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Gil Renard (Character)
from The Fan (1996)

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The Fan (1996)
[Gil talks to Bobby on the phone after he kidnaps Bobby Rayburn's son]
Gil Renard: Don't you talk back to me. You show me some respect. Without people like me, you're nothing. We're the ones that get you your 40 fuckin' million!
Bobby Rayburn: Look, what do you want?
Gil Renard: What do I want? I want every time they think of you they're gonna think of me.

[the cops aim their guns at Gil as he holds a knife in the stance of a pitcher on the pitcher's mound]
Bobby Rayburn: No! No, don't shoot! He's got my son!.
Gil Renard: Now do you care? Bobby! Now do you care? Just a little bit?

[Gil picks out what tie to wear from his collection of ties]
Gil Renard: Lucky tie, lucky guy.

[Gil see's the old lady sitting behind his son staring at them both]
Gil Renard: What's your fuckin' problem?
Gil Renard: [the lady keeps staring at Gil] You old busybody!

[Bobby Rayburn on the television answers a reporter's question about why he's now suddenly hitting]
Bobby Rayburn: [to the reporter] I wish I knew.
Gil Renard: [as Gil talks to the television] That's it? You wish you knew. A simple thank you would have been nice.

[Gil meets the customer Stanley Jackson, who asks him for kayaks]
Jefferson Sporting Goods Clerk: You got any kayaks?
Gil Renard: You gotta be out of your fuckin' mind, kayaks?
Jefferson Sporting Goods Clerk: I could use kayaks.
Gil Renard: Stanley, what the fuck do kayaks have to do with knives?
Jefferson Sporting Goods Clerk: Never mind.
Gil Renard: You fuckin' asshole, kayaks you're asking me about when I'm asking you about knives?
Jefferson Sporting Goods Clerk: Yeah. I understand, sir. Thank you for coming in.
Gil Renard: How about you take some kayaks and stick 'em up your fuckin' ass, you moron.

[Gil holds his knife while walking back to the pitcher's mound]
Gil Renard: [to Bobby] I never got to show you my best pitch.
[Gil turns around to see himself on the jumbotron, making a pitcher's stance]

[first lines]
Gil Renard: [Gil narrating his poem] Excited and anxious, I await my dream / To escape, applaud and embrace my team / Opening day I always can trust / It's just for this high that I crazily lust / Return of our hero does brighten the days / Just briefly my troubles get lost in the haze / The grace from the field arouses the crowd / Reflects on the days when I was quite proud / I'm more entranced than the average fan / I used to play, you see, and I know I still can / That time I drove the ball with such loft / My exit atop shoulders as they carried me off / This pastime and I just fade into one / Expanded upon from father and son / My boy is young and awkward for now / I just need the time and can show him how / I really am quite close, just a break away / From straightening things out and being okay / I can help my team to regain its glory / With just a little twist to the same old story / Players say now they play for themselves / This causes a burning within me that dwells / The fan is the one who pays for the game / Which bestows all the riches and welcomed fame / The players will listen but really don't hear / All the while just hiding behind an invisible tear / I grow tired now of all this greed / And chart a course to set things free

[Gil talks to his son while listening to Mick Jagger in his van]
Gil Renard: I remember when Mick recorded this in '78, we had a wild party afterwards.
Richie Renard: Jason Pelligrino's dad says Mick Jagger's gay.
Gil Renard: [Gil sarcastically replies] Yeah? Well, Jason Pelligrino's dad takes it up the ass.

[Gil is fired from his job for his crazy behavior and lack of sales]
Gil Renard: My father started this business.
Garrity: Look, perfection and principles, they don't belong in business. Not now or then. As a friend of your father's...
Gil Renard: As a friend of my father - Keep your mouth shut. You know nothing about my father.
Gil Renard: [Gil sits down] He made this business.
Garrity: Your father made beautiful knives. San Francisco made this business.
Gil Renard: Yeah, by ripping him off.
Garrity: He wasn't a business man, Gil. And neither are you. That's the bottom line.

[Gil in front of his son's major tryouts, tells his son one thing while looking like a crazy man]
Richie Renard: [Richie cries when telling his father] Dad, you'd better go.
Gil Renard: Don't swing at anything. Don't swing at anything. Wait for a good one. Step on the eggshell and squash the bug. Okay?
Gil Renard: [Gil begins to walk off as he points to Tim] You mind your fuckin business! You're lucky.

[Leon the bartender and Gil talk to each other after Bobby Rayburn walks into the bar]
Leon, the Bartender: What a waste of space.
Gil Renard: What do you mean, 'A waste of space'? He hit a bad patch. We all hit bad patches, don't we? What you never hit a bad patch?
Leon, the Bartender: [Leon sarcastically replies] No, this is my dream job.

