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Quotes for
Chae (Character)
from Out of Time (2003/I)

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Out of Time (2003/I)
Chae: [pointing on a stash of drug money in the open safe] Is that it?
Matt Lee Whitlock: That's it.
Chae: Huh, man - 485 grand... can I touch it?
Matt Lee Whitlock: No, you can't.
Chae: I just want to touch it.
Matt Lee Whitlock: Get your hands outta there.
Chae: Maybe I'll just steal it.
Matt Lee Whitlock: Maybe I'll just shoot you, Chae...
Chae: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stop thinking like a cop for five seconds, alright?

Alex Diaz Whitlock: [mentioning the charred bodies in the ruins of the Harrison house] Do you know who they are?
Chae: I think it's definitely 'were'.

Chae: [handing over the autopsy results] Hey - got a surprise for ya: Both of 'em were already dead when somebody turned them into smores.
Matt Lee Whitlock: What?
Alex Diaz Whitlock: Both of 'em?
Chae: No sign of smoke in their lungs. If they'd been alive when the place went up, their lungs would look like mine.

Matt Lee Whitlock: I gave her the Scarcetti money.
Chae: Godd...
Matt Lee Whitlock: SHHH.
Chae: Would you have given it to me if I slept with you?

Agent Strark: The guy never showed up, Whitlock.
Matt Lee Whitlock: Agent Stark...
Agent Strark: Yeah. You know, I don't care if you're injured or not - I want that evidence money... or you're gonna be looking at a case of your own...
Chae: [walking up to Whitlock with a gym bag] Hey. Hey. Where the hell is Southeast 63rd street in Miami?
Matt Lee Whitlock: 53rd street, Chae.
Chae: No.
Matt Lee Whitlock: I told you 53rd street, not 63rd.
Chae: No, you did not.
Matt Lee Whitlock: Yes I did.
Chae: You did not.
Matt Lee Whitlock: Southeast...
Chae: I can quote you. You said: "Those assholes from the DEA are at 8400, Southeast 63rd street."
Matt Lee Whitlock: No I did not. I'm very sorry. What I said, was: 'Those assholes from the DEA are at 8400, Southeast 53rd', Chae.
Chae: 63rd.
Matt Lee Whitlock: Fifty... never mind - just give 'em the money. Give 'em the money. Give 'em the money.
[to agent Stark]
Matt Lee Whitlock: You don't have to count it, it's all there. Have a safe ride home.
Agent Strark: [to the two other agents] Come on.
Matt Lee Whitlock: [to Chae, after agent Stark left] It is all there, is it?
Chae: Mmh, most of it... it's all there.
Matt Lee Whitlock: That was pretty good, eh?
Chae: Mmh, was a little over the top...
Matt Lee Whitlock: Over the top? Which part?
Chae: Your part.

Chae: A beer in the hand is worth two in the fridge.

Chae: Matt, this is the gold pot, at the end of the storm... thing... cloud!

Matt Lee Whitlock: Just never leave your wife. That's what happened to me.
Chae: [laconically] I'd take the bullet.