Mike Engelberg
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Mike Engelberg (Character)
from Bad News Bears (2005)

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The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (1977)
Mike Engelberg: Hey Kelly can we make another stop?
Kelly Leak: Engelberg can't you just...
Mike Engelberg: Look it happens I can't control things like this...

Mike Engelberg: Couldn't you throw it a little harder please? They're hitting every one you throw!

Mike Engelberg: [entire Bears team singing] Won't your mother be disgusted when she finds her son is busted, footprint on the dashboard upside down, yee haw! Won't she scream in your ear when she finds you with that beer, grinin' and a stumblin all around yee haw!

Mike Engelberg: [after a huge fight between Carmen and Tanner, Engelberg is on the phone with KFC] Hey, what do you mean biscuits and coleslaw are extra?

Bad News Bears (2005)
Mike Engelberg: [Buttermaker falls down drunk] Is he dead?
Prem Lahiri: No, he is drunk.
Tanner Boyle: Screw this, man, I'm takin' his wallet.

Morris Buttermaker: Is that a baggy full of bacon?
Mike Engelberg: I'm on Atkins!

Mike Engelberg: Gotta protect the family jewels.
Tanner Boyle: Who are you kidding. When's the last time you even saw them?

"The Bad News Bears: The Kelly Story (#1.4)" (1979)
Morris Buttermaker: Come on, Engelberg! Show 'em what you're made of!
Engelberg: Is that a fat joke?
Morris Buttermaker: I'll tell you when it's a fat joke!

"The Bad News Bears: The Food Caper (#1.7)" (1979)
[Engelberg is getting weighed]
Tanner Boyle: Shouldn't we take him out to the truck scale?
Mike Engelberg: Is that a fat joke?
Morris Buttermaker: No, it's a truck joke.