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Frank Morris (Character)
from Escape from Alcatraz (1979)

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Escape from Alcatraz (1979)
Wolf: I'm lookin' for a new punk!
Frank Morris: Good luck.
Wolf: You don't understand. I just found her!

Charley Butts: I turned 35 today. Some birthday! When's your birthday?
Frank Morris: I don't know.
Charley Butts: Geez, what kind of childhood did you have?
Frank Morris: Short.

Frank Morris: Goodbye, boy.
English: So long, boy.

Frank Morris: Here. Put that in your report!

Frank Morris: You looking at something?

Frank Morris: Something special about those steps?
English: The higher you sit, the more status you got. So we kind of play King of the Mountain. Except here we don't play for fun, man.
Frank Morris: And you're King?
English: Yeah.
[Morris walks down the steps]
English: Now I figure there's two reasons why you didn't sit down on my step. Either you're too scared, or you just hate niggers. Now which is it, boy? You too scared? Hmm?
Frank Morris: [Morris climbs back up and sits next to English] Nah. I just hate niggers.

Frank Morris: Tell me, you stopped killing white people?
English: Why?
Frank Morris: Well, next time I wouldn't turn my back on ya.

Frank Morris: No forks. Hey, no forks?
Litmus: You see any? You want your pasta? Hey fresh fish, do you want your pasta?
Frank Morris: You see any?

English: Ten years ago, I was in this bar in Alabama when two dudes started hassling me. That was their first mistake. They pulled knives. That was their second mistake. They didn't know how to use them. That was the last mistake they ever made. I got two 99-year sentences, back to back.
Frank Morris: Seems like you could've pleaded self-defense.
English: The dudes were white, man. Just like you.

John Anglin: Hey, how's it going, Frank?
Frank Morris: Well, the Anglins. What are you guys doing, just dropping by?
Clarence Anglin: Yeah, thought we'd pay you a visit.
Frank Morris: Gonna stay long?
John Anglin: Nah, not long. Only about fifteen or twenty years.
Frank Morris: Why the Rock?
Clarence Anglin: We were going over the wall in Atlanta when we encountered a minor problem.
Frank Morris: Such as?
Clarence Anglin: They saw us.
Frank Morris: Yeah, that do present problems.
Clarence Anglin: So they shipped us to Leavenworth.
John Anglin: Yeah, but we didn't like the accommodations there, either. Warden said he knew just the place for us. Alcatraz.
Clarence Anglin: Is it true no one's ever busted out of here?
Frank Morris: So they tell me.
John Anglin: Jesus. I wonder what I'd be like after fifteen years here.

Frank Morris: Wolf wanted to get friendly. I didn't.

Warden: [examining Frank's accordion] Been playing this thing long?
Frank Morris: Couple of months.
Warden: You any good?
Frank Morris: Terrible.
Warden: You'll get better. That's one of the benefits of Alcatraz - lots of time to practice.

Prison Guard: Is something burning?
Frank Morris: What? I don't smell nothing.
Prison Guard: It must be my imagination. Working nights really gets to you.
Frank Morris: You should try it from my side.

Wolf: I'm Wolf. Where did they transfer you from?
Frank Morris: Atlanta.
Wolf: Nice town, Atlanta.
Frank Morris: I never saw it.

Prison Guard: D-Block, Morris!
Frank Morris: But he came at me!
Prison Guard: I said, D-Block!

Frank Morris: There's always the possibility that some asshole will be offended. Isn't there?

Frank Morris: I may have found a way out of here.

Clarence Anglin: What movie is playing this week?
John Anglin: Some cowboy piece of shit.
[goes into Italian-American voice]
John Anglin: 'ey, least dey could show was a gangsta movie!
Frank Morris: I may have found a way out of here.
[the group stops and stares at him]

Frank Morris: [to Litmus' mouse] Yeah. You're going too.

Frank Morris: [when Butts hasn't started climbing up yet] Goddamn it, Butts.