[Bobby talks to Gil about how the fans of baseball are losers]
Bobby Rayburn: At least you're not one of those diehard, you know, baseball fans. You know, really.
Gil Renard: Why's that?
Bobby Rayburn: Because those guys are losers.
Gil Renard: Aren't the fans what it's all about?
Bobby Rayburn: [Bobby chuckles] Shit! Tell you somethin', man. The fans are like women. When you're hitting, they love you. When you're not, they'd just as soon spit on you as look at you.
Gil Renard: Why is that?
Bobby Rayburn: Because they don't understand that you're the same person when you're hitting or not. No. The only person you should play for is yourself.

[Gil makes his threatening phone call to Bobby Rayburn]
Gil Renard: Remember that kid in chemo... whose life was unfair to him. Well, that's the way I've been feeling - My life has been unfair to me. The only difference is I'll be able to see you hit that home run at the game tomorrow. And I got a photo here, and I'm gonna get it to you, and I want you to put it on the jumbotron, okay?
Bobby Rayburn: Yeah.
Gil Renard: And what I want you to do, Bobby, is I want you to stand up and tell the 50 million viewers is that this home run is dedicated to Gil, a true fan. What do you think?
Bobby Rayburn: I can't believe you're serious.
Gil Renard: I'm as serious as a heart attack, Bobby. That's pretty serious, isn't it? You know there comes a time in everybody's life, Bobby, when you have to stand up for somethin'. Otherwise, you're just passin' on through. So, Bobby, I'm watchin' you. And if that pitcher goes easy on you, I'm gonna kill your fuckin' kid. Surprise, surprise. Hey, Bobby!
Bobby Rayburn: I'm still here.
Gil Renard: [Gil smiles before hanging up] Now do you care?

[Gil swings the bat to Coop's face, hitting him again in the head when he's down]
Gil Renard: We could've been teammates. We were teammates, man. We could've made it to the Bigs.
Coop: [Coop bloody from the ground] It was Little League. We were 12 years old.
[as Gil raises the bat up in complete rage, swinging it to Coop's head]

[Gil tells Coop he's surprised he didn't move up in the baseball ranks]
Gil Renard: I always thought you'd be managing by now, Coop?
Coop: Managing?
Gil Renard: Yeah, in the Majors.
Coop: No one calls me Coop anymore, you sick son of a bitch.

[Gil teaches his son about the sacrifice fly ball while watching the game]
Gil Renard: Don't get greedy, son. Don't get greedy. What we need now is a sacrifice. A winning team has to know how to manufacture runs. Coop taught me that. He used to say the most beautiful play in the game is a sacrifice fly. You know why?
Richie Renard: 'Cause you give yourself up for the team?
Gil Renard: And it doesn't even count against your average. That's why baseball's better than life. It's fair.

[Bobby and Gil meet for the first time as Bobby asks him to guess who he is]
Bobby Rayburn: You like baseball?
Gil Renard: Well, I'm not obsessed with it or anything. Are you a player?
Bobby Rayburn: Yeah. Yeah.
Gil Renard: You are?
Bobby Rayburn: [Bobby smiles] Yeah.
Gil Renard: [Gil stares at Bobby for a second] Barry Bonds?

[Gil tries to watch the game as he's running late, when the umpire calls time]
Umpire: Time!
Gil Renard: [Gil yells out] Come on, let's play some fuckin' baseball!

[Gil holds up two of his knives to one of his customers]
Gil Renard: [Gil with a smile on his face] Big motherfucker. Little motherfucker. Which motherfucker do you want?

[Bobby and Gil start to argue about what life is about]
Bobby Rayburn: Look, all I'm saying is there's more to life than just baseball.
Gil Renard: Like what? Like your house? Like your big ass car? Like your 40 fucking' million? I mean, what the fuck do you care about?
Bobby Rayburn: I care about my son. That's what I care about.
Gil Renard: I'm sorry. I just hate that attitude you stopped caring. I'm sorry.
Bobby Rayburn: What? You got a better theory?
Gil Renard: Yeah, you got your number back.

[Gil takes a bat and begins to head down to his son in the batters box]
Gil Renard: [Gil looks for a bat talking to himself] Look at this, the bat is too heavy.
Tim: [Tim tries to stop Gil from going on the field] Come on.
Gil Renard: [Gil turns around and holds the bat up at Tim] Don't fuck with me! I'll send your head into the outfield!

[Gil gives a demonstration to a customer by shaving the hair off his legs with one of his knives]
Gil Renard: Any more of these demos and I'm gonna have to start shaving the hair off my ass.

[Gil holds up a knife to sell, as the customer doesn't respond]
Gil Renard: [Gil looks at the customer] Knife doing business with you.

