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Ben Wade (Character)
from 3:10 to Yuma (1957)

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3:10 to Yuma (2007)
Ben Wade: [Surveying the wreckage of the war wagon] Well, would you look at all this? You all spared no expense this time, Byron. I gotta say, though, it's probably cheaper just to let me rob the damn thing.

Ben Wade: Remind me never to play poker in this town.

Dan Evans: What time is it?
Ticket Clerk: About ten past three.
Dan Evans: Where's the 3:10 to Yuma?
Ticket Clerk: Running late, I suppose.
Ben Wade: Goddamn trains. Never can rely on 'em, huh?

Butterfield: Twenty-two robberies. Over four hundred thousand dollars in losses. More in delays. The Southern Pacific will have Ben Wade convicted in a federal court. Hanged in public. An example made. And we will pay to make it happen.
Ben Wade: Y'all notice he didn't mention any of the lives I've taken.

Ben Wade: So, boys - where we headed?
Byron McElroy: Taking you to the 3:10 to Yuma day after tomorrow.
Tucker: Shouldn't have told him that.
Ben Wade: Relax, friend. Now if we get separated, I'll know where to meet up.

Dan Evans: You say one more word, and I'll cut you down right here.
Ben Wade: I like this side of you, Dan.

Ben Wade: Just you left, Dan. Just you and your boy.

Ben Wade: They're gonna kill you and your father, William. They're gonna laugh while they do it. I think you know that.
William Evans: Call 'em off.
Ben Wade: Why should I?
William Evans: Because you're not all bad.
Ben Wade: Yes, I am.
William Evans: You saved us from those Indians.
Ben Wade: I saved myself.
William Evans: You got us through the tunnels. You helped us get away.
Ben Wade: If I had a gun in them tunnels, I would have used it on you.
William Evans: I don't believe you.
Ben Wade: Kid, I wouldn't last five minutes leading an outfit like that if I wasn't as rotten as hell.

Ben Wade: I've always liked you Byron, but you never know when to shut up. Even bad men love their mommas.
[Throws him off the edge of the cliff]

Dan Evans: I ain't stubborn.
Ben Wade: Excuse me?
Dan Evans: You said I was stubborn, for keeping my family on a dying ranch. It's my son, Mark. The young one. He got tuberculosis when he was two. Doctor said he would die if he didn't have a dry climate, so...
Ben Wade: [interrupting] Why are you tellin' me this?
Dan Evans: I don't know. I guess I just... wanted you to know that I ain't stubborn, is all.
[both start laughing]

Doc Potter: Is it true that you dynamited a wagon full of prospectors in the western territories last spring?
Ben Wade: No, that's a lie... It was a train full.

Ben Wade: They're going to kill me in the morning... I'll never see the sun.

Ben Wade: You know, squeezin' that watch won't stop time.

Byron McElroy: If you're gonna kill me, just as soon get to it.
Ben Wade: I ain't gonna kill you. Not like this.
Byron McElroy: Won't change a thing, lettin' me live. I'll come for you.
Ben Wade: I'd be disappointed if you didn't.

[after shooting Tommy Darden]
Ben Wade: Well, Tommy, it seems that there was a Pinkerton inside that coach that wasn't quite dead yet. Now, I know Charlie told you, because we done got but a few rules in this outfit. And this is what happens when you put us all at risk.

Charlie Prince: [giving a toast] Here's to the four we lost in battle. And here's to the boss, who had to say goodbye to Tommy Darden today. And that's too bad.
Ben Wade: Proverbs 13:3. "He that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his life. He that opens his lips too wide shall bring on his own destruction".
Charlie Prince: Amen.
Ben Wade: Tommy was weak. Tommy was stupid. Tommy is dead.
Charlie Prince: I'd drink to that.

Ben Wade: [to Tucker, who's holding his gun] Be careful with that thing. That gun's got a curse on it.
[Tucker chuckles]
Ben Wade: Laugh while you can.

Ben Wade: Byron, what an unpleasant surprise.

Ben Wade: Now, you see Dan, generally pretty much everyone wants to live. That means Butterfield, too. He's gonna walk out on you. He's gonna come back up here, and he's gonna walk out on you. Now, what you gotta figure is why you and your boy are gonna die. Because Butterfield's railroad lost some money?

Ben Wade: You ever read the bible, Dan? I read it one time. I was eight years old. My daddy just got hisself killed over a shot of whiskey and my mama said "we're going back East to start over". So she gave me a bible, sat me down in the train station, told me to read it. She was gonna get our tickets. Well, I did what she said. I read that bible from cover to cover. It took me three days. She never came back.

