Kate Burroughs
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Kate Burroughs (Character)
from Breach (2007)

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Breach (2007)
Eric O'Neill: Is it worth it? Being an agent.
Kate Burroughs: Ask me when we've caught him.

Eric O'Neill: What if he's smarter than I am?
Kate Burroughs: A couple of years ago, the bureau put together a task force. Lots of assets had been disappearing. So this task force was formed to find the mole who was giving them up. Our best analysts poring over data for years looking for the guy, and they could never quite find him. Guess who was put in charge of the task force? He was smarter than all of us. Actually, I can live with that part. It's the idea that my entire career has been a waste of time, that's the part I hate. Everything I've done since I got to this office, everything we've all been paid to do, he was undoing it. We all coulda just stayed home.

Kate Burroughs: I'm sorry you're having problems at home. I'd offer you some advice, but it wouldn't be worth much. I don't even have a cat.

Eric O'Neill: There's no such thing as the Information Assurance Division, is there?
Kate Burroughs: No. We created that to lure him back from State. 9930 was built for him, too. Video, audio, bafflers in the vents, heat sensors, motion sensors. Probably enough microwaves in that office to cook a chicken.

Kate Burroughs: You're going to make agent, Eric. Isn't that what you wanted?
Eric O'Neill: It was.
Kate Burroughs: Until you came over to my apartment and saw the TV dinners and no cat?

Kate Burroughs: The director's running it. He sees your pages every day.
Eric O'Neill: [looks nervous]
Kate Burroughs: [smiles] Keep them coming, by the way. Our audio's missing about ninety percent of what Hanssen says in there.
Eric O'Neill: He mumbles.
Kate Burroughs: He does a lot of things, this guy.

Kate Burroughs: That was the worst spy in American history you brought down, and you're just going to walk away.
Eric O'Neill: Can you think of a better time to walk away?
Kate Burroughs: Nope.