Sharon Curley
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Sharon Curley (Character)
from "Screen Two: The Snapper (#9.10)" (1993)

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"Screen Two: The Snapper (#9.10)" (1993)
Dessie Curley: I haven't cried since I was a kid.
Sharon Curley: You cried during the World Cup.
Dessie Curley: Sober, Sharon! Sober!

Sharon Curley: Why won't you talk to me anymore?
Dessie Curley: I do talk to you!
Sharon Curley: You don't.
Dessie Curley: Yes, I do! I said hello to you yesterday!

Sharon Curley: What if it's a girl, and it looks like Mr. Burgess?
Dessie Curley: Oh, shite! I guess we'll have to smother it and leave it on his step.

Dessie Curley: Spanish, no less.
Sharon Curley: Yeah. Spanish.
Dessie Curley: An Irish sailor wasn't good enough for you, what? And will Sinbad the Spanish sailor pay for Burgess' broken window, I wonder.

George Burgess: Sharon, please, I have to talk. I'm tormented!
Sharon Curley: You're tormented? You've made me the laughing stock of Barrytown, I can't go out without being jeered at. You're tormented? You prick ya!