Kelly Leak
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Kelly Leak (Character)
from Bad News Bears (2005)

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The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (1977)
Kelly Leak: The team's in trouble back at the hotel.
Mike Leak: How can you get in trouble at a hotel?
Kelly Leak: You don't know the Bears.

Kelly Leak: Hey how about you guys wanna play that game in Texas? Well if you really wanna play, well all chicken shits go home.

Kelly Leak: Remember when you asked me if I wouldn't of... stopped by if we didn't need a coach? Well I was wrong, I would've.

Mike Engelberg: Hey Kelly can we make another stop?
Kelly Leak: Engelberg can't you just...
Mike Engelberg: Look it happens I can't control things like this...

Mike Leak: Listen it's been a long time...
Kelly Leak: It's been eight years. You know why I know that? You know why I know it's been eight years? Because on the day left you gave me this little blue bicycle, I was five years old, some little punk kid, and you have me the bike thinking that if I accepted the gift, I'd accept a deal, well you were wrong! I didn't except that bicycle, it's eight years old, it's untouched and it's still in my basement...

The Bad News Bears (1976)
Kelly: I got a Harley-Davidson. Does that turn you on? Harley-Davidson?

Amanda Whurlitzer: We could use a good outfielder on our team
Kelly: Oh you call what you got a team?
Amanda Whurlitzer: What you got against baseball anyway?
Kelly: Well the baseball you guys play is for faggots and old farts with nothing better to do with themselves.
Amanda Whurlitzer: Well you must like those kind of guys you sure do hang around the field often enough!
Kelly: There's nice ass at the field, that's why I always hang around it.

Kelly: [entering after everyone refuses to wear cups] If she doesn't wear one neither do I.
Amanda Whurlitzer: What are you doing here?
Kelly: Some asshole changed my mind

Kelly: [after getting cold shoulder from everyone] Hey does anyone mind if I warm up too?
Tanner Boyle: We didn't think you needed anybody but yourself to play catch with!
Kelly: Just cool it, runt.
[they start fighting]

Bad News Bears (2005)
Kelly Leak: [talking to a Hooters waitress] Hey, what time are you getting off?

Kelly Leak: [referring to Coach Bullocks tight shorts] Do think people like seeing your nuts?