Dieter Prohl
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Dieter Prohl (Character)
from Wimbledon (2004)

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Wimbledon (2004)
Peter Colt: Ajay Bhatt, ever heard of him?
Dieter Prohl: Yeah, yeah, yeah - sitting over here.
Peter Colt: Oh, my God! Shouldn't he be off discovering masturbation somewhere?

Dieter Prohl: I... have a new theory of our life of tennis.
Peter Colt: Tell me.
Dieter Prohl: Well, it's simple, really. You... hit the ball back over the net, as hard, and as deep... and as often as possible.
Danny Oldham: Sorry to disturb you, Peter. The Members have invite you to use the number one dressing room.
Peter Colt: Oh, no, thank you, Danny. I think I'd rather stay here.
Danny Oldham: Right. That's what I told 'em you'd say.
Dieter Prohl: Good luck, my friend.

Dieter Prohl: I suppose, in a few thousand years, the English will evolve webbed feet.
Peter Colt: Yes, just about the same time the first German evolves a sense of humor.
Dieter Prohl: No, no, no. That's unfair. Many times I make you laugh.
Peter Colt: No, I'm laughing at you, not with you.
Dieter Prohl: Ha, ha.

Dieter Prohl: And like all young men, he must first be taught the lesson of humility.