Felix DeSouza
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Felix DeSouza (Character)
from Formula 51 (2001)

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Formula 51 (2001)
Felix: Oh, bollocks!
Elmo: Dog's bollocks?
Felix: No, just plain fucking bollocks!
Elmo: No dog involved?

Elmo: Look, if I wanted cuisine, I'd have gone to Paris, all right?
Felix: You can still go to France, mate, it's not too far, it's full of pricks and they hate fucking yanks as well!

Felix: Listen to this, I'm in fucking Florida, right. This southern prat comes up and he's like, uh, "Hey! England's small. You must know that John Fuckin' Smith guy, right?" Fucking Smith. I'm like, "oh yeah, yeah mate. That's right. John Smith, yeah, I do know him, but, uh, he doesn't come from England mate, no, he comes from fucking"
Felix, Frederick: Pricksville, USA.

Elmo: What the fuck did they do to this fish? Batter it to death?
Felix: Fish and chips, national dish mate.
Elmo: More like a national disaster!

Felix: I couldn't take America. It's like fuckin' Albania in neon.

Iki: Twenty million in bonds. Untraceable.
Felix: What? Is that supposed to be twenty mil?
Iki: Well, I'm not hefting gold bars around the shop, am I? It's not fucking Goldfinger, is it?

Felix: Fucking yanks. The trouble with the fucking yanks is, they've no fucking sense. I had some dick in Los Angeles actually ask me where I learned English. English, fuck!

Felix: Look, I'm dyin' for a smoke. You haven't any ciggies, have ya?
Pharmacist: Sorry. Cigarettes are bad for your health.
Felix: Yeah. So's a FUCKING PUNCH TO THE THROAT, MATE! I need fucking nicotine now!
Pharmacist: There's no reason to shout at me. I'm Pakistani, not deaf.

Felix: Fuckin' Yanks!

Felix: [standing over guys shitting themselves] Curry was a bad idea, lads.

Elmo: So, let me get this straight. "Bollocks" is bad, whereas "the dogs bollocks" is good, huh?
Felix: Yeah.
[Felix sees Kane's car]
Felix: Oh, Bollocks!

Felix: So, how much are they paying you to wear that dress?
[Elmo glares at Felix]
Felix: ...fag?
[offers Elmo a cigarette]
Elmo: No, motherfucker.

Felix: [after Elmo arrives to the airport, opening the trunk of the car and there's the dead chemist] Arrgh, What's this?
Frederick: It's Lawrence!
Felix: I see it's Lawrence, but what happened?
Frederick: You told me to take care of him.
Felix: Ah, shit! I meant to take care of him, not fuckin' take care of him!

Felix: Boys and girls of Manchester! Just popped over from Liverpool to invite you to a game of footy tomorrow afternoon. But I'm fucking fucked if you pricks are gonna win it!

Felix: Manchester United versus Liverpool. Blokes are shagging their mothers-in-law for a ticket.