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Dr. Karen Ross (Character)
from Congo (1995)

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Congo (1995)
Dr. Karen Ross: Aren't you human?
Travis: I'll be human later!

Monroe: So why'd you quit the CIA?
Dr. Karen Ross: I never worked for the CIA.
Monroe: Of course you didn't. But if you HAD worked for the CIA, why would you quit?
Dr. Karen Ross: 'Cause they're a loveless bunch of sons of bitches.
Monroe: And you're not?
Dr. Karen Ross: And I'm not.
Monroe: Glad to hear it.

Monroe: That region of the Congo's uninhabited.
Dr. Karen Ross: Well, something inhabits it.
Dr. Peter Elliot: What exactly did you see on that tape?
Dr. Karen Ross: A camp destroyed. People dead. A grey gorilla...
Dr. Peter Elliot: There's no such thing as a grey gorilla.
Dr. Karen Ross: Well, I saw one.
Dr. Peter Elliot: It's hard to believe at this late date...
Monroe: Why are you going in there?
Dr. Karen Ross: Two men are unaccounted for: Geoffrey Weams, and Charles Travis, my fiance... My FORMER fiance.
Monroe: Your former?
Dr. Peter Elliot: Well, we better get to him then.

Dr. Peter Elliot: Why are YOU going to Africa?
Dr. Karen Ross: ...Find something I lost.

Dr. Karen Ross: Why teach an ape to talk?
Dr. Peter Elliot: "A lonely impulse of delight."
Dr. Karen Ross: William Butler Yates.
Dr. Peter Elliot: Very good.
Dr. Karen Ross: Did it work? You're not lonely anymore?
Dr. Peter Elliot: Why are *you* going to Africa?
Dr. Karen Ross: To find something I lost...

Dr. Karen Ross: Are you sure there aren't some kind of gorillas that kill.
Dr. Peter Elliot: Please, Dr. Ross. What's your area of expertise? Folk-singing?
Dr. Karen Ross: [smugly] Communications technology.
Dr. Peter Elliot: So you're a geek with a cellular phone.
Dr. Karen Ross: I'm a scientist. But you and your protege, as far as I can see, belong in the circus.
[looks at Amy eating flowers]

Dr. Karen Ross: Are you serving that ape a martini?

Dr. Karen Ross: Tell me you love your son!
Travis: I do!
Dr. Karen Ross: And that's why you're sending me!
Travis: It is!
Dr. Karen Ross: Allright. But if I have one moment, one *moment* when I think otherwise, I will make you sorry. And that's a promise.

Dr. Karen Ross: This is for you Charlie...
[zaps satellite with laser]

Monroe: And this is your cover?
Dr. Karen Ross: Yes
Dr. Peter Elliot: I'm nobody's cover. Cover for what?
Monroe: ...find yourself in the middle of something.
Dr. Peter Elliot: Cover for what?
Monroe: I don't know and she won't tell you. But the kind of money her company's throwing around... they don't spend that on any gorilla. Relax. You're in better hands than you *should* be.

Dr. Peter Elliot: [as everyone on the plane prepares to jump] Why are they putting on parachutes?
Dr. Karen Ross: Figure it out!
Dr. Peter Elliot: [the crew members begin jumping out of the plane. Monroe hands Peter a parachure] This isn't going to work!
Monroe: Oh, yes, it is. I'll take Amy.
Dr. Peter Elliot: She might get hurt. I can't risk it!
Monroe: Do you know how to fly this plane?
Dr. Peter Elliot: No.
Monroe: [nods toward the cockpit, where no one is at the controls] Well, the pilot and co-pilot are already gone, so what are you going to do?

Dr. Karen Ross: [Handing Peter a pistol] Here, Peter, take this.
Dr. Peter Elliot: I don't like guns.
Dr. Karen Ross: I didn't ask if you like it - take it.

Dr. Karen Ross: Name your price.
Dr. Peter Elliot: I don't have a price! I'm not a pound of sugar, I'm a primatologist!

Dr. Karen Ross: [Soldiers with guns run by] Who are they?
Eddie Ventro: [to soldiers] Hiya fellas!
[to Karen]
Eddie Ventro: Fuck if I know, and it don't pay to ask.

Captain Wanta: So Dr. Ross, I see you used to work for the C.I.A, and now you're Travi Com. Travi Com pays better than the C.I.A?
Dr. Karen Ross: You have a BIG mouth.
Captain Wanta: Everybody says that about me!

[first lines]
Rudy, TraviCom Security: [over PA system] Doctor Ross. Doctor Ross. We've got satellite in the Congo.
Dr. Karen Ross: What did they say, Rudy?
Rudy, TraviCom Security: I can't repeat anything in here.
Dr. Karen Ross: It's Charles.
Rudy, TraviCom Security: It's Charles.
Rudy, TraviCom Security: [trying her access card] It won't work.
Dr. Karen Ross: You changed the code already?
Rudy, TraviCom Security: The old man's got me changing it every 3 hours now.
[imitating Cary Grant for voice print]
Rudy, TraviCom Security: Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.
Dr. Karen Ross: Very inventive!

[last lines]
Monroe: [in hot air balloon] There's a wind.
Dr. Peter Elliot: I hope it blows us some place good.
Dr. Karen Ross: Me too.