Hank Vilmes
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Hank Vilmes (Character)
from Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

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Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
Hank Vilmes: Harold, are we on COPS? Are we on COPS? Are we on COPS, Harold?
Harold Vilmes: Shut up, Hanky, this here's business.
[Harold gives Hank a smack on the head]
Hank Vilmes: Ow! Harold, Mom said not in the head!
Harold Vilmes: Well, Mom's dead, so shut your fly trap.
Hank Vilmes: I will if you shut your piehole.
[Harold starts fighting with Hank]
Harold Vilmes: Don't make me kick ya where the good Lord split ya!

Harold Vilmes: So, who gets the crown? How are you going to figure this all out?
John: Well, you know, we'll, uh, compare scores and, uh, figure out a winner because, I mean, we don't know who the winner is yet. I mean, I have no idea who Jean picked, or Harold... No idea.
Hank Vilmes: I know who da winner is. I know who da winner - Harold! I know who da winner is!
John: That's it... You shut your Goddamn mouth, you shut your Goddamn mouth you Goddamn retard!
[he climbs over the table and jumps onto Hank, wrestling him to floor]
Harold Vilmes: [pulling John away and pushing him into chair] Come on! Back off, college boy, now listen...
[he pulls John's tie and it rips off - it's a clip-on]
Harold Vilmes: Hanky here can't help it if he was born crazier than a shit house rat!
John: Well, for fuck's sake, why didn't you leave him with a sitter?
[Hank starts to cry]
Harold Vilmes: Nice, John. That's real nice... You know the babysitter's dead!