Charlie Prince
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Charlie Prince (Character)
from 3:10 to Yuma (1957)

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3:10 to Yuma (2007)
Charlie Prince: I hate posses.

Charlie Prince: [while riding into Bisbee] This town's gonna burn!

Charlie Prince: [to the townsfolk firing at both fugitives] Not the black hat! The rancher, you dumb shits! The rancher!

Charlie Prince: Morning, Pinkerton. Name's Charlie Prince. I expect you heard of me.
[steps on Byron's hand]
Byron McElroy: Well, I heard of a balled-up whore named Charlie Princess. That you, missy?
[Charlie shoots Byron in the stomach]
Charlie Prince: I hate Pinkertons.

Marshal Weathers: Can I help you?
Charlie Prince: I think maybe a coach headed for here got itself held up in the canyon about ten miles back...
Butterfield: God damn it.
Charlie Prince: Mr. Ben Wade himself.
Marshal Weathers: How did you know it was Wade?
Butterfield: It's been him the last twenty-one times, Marshal.
Charlie Prince: I saw a Mexican sharpshooter and an Apache.
Marshal Weathers: God damn it. Jesus Christ.
Charlie Prince: And I've been told...
Kane: [interrupting him] Did you see The Hand of God?
Charlie Prince: What's that?
Kane: His pistol.
Butterfield: Why the hell didn't you do something?
Charlie Prince: They had a lot of weapons, mister... and they were shootin' bullets.

Charlie Prince: [giving a toast] Here's to the four we lost in battle. And here's to the boss, who had to say goodbye to Tommy Darden today. And that's too bad.
Ben Wade: Proverbs 13:3. "He that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his life. He that opens his lips too wide shall bring on his own destruction".
Charlie Prince: Amen.
Ben Wade: Tommy was weak. Tommy was stupid. Tommy is dead.
Charlie Prince: I'd drink to that.

Charlie Prince: [after setting his coach on fire] Where is he?
Crawley: Open the door. Open the door. Let me outta here, god damn it.
Charlie Prince: Where did they take him?
Crawley: I don't know.
Charlie Prince: Mister, you better tell me... where they took him... or you will burn.

Charlie Prince: For a one-leg rancher... he's one tough son of a bitch.

Charlie Prince: [as Dan is lying on the ground] For a one legged rancher, he was one tough son of a bitch.

3:10 to Yuma (1957)
[Prince has been pretending to sleep in the lobby of the hotel where they're holding Ben Wade]
Charlie Prince: Any strangers come in town?
Hotel Proprietor-Bartender: Not since you went to sleep, sir.
Charlie Prince: I might as well go along. She won't come now.
Hotel Proprietor-Bartender: Who was you plannin' to meet?
Charlie Prince: My wife - she ran off with a travelin' man.
Hotel Proprietor-Bartender: She did?
Charlie Prince: That's why I've been sittin' up all night. I figgered he'd bring her here.
Hotel Proprietor-Bartender: Well, whaddaya know? Mine ran off, too. I wonder why they do that.
Charlie Prince: I don't know. I've always treated mine alright - never hit her too hard.