[Gil tells a scalper who sells him over-priced tickets what he hates most about scalpers]
Gil Renard: You know what bugs me about guys like you?
Scalper: Like I care.
Gil Renard: You don't even care about the game.

[Gil picks up his son and says hi to Ellen's boyfriend]
Tim: Hey, Gil.
Gil Renard: Hey, Ted. Lose your job?
Tim: [Tim smiles] It's my day off. And it's Tim.

[Gil asks his son where he got his baseball glove from]
Gil Renard: Where'd you get that glove?
Richie Renard: Tim gave it to me.
Gil Renard: [Gil looks away] It's a piece of shit.

[Gil and his son Richie arrive at the Giants game as Gil watches Bobby Rayburn do his practice swings]
Gil Renard: Did you see that? Did you see the way he moved his legs?
Richie Renard: Can I have a hot dog?
Gil Renard: A what?
Richie Renard: Can I have a hot dog?

[the ball park witnesses the bad collision between Bobby Rayburn and Juan Primo]
Gil Renard: [Gil tells his son as both players are slow to get up] Center field makes the calls. Fundamental of baseball. Center field makes the calls. Pay attention!
Sports Reporter: [the sports reporter announces] Well, a scary moment on day one. Boy, I'll tell ya. Rayburn's slow getting up, and Primo's still slow getting up. Forty million dollars laying out there in center field, Steve. Hope the Giants have comprehensive collision coverage.

[Gil runs over his son's leg to try and catch a foul ball]
Gil Renard: [Gil tries to take the ball out of the kids' hand who does catch it, walking back to his seat] The wind took it. The wind took it. Kid was lucky. Kid was lucky.
Gil Renard: [Gil to his son] The wind took it.
Richie Renard: You stepped on me.
Gil Renard: Don't worry. We'll get one next time.

[Gil points out to his son how Bobby Rayburn is playing hurt]
Gil Renard: Look at that, he's playing hurt. That's a man showing his mettle, putting the team first. And remember, last year he hit .314 against lefties.
Gil Renard: [Gil yells out] Yo, Bobby!

[Gil in front of his son yells at the umpire when he calls a strike on Bobby]
Umpire: Strike!
Gil Renard: [Gil yells out, standing up] Are you out of your mind, Ump? Are you out of your fuckin' mind!

[Gil shows up to his appointment while leaving his son at the ball game alone, only to find out the owner had left]
Angie: [Gil looks at her in silence] Um, but he did leave you this note.
Angie: [Gil opens the note] He didn't draw a smiley face, did he?
Gil Renard: What?
Angie: [Angie chuckles] The previous assistant got him in the habit of drawing this little smiley face instead of 'sincerely,' and I keep telling him it's not always appropriate.
Gil Renard: No.
Gil Renard: [Gil slams the note back on her desk] It's perfectly appropriate!

[Gil gets in the way of a fan in the row behind him and almost starts a fight]
Man Behind Gil: [the man behind Gil taps Gil's shoulder] Hey, hey!
Gil Renard: [as Gil pushes him] Take your hands off me!
Man Behind Gil: Hey, stop pushin', man!
Gil Renard: All right, just ask.
Man Behind Gil: Who the fuck you pushin'? I'm askin'!
Man Behind Man: [as a man two rows back screams] Hey, you! Both of you! Down in front!
Gil Renard: [Gil flips off the man two rows back] Ah, fuck you.
Man Behind Man: Down in front, now!
[Gil and the man behind him sit down as the crowd claps]

[Gil talks to his son Richie about his little league]
Richie Renard: Think I'll make the Majors?
Gil Renard: Of course you'll make the Majors. Just remember what I said: Positive things happen to positive thinkers. Who said that?
Richie Renard: Coop.
Gil Renard: Damn straight. And he was the greatest player I ever played with.

[Leon the bartender points to Juan Primo sitting in the club, talking to Gil]
Leon, the Bartender: I wish we had a whole team like him!
Gil Renard: [Gil replies after looking back at Primo] Fuckin' asshole.

