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Bobby Rayburn (Character)
from The Fan (1996)

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The Fan (1996)
[Gil talks to Bobby on the phone after he kidnaps Bobby Rayburn's son]
Gil Renard: Don't you talk back to me. You show me some respect. Without people like me, you're nothing. We're the ones that get you your 40 fuckin' million!
Bobby Rayburn: Look, what do you want?
Gil Renard: What do I want? I want every time they think of you they're gonna think of me.

[the cops aim their guns at Gil as he holds a knife in the stance of a pitcher on the pitcher's mound]
Bobby Rayburn: No! No, don't shoot! He's got my son!.
Gil Renard: Now do you care? Bobby! Now do you care? Just a little bit?

[Bobby Rayburn on the television answers a reporter's question about why he's now suddenly hitting]
Bobby Rayburn: [to the reporter] I wish I knew.
Gil Renard: [as Gil talks to the television] That's it? You wish you knew. A simple thank you would have been nice.

[Bobby takes his first photo with Juan Primo as both men whisper in each others ears]
Juan Primo: [with a smile] I hope you like it in center field.
Bobby Rayburn: [with a smile] Yeah, I hope you like it in left.

[Bobby finds his son in the old dugout of where Gil used to play]
Bobby Rayburn: I love you, Sean.
Sean Rayburn: I love you, dad.
Bobby Rayburn: [Bobby yells out to the cops] I got him! I got him!

[Manny tries to tell Bobby Rayburn to come out of the game before he injures himself worse]
Manny: I'm telling you, that media will turn on you faster than the fans. Listen to me, you gotta come out, okay?
Bobby Rayburn: I can't come out. On account of you, I gotta be Babe fuckin' Ruth!
Manny: It's William fuckin' Bendix! Can you get it right!

[Bobby talks to Jewel in his interview over the phone]
Bobby Rayburn: My season is like a bad freeway accident. And you guys, you're just slowing down to watch.

[Bobby talks to Gil about how the fans of baseball are losers]
Bobby Rayburn: At least you're not one of those diehard, you know, baseball fans. You know, really.
Gil Renard: Why's that?
Bobby Rayburn: Because those guys are losers.
Gil Renard: Aren't the fans what it's all about?
Bobby Rayburn: [Bobby chuckles] Shit! Tell you somethin', man. The fans are like women. When you're hitting, they love you. When you're not, they'd just as soon spit on you as look at you.
Gil Renard: Why is that?
Bobby Rayburn: Because they don't understand that you're the same person when you're hitting or not. No. The only person you should play for is yourself.

[Bobby tries to explain to Gil his newfound philosophy on baseball]
Bobby Rayburn: I mean, come on. Let's be real here, you know. What are we doin'? We're not curing cancer, you know? We're playin' a game. That's all it is. It's just a game. So I stopped caring and relaxed. Then I started hitting.

[Gil makes his threatening phone call to Bobby Rayburn]
Gil Renard: Remember that kid in chemo... whose life was unfair to him. Well, that's the way I've been feeling - My life has been unfair to me. The only difference is I'll be able to see you hit that home run at the game tomorrow. And I got a photo here, and I'm gonna get it to you, and I want you to put it on the jumbotron, okay?
Bobby Rayburn: Yeah.
Gil Renard: And what I want you to do, Bobby, is I want you to stand up and tell the 50 million viewers is that this home run is dedicated to Gil, a true fan. What do you think?
Bobby Rayburn: I can't believe you're serious.
Gil Renard: I'm as serious as a heart attack, Bobby. That's pretty serious, isn't it? You know there comes a time in everybody's life, Bobby, when you have to stand up for somethin'. Otherwise, you're just passin' on through. So, Bobby, I'm watchin' you. And if that pitcher goes easy on you, I'm gonna kill your fuckin' kid. Surprise, surprise. Hey, Bobby!
Bobby Rayburn: I'm still here.
Gil Renard: [Gil smiles before hanging up] Now do you care?

[Bobby and Gil meet for the first time as Bobby asks him to guess who he is]
Bobby Rayburn: You like baseball?
Gil Renard: Well, I'm not obsessed with it or anything. Are you a player?
Bobby Rayburn: Yeah. Yeah.
Gil Renard: You are?
Bobby Rayburn: [Bobby smiles] Yeah.
Gil Renard: [Gil stares at Bobby for a second] Barry Bonds?

[Bobby and Gil start to argue about what life is about]
Bobby Rayburn: Look, all I'm saying is there's more to life than just baseball.
Gil Renard: Like what? Like your house? Like your big ass car? Like your 40 fucking' million? I mean, what the fuck do you care about?
Bobby Rayburn: I care about my son. That's what I care about.
Gil Renard: I'm sorry. I just hate that attitude you stopped caring. I'm sorry.
Bobby Rayburn: What? You got a better theory?
Gil Renard: Yeah, you got your number back.

[Bobby waits for that pitch to hit a home run on, when the opposing team begins pitching him balls]
Bobby Rayburn: What, are you walkin' me?
Catcher: Consider it a compliment, dickhead.
Bobby Rayburn: Fuck! Do you know what you're doin' to me?

