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Quotes for
Joe Sarno (Character)
from The Way of the Gun (2000)

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The Way of the Gun (2000)
Joe Sarno: So, you the brains of this outfit, or is he?
Longbaugh: Tell ya the truth, I don't think this is a brains kind of operation.

Joe Sarno: Fifteen million dollars is not money. It's a motive with a universal adaptor on it.

Joe Sarno: I promise you a day of reckoning that you won't live long enough to never forget.

Hale Chidduck: Do you believe in karma?
Joe Sarno: Karma's justice without the satisfaction. I don't believe in justice.

Joe Sarno: The only thing you can guess about a broken down old man is that he is a survivor.

Longbaugh: Until that day then?
Joe Sarno: Until that day.

Abner Mercer: She's... she's up there with them... with the doctor and the colored fella. Oh, Jesus. I'm sorry, Joe.
Joe Sarno: There's no, uh... need to be sorry, Abner.
Abner Mercer: I'm dyin'.
Joe Sarno: We'll get somebody right away.
Abner Mercer: No. It's not... not like I'm scared or anything.
Joe Sarno: Listen, Abner...
Abner Mercer: I'm dyin', Joe.
[Nods off for 20 seconds, appears to be dead]
Abner Mercer: . Remember that time, the time... that we... aw, jeez.
Joe Sarno: What time?
Abner Mercer: I'm dyin', Joe.
Joe Sarno: I'm sorry, Abner.
Abner Mercer: Joe?
Joe Sarno: Yeah, Abner. I'm right here.
Abner Mercer: If it's not too much trouble, I'd kind of like to be alone.
[Extends hand]
Abner Mercer: .
Joe Sarno: [shakes hand] . To 'let live.'
[exits car]
Abner Mercer: [chuckles softly]

Longbaugh: I've been watching them pile up. Nightstick, flashlight, bulletproof vest.
Joe Sarno: Fuckin' utility belts, right?
Longbaugh: Fuckin' sign on his head reading "Why Bother?"
Joe Sarno: Hey, they love to say shit like "ascertain".
Longbaugh: "Surveillance."
Joe Sarno: "Affirmative."
Longbaugh: "I need backup."
Joe Sarno: "Adjudicate."
Longbaugh: "Adjudicate"?
Joe Sarno: Yeah, well...
Longbaugh: But, you know, then you got the other side. You got these trigger-happy cocksuckers all about the shooting and posturing and 'you don't know who I am' kind of thing..."I been to prison."
Joe Sarno: 'cuase you got caught, dumb fuck.
Longbaugh: These days, they want to be criminals more than they want to commit crime.
Joe Sarno: Well that's... that's not just crime. That's the way of the world.

Joe Sarno: I don't think. Neither do I speculate, assume or hypothesise.