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Quotes for
Iki (Character)
from Formula 51 (2001)

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Formula 51 (2001)
Iki: Twenty million in bonds. Untraceable.
Felix: What? Is that supposed to be twenty mil?
Iki: Well, I'm not hefting gold bars around the shop, am I? It's not fucking Goldfinger, is it?

Iki: Mr Kane, is it that time of the month already? I thought you weren't due till next week, you eager beaver.

Iki: Football and drugs. A perfect Saturday afternoon.

Iki: What is chemistry but the ability to attract adoration in others. You see, you're like me, Mr. McElroy. You're a sky-high-etrist, I'm a sky-high-etrist. See, I always knew I'd be a drug dealer, even when I was a kid. I saw me dad hit me mother, me mother hit me brother, me brother hit me sister, and me sister fuck me father. So I suppose it's inevitable, really. I mean, you'd have to be on drugs just to live in that madhouse, wouldn't you?

Iki: Drugs are good, Mr. McElroy. Drugs are our mates. Fuck, I'm getting on me own nerves.

Iki: Bring on the horses!
Iki: Get them rogering the dancing girls! That's a circus!