dog! *That's* where I belong.
Angel: No, you *don't* belong there! You're better than that, Scamp. And that's what I like about you.

Scamp: What difference does it make? All families are alike. They make you take baths, and - and sleep in a bed, and you have to eat everything in your bowl and when it rains, you have to come indoors! Gah, let's just say you're lucky you've never had to live with a family.
Angel: Wrong again, Tenderfoot.
Scamp: You mean, you had a family?
Angel: Actually, I've had five familes.

Angel: The Junkyard Dogs aren't much of a family, but what choice do I have?
Scamp: Well, what more do you need? As a Junkyard Dog, you can stay up late, or dig, or...
Angel: Run.
Scamp: Yeah, or play or dig or...
Angel: [a bright light begins to shine on the two] *Run*.
Scamp: Right, or chase squirrels...
Angel: [a train can be heard approaching. It is very close] No, I mean *run*!

Buster: Hey, hey, hey, hey. The Tramp used to scratch like that! You ain't related, are ya?
Scamp: Who, me? No way!
Buster: Good. Because if you were, you'd be kibble.

Scamp: This is everything I've ever dreamed of!
Angel: Dreamed of what? THIS?
[knocks over a can of garbage]

[Scamp meets Angel for the second time, looks for food in the trash and picks up a banana skin on his nose]
Scamp: Pretty good pickings, huh?
Angel: Hmm. I can see you know your way 'round an alley.
Scamp: It's that obvious?
Angel: Couldn't miss it if I tried.
[Scamp shakes off the banana skin, Angel notices Scamp is wearing a collar, Scamp laughs nervously]
Angel: This must be your diploma from the school of hard knocks.
Scamp: Yeah, I, er, just graduated.