Annette Atkins
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Annette Atkins (Character)
from Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

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Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
Loretta: Can one of you boys give me a ride home?
Annette Atkins: Don't fall for it. She lives two trailers down.
Loretta: So? Be real easy.
Annette Atkins: [pushing her out the door] Go on home, Loretta. Come on. Go on, go on the party's over.

[Amber is being filmed in her bedroom in her trailer. Annette is heard coughing]
Amber Atkins: That's my mom.
Annette Atkins: [from outside] Hey, Amber, did ya get my smokes?
Amber Atkins: Oh, yah, I'll get 'em in a sec.
Annette Atkins: [walks in and sees the camera crew] Aw, shit.
Amber Atkins: Oh, they're from Los Angeles. They wanted to see my room and film me for their movie.
Annette Atkins: Yah, well, if they ask you to take your top off, get the money first.
[she leaves the room]
Annette Atkins: And go get my smokes!

Loretta: Say, you boys been to the Leemans'?
Annette Atkins: Shut it, Loretta.
Loretta: If ya have, you got all the pictures of the winner you need.
Annette Atkins: [giving her hair a yank] Shut up, Loretta.
Loretta: Let's just say who should win, who deserves to win, is Amber.
Annette Atkins: Who don't you just pin a big old target on your ass?
Loretta: She's the prettiest, ya know. Best damn tapper. The most smartest.
Annette Atkins: Most smartest? Oh, that's great, you're real educated. Most smartest! Get a picture of that, most smartest!
Loretta: Most smartest.

Annette Atkins: I am reaching the point where I would kill someone for the nicotine under their fingernails.

Annette Atkins: [Annette thinks Amber is pregnant] Honey, honey, come talk to Mommy. I promise, whatever it is, I won't be mad.
Amber Atkins: Okay, I'm quitting the pageant.
Annette Atkins: [grabs Amber by the shirt and begins hitting her with a beer can] What?
[to the documentary crew]
Annette Atkins: Oh, could you excuse us for a moment? Loretta, take the guys outside, please. Now, sit your skinny little ass down!

Annette Atkins: I shoved your tap shoes in my panties before I was blown out of the house. You go find the guy who cut 'em off.

Annette Atkins: [getting a shot] Ow! What did they have a sale on dull needles at K-Mart?
Candy Striper: I just need one more do-over.

Female Reporter #2: Amber, how do you feel?
Amber Atkins: Well, I feel like I need to take a shower.
[everyone laughs]
Female Reporter #2: Honey, is this the best day of your life?
Amber Atkins: Yeah... I wish my mom was here, though.
Loretta: You can wave hi, say hi to her!
Amber Atkins: Hi mom!
Loretta: Hey!
[they both wave to the camera]
Annette Atkins: [sitting in her hospital room] Hi, monkey!
Loretta: I got some!

Annette Atkins: I wish my mom was here.
Loretta: You can wave Hi, Annette you hear that?
[Amber waves at the camera]
Amber Atkins: Hi, Monkey.
[Annette waves up to the TV]
Loretta: I got some
[she starts laughing]
Amber Atkins: [Annette laughs again and sticks her thumb up at the TV]