Ben Wade: Well, you did it, Dan.

Dan Evans: What did Doc Potter give his life for, William? McElroy...
Ben Wade: Little red ants on a hill.
Butterfield: I'll pay you the 200, Dan. Right now. And you can walk away.
Dan Evans: You know, this whole ride... it's been egging on me. That's what the government gave me for my leg - 198 dollars 36 cents and the funny thing is that... when you think about it, which I have been lately, is they weren't paying me to walk away, they were paying me so they could walk away.
Ben Wade: Don't muddy the past in the present, Dan.
Dan Evans: No... Wade, I'm seeing the world the way it is.

Ben Wade: [while lying down in a hotel room bed] So this is the bridal suite? Now, I wonder how many brides have taken in this view?

Ben Wade: Have you ever read a book in your life, Byron, except the bible?
Byron McElroy: No need.

Ben Wade: [gets up] Well then!
[everyone points their guns at him]
Ben Wade: I gotta take a piss.

Ben Wade: You ever been to San Francisco?
Alice Evans: If it's all right by you Mr Wade, I'd rather we not talk
Ben Wade: So you never been to San Francisco?
Alice Evans: No
Ben Wade: I knew a girl there. She was the daughter of a Sea-Captain. She had the most beautiful green eyes. About the greenest eyes I ever saw. Like yours. And I'd stare deep into them and they'd just change color infront of me. All the colors of the sea. What'd you say your name was again?
Dan Evans: Alice?

Ben Wade: [Talking to William about Dodge City] Woman'll do things to ya, you'll never forget.
Doc Potter: They give you disease you'll never forget.

Ben Wade: You ever worked for a one-eyed Irishman in Leadville?

3:10 to Yuma (1957)
[Potter is getting ready to go and join the posse who have gone after the stage robbers]
Alex Potter, town drunk: Ain't cha gonna help catch 'em?
Ben Wade: Ah, wish I could.
Alex Potter, town drunk: What'd they look like?
Ben Wade: Oh, they'll be easy to catch. That's three big men on three white horses.
Alex Potter, town drunk: [as he starts to ride off] Three white fellas... on three big horses, huh?

[first lines]
Mr. Butterfield, Stage Line Owner: Let me warn you - I am Mr. Butterfield; this is my line, these are my passengers. You bother any of them, I'll hound you from here to kingdom come.
Ben Wade: Mr. Butterfield, we don't mean to bother anybody - we just mean to get what's under that tarpaulin up there, that's all

Ben Wade: Hey, you know you look kind of skinny.
Emmy: I feel skinny.
Ben Wade: That's all right. I don't mind a skinny girl - just so she has blue eyes to make up for it. You got blue eyes?
Emmy: Brown.
Ben Wade: That's all right. They don't have to be blue.
[they kiss passionately]

[after discovering where their leader has been hidden, one of Wade's gang members rides off to gather the outlaws to rescue their leader]
Ben Wade: Now don't go blamin' yourself, because it isn't your fault, you know. He'd have seen the same thing in Benson or Huachuca. No matter where you take me, somebody would be ridin' for help right now. You see, when one of us gets caught, we figure out all the places where they might take us and then we send one man ahead to each of those places... and wait... and watch.

Ben Wade: What are you squeezin' that watch for? Squeezin' that watch ain't gonna stop time.

[last lines]
Dan Evans: Why did you do it, Ben?
Ben Wade: I don't like owing anybody any favors. You saved my life back at the hotel. That's all right, I've broken out of Yuma before.
Dan Evans: Well, my job's finished when I get you there.

Ben Wade: Well, the street seems to be clear and everybody's going inside. I guess they figure a storm is blowin' up, huh, Dan?

Ben Wade: Is the marshal around?
Emmy: He's in his office.
Ben Wade: Well, you tell him that the coach from Contention was help up. We passed it on the way in. They don't have any horses. Didn't you hear what I said?
Emmy: Yeah, I heard.
Ben Wade: Well, why don't you tell him.
Emmy: Well, the marshal takes his nap between one and two.

Ben Wade: I mean, I don't go around just shootin' people down... I work quiet, like you.
Dan Evans: All right, so you're quiet like me. Well then, shut up like me.

Ben Wade: Mind telling me where we're going?
Dan Evans: No, I don't mind telling you. We're going to Contention City. We're going wait in a house by the station and when the 3:10 comes in we're going to put you on it.
Ben Wade: Thanks. Now if we get separated I'll know where to wait for you.