Ben Harrison
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Ben Harrison (Character)
from Stepmom (1998)

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Stepmom (1998)
Ben Harrison: See Mom? I told you! I'm telepathetic.
Jackie Harrison: Telepathic.
Ben Harrison: That's what I said.

Ben Harrison: Do you think Isabel's pretty?
Jackie Harrison: Sure... if you like big teeth.

Ben Harrison: Can you fall out of love with your kids?
Luke: No. That is impossible!
Ben Harrison: Like Mission: Impossible!

Ben Harrison: No one loves you like I do.
Jackie Harrison: No. No one ever will.

Ben Harrison: Mommy...
Jackie Harrison: What, sweetie?
Ben Harrison: If you want me to hate her I will.

Ben Harrison: [on the phone with Jackie] And you wish that you were here making me spaghetti...
Ben Harrison: so I don't have to eat dad's yucky lamb chops.

Ben Harrison: [to Isabel] Will you sing me a song? My mom always sings to me when I get hurt.