Luke Harrison
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Luke Harrison (Character)
from Stepmom (1998)

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Stepmom (1998)
Ben Harrison: Can you fall out of love with your kids?
Luke: No. That is impossible!
Ben Harrison: Like Mission: Impossible!

Luke: Anna! You do NOT run out on your mother!
Anna Harrison: No, that's your job.

Jackie Harrison: What are we going to tell the kids?
Luke: Maybe we should tell them the truth. They can handle it. It should've been me instead of you.
Jackie Harrison: I'll go along with that.

Luke: Don't do this. Don't bring in the lawyers. You know that the kids aren't in any real danger, this is about Isabel.

Luke: We'll beat it. You're not alone in this you know. You don't have to go through this by yourself... you know that? Understand what I'm saying?

[Isabel takes a family Christmas photo]
Isabel: Why doesn't everybody get on the sofa for a picture, huh?
Jackie Harrison: [talks to Luke] Baby, can you put that birdcage on the floor for me?
Isabel: [sets the camera up for a second shot] And I'll set up here.
Luke: All right, there you go.
Isabel: On the count of three, I want to see big Christmas smiles. One, two... Benjamin.
[looks at Ben to smile]
Isabel: Three.
[camera snaps]
Isabel: Excellent.
Jackie Harrison: Good one. Okay, now let's get one with the whole family. Isabel?
Isabel: [Isabel smiles] Okay, let me just reset this. Get ready.
[Isabel sits with Jackie, Luke, Anna, and Ben. The camera snaps]