Christy Fimple
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Christy Fimple (Character)
from Small Soldiers (1998)

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Small Soldiers (1998)
Christy Fimple: Sixteen? Where'd they get sixteen from?
Irwin Wayfair: Seven Gorgonites and nine people

Christy Fimple: Any sign of the Gorgonites?
Alan: No, none of them.
Phil Fimple: [calling off shot] Come on Christy!
Christy Fimple: [kisses Alan on cheek] I gotta go.
[Alan grabs her and kisses her overdramatically]
Gil Mars: [getting into helicopter, looking at wreckage] Too bad, would've made a hell of a commercial.

Timmy Fimple: So when am I going to get the Major Chip Hazard figure?
Christy Fimple: Never, if you don't shut up.

Christy Fimple: You rescued me!
[Grabs Alan and gives him a passionate kiss]
Alan: Anytime
[Christy grabs Alan and gives him another passionate kiss]
Christy Fimple: Lets go get those creeps!