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William (Character)
from L'auberge espagnole (2002)

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Russian Dolls (2005)
William: [upon arrival in Paris to visit Xavier]
[in French]
William: Hello Paris! I'm a Parisian! Gimme some escargot and red wine!
Xavier: Hey, my scooter is over there.
William: Oh, ok, you got my scooter.
[sees some girls walking by and speaks to them in French]
William: Do you speak French?
[one girl says yes in French]
William: Wanna sleep with me? Always wanted to say that to a French girl!

William: [to a French couple walking by] Bonjour! I know you! You were ze lady dancing at ze, uh -
[couple starts walking away as William follows]
William: Oh, no! I saw you dancing! The Moulin Rouge, no?... kicked up your legs like that!

Natacha: [speaks in Russian to ask for the stage lights to be turned back on so that she can practice]
William: I-I don't - I don't speak Russian. Sorry.
William: [Natacha climbs up the ladder to reach him] Be careful.
Natacha: [in Russian] Hi. I was talking about the lights. I have to work a little bit longer. Just a bit.
William: I don't understand. Sorry.
Natacha: [in Russian] I need... the light. To work. Like that.
[William shrugs]
Natacha: Like the sun. On the stage.
William: Sunset? Light? Ok, ok. So you want the lights on.
Natacha: [in Russian] Yes.
William: Ok. Sure, sure. Sorry.
[Turns the lights back on]
Natacha: [in Russian] Thank you very much. I'll just be a little while. My name is Natacha.
William: I'm Wi-William.
Natacha: William.
[in Russian]
Natacha: Thank you, William. Bye.

William: The very first time I saw her I knew at that point, cross my heart hope to die... my life'd never be the same again.
Xavier: [Xavier thinks] Ok that's it a love story is first of all a story.
William: Yeah, well, she just appeared in my life, just like an angel. Probably sounds a bit stupid.
Xavier: No, no, not at all. Go ahead.
William: Well, we saw each other everyday before and after each performance. And I would watch the show every single night, and the only person I could see was her... That Russian company played there for 2 weeks, and eventually of course, you know, they had to move on. And I realized I didn't even know her name. I didn't have an address, a number, nothing!
Xavier: So, so you saw her again? You went to St. Petersburg?
William: Yeah... but it took me a year to get there.
Xavier: Why?
William: Well, because I had to learn Russian for a year first!
Xavier: You?

William: Yeah. So, come on, Xavier, what about you?
Xavier: It's uh... well, uh, it's complicated. I-I have to rewrite a script in English, so I'll probably have to work with some English writers I don't know.
William: You know, I know the best writer in London.
Xavier: Really?
William: Yeah. She's very very good. And she's fit.
Xavier: What - what is "fit"?
William: It's very very sexy.
Xavier: What's her name?
William: Her name's um... Wendy.
Xavier: Wendy? Your sister Wendy?
William: Yeah, yeah. She's also my sister, yeah.

Wendy: [watching Natacha dance] Now which one...?
William: That one there. Look.
Wendy: The one on the end?
William: No. Look. Right... Second from the left.
Xavier: The blonde one?
Wendy: But they're all blonde!
William: That one! See, look. Second from the left. That one.
Xavier: Right. Yeah. Ok. I see her.
Wendy: They all look the same.
William: No, they don't. She's a great dancer.
Xavier: Who?

William: This is known as the street of "ideal proportions." It's 25 meters high, 25 meters wide, and 250 meters long. Personally, I don't see what's so ideal about it. The Russians are obsessed with the - they're obsessed with things being ideal, you know?
Natacha: It's not true.
William: Yes, it is darling. Well, it's not a bad thing. I mean, you know, English people, we've got some bad habits as well. I mean do you remember - Wendy, do you remember your boyfriend, the American one? What was his name? Bruce.
Wendy: Yes.
William: Right, well, I was talking to him one day, and he said to me, "Problem with you English guys is, you're always saying 'I'm sorry.' All the time, you're saying 'I'm sorry about this, I'm sorry about that.'" And you know what? It's actually true. We do say "I'm sorry" too much. What can I say? We're sorry. I said to him, "I'm sorry about that. I apologize. But that's it, you know? Nobody's perfect."