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Quotes for
Erin Grant (Character)
from Striptease (1996)

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Striptease (1996)
Erin Grant: I can't still be working here when I go to court. "Oh yes your honor; I found a new job... I'm working at the Eager Beaver!"

Erin Grant: Well, up until 8 weeks ago, I worked for the FBI Miami... secretary... until I got fired for having a defective husband.

Malcolm Moldowsky: I am the Congressman's right hand.
Erin Grant: You must be a very busy man.

Erin Grant: If I come back tomorrow, can we talk more about my case?
Congressman David Dilbeck: We can talk about anything you want, long as you're naked.

Congressman David Dilbeck: [practicing in front of a mirror] Hello, Erin. My name is Congressman Dilbeck. You are... you're a beauty.
[Erin enters the salon behind him; Dilbeck turns and stares]
Erin Grant: Good evening. I'm Erin Grant.
[Dilbeck nods dumbly]
Erin Grant: [little laugh] And you must be...
Congressman David Dilbeck: [stuttering] Con... Comback Dilbeck. Uh, uh, Con-Congressman, uh, Dildo.
[laughs nervously]
Congressman David Dilbeck: I am... Congressman David Dilbeck. And welcome, welcome.

Chico: Are you Ms. Grant?
Erin Grant: [sarcastically] No, I'm Barbara Bush.
Chico: [to Shad] And you are?
Shad: George Bush.

Erin Grant: [after Dilbeck grabs her] Finally you take me like a man, like a... Congress man!

Shad: You talk to her?
Erin Grant: Darrell's phone's disconnected. I think he moved again.
Shad: You know, I'd embrace the opportunity to maim his white ass up.
Erin Grant: I know you would, and that's really thoughtful, but I don't think it would help my case in court if I had him attacked.

Darrell Grant: [seizes Erin from behind and holds a knife to her neck] Evenin', everybody!
Erin Grant: Oh, shoot!
Darrell Grant: Where's my little 'un?
Erin Grant: Where you can't get her.
Darrell Grant: Is that ever the wrong answer. Now you bring her to me right now!
Erin Grant: I am not bringing her to you anywere in this lifetime.
Darrell Grant: Well, then I guess I'll just have to go to that nice old judge and tell him my whore of a wife has abducted...
Erin Grant: Well, guess what, Darell? The judge is dead! So if you want Angela, then you're just going to have to kill me. Go on!
Darrell Grant: Think I'm afraid to? You think I don't have the manliness to take your life?
Erin Grant: Oh no, honey, you know what, I think you are all man. That death row lethal injection thing? Nah, come on, that's not gonna scare you!
Darrell Grant: [hesitates, then] They'd never execute a daddy.
Erin Grant: No?

Congressman David Dilbeck: You don't know how much I love you. I even sent my man Erb to collect your lint!
Erin Grant: My *lint*?
Congressman David Dilbeck: Fresh, hot lint!
Erin Grant: And what did you do with that fresh, hot lint?
Congressman David Dilbeck: Well, I'm afraid I made love to it.

Erin Grant: [Shad has just put a roach in a container of yogurt] So, this is the new brainstorm, huh?
Shad: Accordin' to the Wall St. Journal we got here the hottest selling yogurt in the country. I bring this in, say my hair fell out from the shock. BOOM! They pay off big time. My lawyer thinks it's a genius idea.
Erin Grant: Your lawyer has an office over a video store.
Shad: Call me a dreamer. I don't wanna be a bouncer forever.

Lt. Al Garcia: [re: Angela] Why don't you drop her off at our house?
Erin Grant: I can't do that.
Lt. Al Garcia: Why not? I told Donna everything. Your whole situation. She said if you needed a hand she'd love to help.
Erin Grant: She doesn't think I'm something out of "A Current Affair"?
Lt. Al Garcia: Erin, come on, you're a terrific girl. You know that, right? So you made a mistake a lot of terrific girls make, you married a bum. What are you gonna do? You gonna beat yourself up for the rest of your life?