Lizzie Bradbury
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Lizzie Bradbury (Character)
from Wimbledon (2004)

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Wimbledon (2004)
Lizzie Bradbury: Hit this one, and I'll sleep with you.
[ball hits an official]
Lizzie Bradbury: Too bad. You could've used the workout.

Lizzie Bradbury: [Peter has just snuck into Lizzie's bedroom] Good thing you didn't get the wrong window.
Peter Colt: I did, but your dad's a very quick shag.

Peter Colt: [after seeing Lizzie in shower] Yes, goodbye, and may I say good body? Luck! Oh, shit! I meant... shit!
[goes towards a door and opens it]
Peter Colt: Ah, lovely kitchen.
[Lizzie points to other door]
Lizzie Bradbury: That way.

Lizzie Bradbury: Where do you come down on the whole "fooling around before a match" issue?
Peter Colt: Well, that's a very intriguing question
Lizzie Bradbury: 'Cause I think a little fooling around can be really good for your game. You know, help you relax.
Peter Colt: Um, I'm not sure I've done enough reasearch to have a definitive opinion.
Lizzie Bradbury: That's very sad.
Peter Colt: Yes, it is, isn't it
Lizzie Bradbury: It is... very sad...
Peter Colt: Don't get me wrong: I'm
[deep breath]
Peter Colt: very interested in doing the necessary research. Very intered in in doing the necessary research. Are you?
Lizzie Bradbury: I'm interested.

[last lines]
Peter Colt: [voiceover] Nothing could possibly match that moment. It's everything you wait a lifetime for. That dream finally come true. What else could ever come close? Except this, maybe.
[Seeing his child playing tennis with Lizzie]
Peter Colt: I did take a job at a club, but teaching young kids like my own, not old ladies. And I love it.
Lizzie Bradbury: I beat you!
Peter Colt: Rubbish, the ball was in, it was... Ow!
[His child hits him with a raquet]
Peter Colt: [voiceover] Well most of the time. A part of me was afraid my life would be over if I wasn't playing tennis. The truth is, it was really just beginning. Oh, and by the way, Lizzie did win the US Open. And Wimbledon. Twice.

Lizzie Bradbury: Hmmm. You're exceeding my expectations.

Peter Colt: Aren't we gonna have a workout?
Lizzie Bradbury: I thought we just had one.
[they've just had sex]
Peter Colt: [as they go for a jog] Now, are you sure about this? I usually do 10 miles.
Lizzie Bradbury: Why are you running behind me?
Peter Colt: I'm just enjoying the view.

Lizzie Bradbury: Having a tough day?
Peter Colt: Well, you know, disastrous.

Lizzie Bradbury: I said I love you.
Peter Colt: See, that's very good news. I thought I was alone in the love department.
Lizzie Bradbury: Well, turns out you've got company.

Lizzie Bradbury: Go out there and decide who you are.
Peter Colt: Who might that be?
Lizzie Bradbury: It might be a winner.

Lizzie Bradbury: My parents got divorced when I was 13. My mom was always on the road trying to become a singer.
Peter Colt: What went wrong?
Lizzie Bradbury: She couldn't sing.

Lizzie Bradbury: You're doing so great, you just have to...
Peter Colt: ...Keep winning.
Lizzie Bradbury: So keep winning!

[Watching TV and Lizzy and Peter See Lizzy's father on Screen]
Peter Colt: It's surprising how much that actor looks like your father...
[realizing it is]
Peter Colt: Oh, shit.
[the camera pans on to the fron of a building]
Peter Colt: and how much that building looks like...
Peter Colt, Lizzie Bradbury: [Realizing] SHIT!

Lizzie Bradbury: But I need you to go...
Peter Colt: No you need me to stay.

Lizzie Bradbury: Love means nothing in tennis. Zero. It only means you lose.

Peter Colt: I thought you'd gone.
Lizzie Bradbury: Me too. Having a tough day?
Peter Colt: Oh you know, disastrous.
Lizzie Bradbury: Except for the fact you didn't go gooey when the ballboy got hit.
Peter Colt: Yeah. Sorry.
Lizzie Bradbury: Why are you British apologizing all the time? Don't apologize to me, I love you. Apologize to all the fans out there who are rooting for you.
Peter Colt: What did you say?
Lizzie Bradbury: I said all those people...
Peter Colt: No, before that.
Lizzie Bradbury: I said I love you.
Peter Colt: Well that's very good news. I thought I was all alone in the love department.
Lizzie Bradbury: It turns out you've got company.

Lizzie Bradbury: He's out of my head. It's over.
[Switches her mp3 player on and tunes into radio station]
Dennis Bradbury: What's the score, honey?
Lizzie Bradbury: Match point...

Lizzie Bradbury: I can't imagine ever wanting to get married.
Peter Colt: No. No. I mean that's why we love the tour, isn't it? There's always another country, another airport...
Lizzie Bradbury: Another girl.
Peter Colt: That's right, Lesley.
[Lizzie grabs his fingers and bends them back]
Peter Colt: Lizzie! I meant Lizzie.