[Bobby argues with Manny over needing to be number 11]
Bobby Rayburn: I'm not playing with number 33. Okay, you understand me?
Manny: I know. I understand. Just be cool. Let me take care of it.
Stook: You know, three times 11 is 33. Maybe you'll play three times better.
[as Manny walks the Giants staff member away]

[Manny tries to make Bobby feel better about his new number 33]
Manny: Look, Jesus Christ was 33 when he died. People are still talking about him.
Bobby Rayburn: Jesus Christ? Give me my damn number!

[Bobby takes some practice swings in the batting cage as he hits one out]
Bobby Rayburn: Poetry in motion, baby.

[Bobby talks to the dying sick kid in the hospital]
Bobby Rayburn: What's your name?
Sick Sean: Sean.
Bobby Rayburn: Sean? Sean.
Bobby Rayburn: [Bobby looks at Manny before replying] Wow, what a coincidence. That's m-my son's name, too. Look, I have a present for you. Th-there you go. Maybe it'll make you feel better.
Sick Sean's Dad: [Sean's father holds the bat up to his son, whispering] Wow. Bobby Rayburn.
Sick Sean: [Sean looks to Bobby] Tomorrow, hit a home run for me? Please?
Bobby Rayburn: [Bobby quietly replies] I'll try.

[Bobby finds out from Manny that he has to pay Primo $500,000 for his number 11 back]
Manny: Exactly. That's 250 G's a digit.
Bobby Rayburn: Oh, man, come on. What is this boy smokin'?
Manny: Look, I tried to haggle them down. I called the kid myself, and he says it's his lucky number.
Bobby Rayburn: Luck? Shit, there ain't that much luck in the world. He's lucky to be in the fuckin' country!

[Manny checks on Bobby while the doctor checks him out after the bad collision]
Manny: Doc, is the rib bruised or fractured?
Bobby Rayburn: [Bobby painfully replies] Neither

[Bobby asks Manny if the sick kid in chemo ever saw the home run]
Manny: Oh, Bobby. Bobby, the kid didn't even see it. He slipped into a coma in the first inning and never pulled out. I'm sorry.
Bobby Rayburn: How come you didn't tell me that, man?
Manny: Like you take bad news really well, huh? What am I supposed to say? 'Hey, I got great news. The kid didn't make it. Have a good one.'

[Manny congratulates Bobby on being back after that scary collision, hitting a home run]
Manny: You knocked the goddamn cover off that ball. You're back!
Bobby Rayburn: The hell I did. It was a fluke. I never even saw the pitch.

[Bobby talks to Jewel over a drink about his career slump]
Jewel Stern: I think the slump is a good thing.
Bobby Rayburn: Now, what kind of twisted shit is that?
Jewel Stern: It's gonna teach you to cut yourself a little slack. You can't keep up this act forever.
Bobby Rayburn: Oh, now it's an act now.
Jewel Stern: Oh, yeah. Mr. Perfect, Mr. No Error. Nobody can live up to that shit. You gotta give yourself a break. It's just a lie anyhow.
Bobby Rayburn: Yeah. Doesn't seem like a lie when I'm hitting.

[Bobby starts to feel guilty for Primo's death as he talks to Manny]
Manny: You know, Bobby. I wish five people dead on my drive to work everyday; five people. But wishing doesn't make it so, Bobby. You're not God, lifetime averages withstanding.
Bobby Rayburn: Yeah? Well, why do I feel so bad then, huh?
Manny: I don't know. I don't... you know, this is gonna blow the hell out of my shithead theory. But I think you feel guilty. Oh, Jesus Harry Christ. You know, I've been wrong about you all these years. You're not a shithead at all. I'm fucking flabbergasted.

[Bobby tells Gil his reason for getting out of a slump]
Bobby Rayburn: You know, Curly, I just stopped caring, man.
Gil Renard: What?
Bobby Rayburn: I just stopped caring.
Gil Renard: You stopped caring? What do you mean?
Bobby Rayburn: Hey, man, all my life I've been working to be the best. You know? Trying to be a perfectionist. And I thought about it, that's probably where I made my mistake.

[Bobby shakes Gil's hand after their little game of baseball, when Gil doesn't let go]
Gil Renard: [Gil smiles] Come on. Admit it. We're alone.
Bobby Rayburn: Admit what?
Gil Renard: Admit you're hitting because Primo's not around.
Bobby Rayburn: Oh, that's a bunch of bullshit.
Gil Renard: It doesn't hurt that he's not around. Come on. Level with me.
Gil Renard: [as Gil's expression becomes more serious] Level with me. Come on, I saved your kid. You wanna pay me back? Be honest with me and tell me you're happy that he's dead. Just a little.

[Bobby continues to ask Gil where his son Sean is]
Gil Renard: Bobby, where's my home run?
Bobby Rayburn: What? Curly, Curly. Where's my son?
Gil Renard: [Gil chuckles] Where is he? I don't know. I guess he's in that big stadium in the sky.