[Gil confronts Primo about Bobby needing the number 11 back]
Gil Renard: Can I just say something? Did you ever think how one man who's doing well... might throw off the rest of the team? What I'm saying is, like, you have to think what's best for the team, right? You might have to lay down a sacrifice. I'm talking about Bobby Rayburn's number. I don't know if you really understand how much he needs that number. Number 11.
Juan Primo: I am number 11.
Gil Renard: I know, but he needs it more than you.
[Primo shows Gil the number 11 that's branded on his shoulder]

[Gil talks to Bobby Rayburn on the phone over Jewel's live radio station]
Gil Renard: [to Bobby] Listen, I wanna tell you that I know exactly what you're going through, more than you'll ever understand. You know, this whole number 11 thing is, is a fuckin' joke! I mean, you're the greatest player this city has ever had. And all of a sudden you've got... some flash in the pan, some hotdogger like Primo giving you a hard time about your number. I mean, you're the star. There's a reason you're being paid 40 million. And on top of it, the owners aren't even doing what they should be doing. I mean, they should be protecting their investment. I mean, pay him whatever he wants! Give him whatever he wants! If he wants a million dollars, give it to him. And if he doesn't want to take a million dollars, and if he doesn't want to give up his number, then fuck him! Get him out! What the fuck is the difference? Just get you hitting again. If that's what it's gonna take, then that's what it's gonna take.
Jewel Stern: And they say the fans don't know what they're talking about. You know, I think the public and the owners should be listening to you, Gil. And Bobby, why isn't this guy on your payroll?

[Bobby tells Gil his reason for getting out of a slump]
Bobby Rayburn: You know, Curly, I just stopped caring, man.
Gil Renard: What?
Bobby Rayburn: I just stopped caring.
Gil Renard: You stopped caring? What do you mean?
Bobby Rayburn: Hey, man, all my life I've been working to be the best. You know? Trying to be a perfectionist. And I thought about it, that's probably where I made my mistake.

[Bobby shakes Gil's hand after their little game of baseball, when Gil doesn't let go]
Gil Renard: [Gil smiles] Come on. Admit it. We're alone.
Bobby Rayburn: Admit what?
Gil Renard: Admit you're hitting because Primo's not around.
Bobby Rayburn: Oh, that's a bunch of bullshit.
Gil Renard: It doesn't hurt that he's not around. Come on. Level with me.
Gil Renard: [as Gil's expression becomes more serious] Level with me. Come on, I saved your kid. You wanna pay me back? Be honest with me and tell me you're happy that he's dead. Just a little.

[Bobby checks his freezer while on the phone with Gil, as Bobby finds the cut out piece of flesh of Juan Primo's number 11 tattoo]
Gil Renard: [Gil laughs] He finally figures it out ladies and gentleman. Boy, it's really true what they say about sluggers - They are really, really stupid. Well, I'm a pitcher, Bobby. And pitchers use their brains.

[Coop gets nervous after Gil makes that threatening phone call to Bobby]
Coop: You're getting some serious shit for that. Cops are gonna be all over us.
Gil Renard: Boy, all of a sudden you lost your sense of humor.

[Gil begins to pitch the ball to Bobby Rayburn's son Sean, as Sean grows afraid]
Gil Renard: [Gil begins to yell more louder] Come on, bring the bat up slugger. Come on, look like a hitter. Bring it up. Bring it up. Bring it up. Come on. Come on! Come on, slugger. Bring the fuckin' bat up. Come on.
Gil Renard: [Sean brings up the bat with tears down his eyes, as Gil smiles] That's my boy.

[Gill calls into Jewel's radio station at the final big game]
Gil Renard: This is gonna be one of the most amazing nights in the history of the game, believe me. It's gonna be incredible.
Jewel Stern: Really? Why is that, Gil?
Gil Renard: I'm telling you, The Kirk Gibson homer, Ripkin breaking Gehrig's record. Peanuts compared to tonight.
Jewel Stern: You're talkin' about some classic moments in baseball history. Well, what's gonna happen tonight that could top those?
Gil Renard: Let's just say, Bobby Rayburn is in for the night of his life.
Jewel Stern: Why's that, Gil?
Gil Renard: 'Cause some people are ungrateful, and they should be taught a lesson.

[the sports announcer calls the final play of Bobby Rayburn's hit]
Sports Reporter: [announcing, as the pitcher let's the ball go] San Diego protecting its one-run lead. Martinez readies, steadies and delivers to...
Sports Reporter: [Rayburn hits the ball deep] Rayburn drives it deep to right center field.
Sports Reporter: [the ball hits the wall] It's off the wall. Rayburn could get three if he hustles. Robinson having trouble just getting to the ball.
Sports Reporter: [Rayburn keeps circling the plates] Rayburn, rounding second, headed for third. And he's running through the stop sign. This could be an inside-the-park home run. The relay from Parker.
Sports Reporter: [Rayburn slides for home plate] Rayburn slides head first! And he is... in there!
Jewel Stern: [the crowd cheers with Jewel] Yes!
Gil Renard: [as the disguised umpire Gil says] You're out!

[Bobby continues to ask Gil where his son Sean is]
Gil Renard: Bobby, where's my home run?
Bobby Rayburn: What? Curly, Curly. Where's my son?
Gil Renard: [Gil chuckles] Where is he? I don't know. I guess he's in that big stadium in the sky.