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Dan Evans (Character)
from 3:10 to Yuma (2007)

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3:10 to Yuma (2007)
Alice Evans: Ben Wade has a gang and they're out there tonight, somewhere.
Dan Evans: If I don't go, we gotta pack up and leave. Now I'm tired, Alice. I'm tired of watching my boys go hungry. I'm tired of the way that they look at me. I'm tired of the way that you don't.

Dan Evans: What time is it?
Ticket Clerk: About ten past three.
Dan Evans: Where's the 3:10 to Yuma?
Ticket Clerk: Running late, I suppose.
Ben Wade: Goddamn trains. Never can rely on 'em, huh?

Alice Evans: He's a killer, Daniel.
Dan Evans: Then someone ought to have the decency to bring him to justice.

Dan Evans: You say one more word, and I'll cut you down right here.
Ben Wade: I like this side of you, Dan.

Dan Evans: You're so sure that your crew's comin' to get you?
Byron McElroy: They're lost without him; like a pack of dogs without a master.

Dan Evans: [handing him Alice's brooch] William, I want you to give this back to your mother. I want you to tell her that it helped me find what was right.
William Evans: Pa... I can't. I can't just leave you.
Dan Evans: I'm gonna be a day behind you, William. Unless something happens, and if it does, I need a man at the ranch to run things, protect our family, and I know that you can do that because you've become a fine man, William. You've become a fine man. You got all the best parts of me. What few there are.
[Dan shakes William's hand]
Dan Evans: And you just remember that your old man walked Ben Wade to that station when nobody else would.

Dan Evans: I ain't stubborn.
Ben Wade: Excuse me?
Dan Evans: You said I was stubborn, for keeping my family on a dying ranch. It's my son, Mark. The young one. He got tuberculosis when he was two. Doctor said he would die if he didn't have a dry climate, so...
Ben Wade: [interrupting] Why are you tellin' me this?
Dan Evans: I don't know. I guess I just... wanted you to know that I ain't stubborn, is all.
[both start laughing]

Dan Evans: [while being choked] I ain't never been no hero, Wade. The only battle I seen, we was in retreat. My foot got shot off by one of my own men. You try telling that story to your boy. See how he he looks at you then.

Dan Evans: I've been standin on one leg for three damn years waitin for God to do me a favor... and He ain't listenin.

Mark Evans: You gonna tell the marshal what those men did?
William Evans: Marshal ain't doing shit!
Alice Evans: William...
Dan Evans: First thing, Mark, I'm gonna take you boys and we're gonna round up the herd, and then I'm going into town.
Mark Evans: What are you gonna do in town?
Dan Evans: I'm gonna tell Hollander to make this right. I'm gonna tell him to pay for a new barn.
Mark Evans: Maybe we should just shoot him like Will says.

William Evans: [referring to Alice's brooch] You gonna hock that?
Dan Evans: Someday, William... you walk in my shoes, you might understand.
William Evans: I ain't ever walking in your shoes.

Dan Evans: I was best shot in my regiment. I'll come... for two-hundred dollars.
Butterfield: You fight for the North or the South?
Dan Evans: North.
Butterfield: We're Southern in name, but Chicago owned. Fine. Two-hundred dollars.

Dan Evans: What did Doc Potter give his life for, William? McElroy...
Ben Wade: Little red ants on a hill.
Butterfield: I'll pay you the 200, Dan. Right now. And you can walk away.
Dan Evans: You know, this whole ride... it's been egging on me. That's what the government gave me for my leg - 198 dollars 36 cents and the funny thing is that... when you think about it, which I have been lately, is they weren't paying me to walk away, they were paying me so they could walk away.
Ben Wade: Don't muddy the past in the present, Dan.
Dan Evans: No... Wade, I'm seeing the world the way it is.

Alice Evans: Don't do it, Dan. No one will think less of you.
Dan Evans: No one can think less of me.

Ben Wade: You ever been to San Francisco?
Alice Evans: If it's all right by you Mr Wade, I'd rather we not talk
Ben Wade: So you never been to San Francisco?
Alice Evans: No
Ben Wade: I knew a girl there. She was the daughter of a Sea-Captain. She had the most beautiful green eyes. About the greenest eyes I ever saw. Like yours. And I'd stare deep into them and they'd just change color infront of me. All the colors of the sea. What'd you say your name was again?
Dan Evans: Alice?

Dan Evans: [Referring to Ben] For God's sake, he's killed more men than the drought!

3:10 to Yuma (1957)
[Dan returns to his ranch after seeing the stage hold-up]
Mrs. Alice Evans: Well, I'm glad you're back safe. Heavens, anything could have happened.
Dan Evans: Well, there was no danger... not to us, anyway.
Mrs. Alice Evans: It just seems so terrible.
Dan Evans: Why? What's terrible?
Mrs. Alice Evans: Nothing.
Dan Evans: What's the matter?
Mrs. Alice Evans: Nothing. It seems terrible that something bad can happen and all anybody can do is stand by and watch.
Dan Evans: Lots of things happen where all you can do is stand by and watch.

Mrs. Alice Evans: Oh Dan, I don't want a hero, I want you!
Dan Evans: Honest to God, if I didn't have to do it, I wouldn't, but I heard Alex scream. The town drunk gave his life because he believed that people should be able to live in decency and peace together. Do you think I can do less?

[last lines]
Dan Evans: Why did you do it, Ben?
Ben Wade: I don't like owing anybody any favors. You saved my life back at the hotel. That's all right, I've broken out of Yuma before.
Dan Evans: Well, my job's finished when I get you there.

Mrs. Alice Evans: What if you went into town and borrowed the money?
Dan Evans: You know I hate to go begging for help.
Mrs. Alice Evans: Borrowing isn't begging.

Ben Wade: I mean, I don't go around just shootin' people down... I work quiet, like you.
Dan Evans: All right, so you're quiet like me. Well then, shut up like me.

Ben Wade: Mind telling me where we're going?
Dan Evans: No, I don't mind telling you. We're going to Contention City. We're going wait in a house by the station and when the 3:10 comes in we're going to put you on it.
Ben Wade: Thanks. Now if we get separated I'll know where to wait for you.